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Work/Internship History

Personal Trainer

Gold's Gym

Personal Trainer

Worked as an independent freelancer, providing personal training geared towards helping people lose weight, strengthen muscles, and helping with diet needs.

Caretaker and Life-Skills Coach


Caretaker and Life-Skills Coach

Worked with children and adults with developmental disabilities, both low and high functioning. Facilitated recreational activities such as fishing and bowling events. Attended to the needs of seniors in a residential setting, providing companionship, readings, and assistance with activities of daily living.

Caretaker and Life-Skills Coach

Easter Seals Hagastiftelsen
Southern California, Los Angeles, CA Caretaker and Life-Skills Coach Provided transportation, recreation, and life skills to individuals with developmental disabilities Focused on safety, money management, public transportation and interpersonal skills Hagastiftelsen, Jarna, Sweden

Religious Worker

Rochester Zen Center

Rochester, NY Religious Worker

Participated in a rigorous meditation schedule. Delivered food to local homeless shelters.

Lead Teacher/assistant Teacher/Human Services Internship

YMCA Child-Care

Rochester, NY Lead Teacher/Assistant Teacher

Developed lesson plans and organized art, literacy, and science projects. Implemented behavior modification plans. Engaged in affect-oriented work that included normalizing feelings with an emphasis on a“ you can be mad but not mean” principle, while additionally utilizing best-seller Dr. Harvey Karp's mirroring approach. Provided emotional support and validation in the context of building conflict resolution skills, while also teaching social skills with an emphasis on public speaking. Organized games geared towards confidence building.

Psychology, English, and Sociology Tutor

Monroe Community College

Rochester, NY English, Psychology, and Sociology Tutor

Tutored students, the majority from abroad, in English, Psychology, and Sociology. Reviewed papers, broke down concepts, practiced English pronunciation, and went over study techniques. Listened to student's personal stories and facilitated adaptation and integration skills around conflicts involving immigration and culture shock

Laboratory Assistant

Suffolk University Psychology Department

Boston, MA Laboratory Assistant to Dr. Fireman, Psychology Department Chair

Helped conduct IRB approved research on cyber-bullying. Reviewed literature on cyber-bullying prepared article summaries. Viewed taped psychotherapy sessions and submitted write-ups of analysis of those sessions.

Youth Life-Coach


Youth Life-Coach

Provided care and assistance in activities of daily living to a 5 month old infant and a 2 year old with speech delays. Utilized best-selling author Dr. Harvey Karp's methods (Happiest Baby and Toddler on the Block) involving helping infants self-regulate through activating the“ calming reflex” and calming toddlers by stepping into their emotional world through mirroring their affective responses.

Empowering Mindfulness Coach

Kundalini Yoga

Cambridge, MA Wellness Practitioner/Empowering Mindfulness Coach/Meditation Instructor

Provided mindfulness coaching with a focus on somatic experience of emotion and mindfulness of conflictual relational patterns. Facilitated mindfulness exercises and guided meditations, individually and in group settings, with group processing components.

Family Worker, Social Work Intern

Brigham and Women's Faulkner Hospital

Jamaica Plain, MA Inpatient Psychiatry Family Worker, Social Work Intern

Conducted both individual and conjoint family meetings. Conducted safety assessments, gathered collateral data and performed psycho-social assessments, and psycho-educated around symptom management and safety planning. Developed family interventions designed to improve communication and manage affect. Co-facilitated weekly group therapy sessions using audio-visual recordings in the service of exploring family related themes and a meditation and relaxation group.

Clinical Social Work Intern

Cambridge Health Alliance: Harvard Medical School Teaching Hospital

Adult outpatient department psychiatry, psychotherapy research clinic Outpatient psychotherapist, Social Work Intern

Conducted weekly and bi-weekly psychotherapy on an outpatient basis. Performed intake evaluations.


Sep 2014May 2015


School for Social Work

Clinical Social Work program

Jun 2012Aug 2013


Smith School for Social Work

Completed one of a two year program

Sep 2010May 2012


Suffolk University

Major in Sociology

Feb 2008May 2010

Liberal Arts

Monroe Community College

Associates degree in Liberal Arts


Evidence-based brief dynamic psychotherapy
I have extensive training in evidence-based brief dynamic psychotherapy
Adult outpatient


Since leaving almost 2 years of semi-monastic Zen training at the Rochester Zen Center I have facilitated mindfulness groups in hospital and higher education settings, completed over 960 clinical internship hours in the context of graduate clinical social work studies and over 500 clinical hours working with inner city youth while simultaneously teaching preschool for two years. I have also completed one year of intense physical expressive-arts and performance training in Sweden, with a concentration in mindfulness in action while also receiving a Bachelor's degree in Sociology from Suffolk University, highest distinction/Summa Cum Laude.

Additionally, I have received advanced coaching from distinguished mental health practitioners since 2007, including repeated opportunities to see and study first-hand the renowned work of Habib Davanloo, M.D., a Harvard trained psychiatrist who broke new ground by developing a method of effectively accessing the unconscious through intense and time-efficient interventions, thereby often achieving remarkable symptom-relief and character changes in his clients.

Since the beginning of 2014 I have received highly advanced audio-visual supervision on my mindfulness coaching and participated in peer study groups with the aim of consolidating insights gained from supervision. I expect to earn my Master's degree in clinical social work in May of 2015 from Simmons School of Social Work. By that time I expect to have spent an additional 960 hours as an outpatient psychotherapy intern at the Cambridge Health Alliance: Harvard Medical School Teaching Hospital -- department Adult Outpatient Psychiatry and the Psychotherapy Research Clinic.

Orientation/Special Interests

MSW Candidate, with an integrative focus, special interest in evidence-based brief dynamic psychotherapy with adults.


Received advanced training, supervision, and mentoring from very experienced and highly trained clinicians, including Marvin Skorman, LMHC, Dr. Patricia Coughlin, Jon Fredrickson, MSW, and Dr. Allan Abbas -- each exceedingly accomplished and  trained in brief dynamic psychotherapy.