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Jan 1998Feb 1999

Computer Science Diploma

Computer Training Institute

Work experience

Dominion IT


(Most CMS plugins can be viewed here : )

A) jcart plugin for get-simple CMS

B) Plugin to create static pages from CMS system and do remote server updates of these pages (auto upload      not via FTP but own system)

C) Plugin to submit site to Cloudflare on changes

D) Plugin to add mp3 player on site (selection of mp3 players to choose from)

E) Blog / News plugin that completely runs on XML

F) Converted system to work for multiple sites (one install requried , multi domains)

G) Plugin for addsense adds on website

H) Plugin to allow client side custom scripting to be added flexibly into themes.

I) Theme Selector plugin that allows a central repository of themes to be viewed and downloaded and                   activated as needed by client.

J) Database driven order system based on customer specific contracts and price groups for flower farm.

Aug 2000Present

Analyst Programmer

Pro Med Computer Services

Main responsibily at present is designing and planning of systems and assisting other developers in development of products. Also Analyzing problems if found out of norm for current developers.


A) Maintained current system for Radiology information system (RIS)

B) Designed and developed data replication system between multiple branches in realtime.

C)  Designed and Developed  a client/server solution to allow online claims and validation of patients to be           send to medical aids in real time.

D)  Designed and Developed  completely configurable system to create a DICOM worklist from system data           and provide it via  OFFIS DICOM programs

E)  Designed and Developed  a auto QC system based on DICOM to allow any vendor to submit images to             system and images  will be matched to RIS system and forward or returned to vendor as required.

F)  Designed and Developed a Study Move system based on DICOM to do a movescu (if supported) on the            PACS system as commanded from RIS or any other  system. Can be used to forward images to CD burner      workstation.

G)  Designed and Developed  HL7 client to communicate RIS changes and merges to most popular PACS           systems with Interfaceware components

H)  Designed and Developed  Delphi Component to allow Powerscribe Voice Recognition software                         integration development.

I) Designed Complete Nuance Speech Magic Voice Recognition integration system.

J) Designed flexible file integration system to allow file communication between almost any system.

K) Designed and developed system to allow communication of reports and findings from base system into almost any other system required (fax,email,sms,printing and 3rd party)

L)  Designed and Developed statistical system for view statistics based on customer data. Also helped to              prepare data as input  for Qlickview

M) Designed and Developed Guardian service to monitor critical application (configurable) and insure they             are re-opened if close       by accident.

N)  Designed and Developed  custom UDF (dll) for Interbase to allow database side industry specific function        calls to be made.

O) Designed and Developed Interbase database monitor/alert system to view db health and notify staff if                 database starts to look unstable.

P) Designed and developed a stock alert system / small scale stock system to allow clients to load stock and      be notified if levels drop to low. System levels was maintained database level wise, allowing any program        to use stock and levels stayed in check.

Q) Designed a ActiveX based system for web browser to allow Radiologist and Radiographers to follow a               specific workflow and intigrate into multiple systems (PACS,voice,etc) blindly. Uses mutli-tier                                communication.

R) Designed and developed integration with PACS vendors GUI systems (Siemens,IW,Philips and Kodak)

S) Maintained and improved C# SMS system that uses 3g modem, also wrote monitor tools to view work               pool.

T) Wrote tools to assist technical support personel with support problems as required.

Mar 1999Aug 2000

Junior Programmer

Renaissance Software Engineering

Java : Wrote client server custom protocol driven system to allow order and movements between oil company depots.

Delphi : Wrote systems for EDI communication between oil companies

C/C++ : Wrote TSR to monitor system for illegal process flow and halt system if required.

Unix scripting : Wrote scripts to automate order file movements on servers.


XML & XPath & XSTL
SOAP (via Delphi)
javascript & jquery & ajax
Used for developing client/server system based on custom protocol I have written
Used when required to.
Used for database driven websites
Developed plugins for CMS systems and database driven websites
Have mainly worked in Delphi for most application development.


Delphi 2005 + .NET