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I am an insightful, patient and clear-headed professional that can offer creative and efficient solutions to business problems. 

Work experience


Aviation Psychologist



I currently work as an aviation psychologist for the ANS division of Isavia. Isavia is the air navigation service provider (ANSP) for flights over the North-Atlantic Ocean, Iceland and Greenland as well as providing tower services for Keflavik, Reykjavík and Akureyri airports.  

My focus lies in psychological assessment of applicants but I am also the chief human factors expert for the ANS division. I believe it is necessary to not only review the effectiveness of selection tests (e.g. calculating their predictive power) but also consider how cost-effective they are for the organisation. Psychometric tools can be incredibly powerful and profitable for an organisation - but only if used correctly. 

Notable selection projects

  • Project lead in selecting the first ever Greenlandic air traffic controllers for Kangerlussuaq airport (TWR and APP). This was a joint project between Isavia and Mittarfeqarfiit in January 2017.
  • Project lead on selecting the Icelandic air traffic controllers students in 2014 - 2019 (TWR, APP and ACP/ACS). This intense application procedure involves a variety of psychometric tests, a competency focused assessment center, a psychological interview and oral language proficiency exams. Isavia selects new student ATCOs at least once a year.
  • Project lead in using a game-based assessment for the first time in air traffic controller selection. Before implementation a job analysis and profile needed to be mapped unto the assessment metrics and after the implementation the game-based assessment scores were compared with other selection criteria. 
  • Project lead in the complete overhaul of the selection process of ATC students in 2014. Combined with a change in training methods we reduced the student failure rate by more than half in addition taking in more students.  
  • Both lead and team member in various initiatives aimed to increase the number of applicants for ATC student positions. Currently the total number of applicants has increased by 250% compared to average applicant number in 2010-2013. 

In addition I am a project manager for the ANS division and lead or take part in numerous projects as a human factors expert. Examples of such projects include the implementation of Just Culture Policy and procedures, overseeing projects connected to Eurocontrol's Safety Culture Survey, measurement and increases in workforce productivity and long and short term staffing planning for the ANS division. Currently I am working on implementing changes for the upcoming 2017/373 regulation with regards to fatigue management, stress management, CISM, screening for psychoactive substance and roster requirements.



The Icelandic National Initiative against Bullying

Specialist in workplace conflict and mediation. Among my tasks was assisting managers and victims of bullying, creating training materials for managers to resolve conflict and creating a cost analysis of workplace bullying.



Primary Health Care of the Reykjavík Area

Organizational health and safety specialist. In particular I was responsible for organizational metrics for work and safety, creating employee training materials and interventions designed to increase workplace wellbeing and safety.


Independent Consultant and Mediator

Various companies

As a mediator I handled workplace conflict and trained line managers in conflict resolution and dealing with a multicultural workforce. In addition I created training needs assessments, created performance appraisal systems, performed cost/benefit analyses and worked on research projects for the Icelandic Directorate of Health. 



MA in Industrial/Organisational Psychology

New York University (NYU)

In addition to NYU's courses in training, performance appraisals, statistics and selection I also took a number of courses in Conflict Resolution at Columbia University's Teachers College. 


BA in Psychology

University of Iceland (HÍ)

My focus through my undergraduate degree was on applied psychology, persuasion theory, psychometrics, applied social psychology, statistics and economics. 


Psychometric Accreditations

BPS Test User: Occupational and Ability (RQTU ID 373312)

EFPA European Test User (Lvl 2) - Work and Organisational Assessment. 

Talent Q Dimensions, Saville Consulting Wave, MHS EQ i 2.0, PCL Risk Compass, Tests Direct Credo, Hogrefe Implicitly

Other Psychometric Experience

Arctic Shores' Cosmic Cadet & Skyrise City, Revelian RCAT, Cut-e Scales, DSI, Lucid LadsPlus, Hogan Assessment Systems, ATScreen 

Other Certificates & Accreditations

Accredited Aviation Psychologist by the European Association for Aviation Psychology

Chartered Psychologist (CPsychol) by the British Psychological Society (BPS). 

Conflict Resolution and Mediation from the Institute for Mediation and Conflict Resolution in cooperation with Columbia University. 

Organizational Health and Safety Specialist (Psychosocial) from the Icelandic Administration of Occupational Safety and Health. 

Psychological First Aid and Assistance in Psychological Trauma from the University of Iceland's Institute of Continuing Education. 

TRM (Team Resource Management) Facilitator from EUROCONTROL.   

Level 6/6 Aviation English Proficiency and Certified Aviation Language Proficiency Assessor by the Icelandic Transport Authority. 


If there are any questions or comments feel free to contact me. References are available on request. 


Kær kveðja (Icelandic for "Best regards")

Jóhann Wium