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Work experience

Feb 2015Present

Corporate HR Manager



  1. Coordinate Human Resource general Administration i.e. updating employee database, leave schedule, formalities & license, overtime, payroll, etc.
  2. Coordinate manpower planning, organization & salary structure, recruitment process and induction.
  3. Coordinate and maintain office supply & facility: set up and maintain office facilities beginning from: office furniture, stationary, security, computerization, and other office facilities.
  4. Develop, implement and review human resources policies and procedures & make sure that all implemented.
  5. Coordinate general administration i.e. making letters related to employee affair status, salary, etc.
  6. Coordinate general administration related to BPJS Ketenagakerjaan and BPJS Kesehatan.
  7. Handling Health Insurance (Manulife).
  8. Coordinate with Security outsource related to security services.
  9. Review Employee payroll for 3 business units and doing correction if any.
  10. Supervise: Office Boy, Messenger, Cleaning Service and Security.
  11. As a mediator and counselor for internal conflict may appear.
Sep 2012Feb 2015

Chief General Affair



  1. To help Building Manager to make sure SOP for Tenant Relation Officer, Security, Cleaning Services, Gardener and Swimming Pool Attendant and keep updating the SOP therefore its still applicable for them to running the job
  2. To socialize the SOP to TRO, Security, Cleaning Service, Gardener, Swimming Pool Attendant
  3. To coordinate and supervise the Security to make sure security of apartment run smooth
  4. As supervisor of Tenant Relation Officer (TRO), Cleaning Service, Security, Administration Parking, Operator Parking and Receptionist.
  5. As Human Resource to take care administration things related to the employee (helping HR main office) such as recruiting, absence, overtime, etc.
  6. Helping Tenant Relation Officer as back up for handling complaint from tenants
  7. As purchaser and keeper to provide material request from Engineering and other division
  8. As purchaser and keeper to provide office material (Alat Tulis Kantor)
  9. Make notes and labeling the company assets and report it to Chief Finance
  10. Make sure that the environment of Apartment clean and secure
  11. Preparing Material Request, based on Daily Request and Monthly
  12. To supervise the absence, discipline and performance each of Division
Mar 2007Sep 2012

Supervisor Contract Management



  1. Prepared report for weekly AR Aging
  2. Prepared report for weekly AR Aging in detail
  3. Prepared report for weekly AR Priority target
  4. Prepared monthly report for invoice list
  5. Prepared report for daily AR list Unknown Invoice
  6. Checking invoice before approve by GM FA
  7. Checking Draft contract before approve by GM FA and sign by Finance Director
  8. Checking and sign Faktur Pajak
  9. Checking and sign Document Receipt
  10. Checking commissioning report and documentation from Ops. Adm.
  11. Checking completeness of document from Sales and Ops. Adm. before make EK-10
  12. Filing all documents from customer which already commissioning
  13. Settlement of Unknown receipt monthly
  14. Controlling and check document receive from ops. Adm.
  15. Reviewing draft contract and give opinion (base on request)
  16. Making contract and memorandum (base on request)
  17. Checking and input overtime report for HR
  18. Meeting with customer to help sales to explain the condition of agreement
  19. Meeting with customer if customer doesn’t agree with the condition of agreement
  20. Meeting with customer to set up the payment administration procedure for big project
  21. Checking and sign Reminder Letter for Customer
  22. Controlling AR update, progress and payment, especially the overdue AR
  23. Controlling issuing invoices regular & irregular
  24. Controlling issuing royalty invoice for SBK
  25. Controlling issuing Debit note for phone and electricity office SBK
  26. Preparation report for action plan to Management and Presentation it
  27. PIC for Virtual account, BCA
  28. Controlling Sales Control
  29. Planning the action plan for Contract Management
  30. Control the legal consultant about the “Summon” letter
  31. PIC for Virtual Account of BTMU dan carrot system
Jul 2002Mar 2007

Personnel and Human Resources Senior



  1. Organizing incoming & outgoing HR Department letter / fax
  2. Making and delivering letters / fax
  3. Organizing schedule and preparation of meeting / training
  4. Keeping all HR application form
  5. Making and Filing all policies letter
  6. Classifying confidential and public information
  7. Filing & up dating employee personal data
  8. Enforcing all employees to complete their personal document
  9. Organizing making ID Card
  10. Keeping research and consultative data relating with HR department
  11. Preparing Payroll for all employees (monthly)
  12. Making contract for temporary employee
  13. Employee attendance report (monthly)
  14. Helping HRD Manager for recruiting employee and all administration
  15. Helping HRD Manager to handling Jamsostek Documents
  16. Helping HRD Manager to handling Expatriate Documents
Mar 1999Apr 2001

Finance & Accounting Staff



  1. Preparing payment for suppliers (cashier)
  2. Bank Reconciliation (monthly)
  3. Preparing cash money
  4. Account Receivable Report (monthly)
  5. Account Payable Report (monthly)
  6. Cash and Bank Report (monthly)
  7. Preparing Petty Cash report every day
  8. Making Journal
  9. Helping Accounting staff for data entry to General Ledger
  10. Making Journal
  11. Data entry to General Ledger
  12. Making Invoice
  13. Debt collector
  14. Corresponding with overseas suppliers
  15. Checking machines quantity and comparing it with Purchasing department
  16. Tax Report Psl. 21, Psl. 22, Psl. 25 and SPT Masa (monthly)
  17. Preparing price listing (monthly)
  18. Checking payment for suppliers and comparing it with Inventory department
  19. Data entry for Inventory Record
  20. Machines costing



Diploma (D3)

Polytechnic University of Indonesia

majoring Business Administration and Office Secretarial



SMA Yaktapena 1, Plaju, Palembang

majoring Biology (A2)

Personal Data

Gender                               : Male

Place / Date of Birth    : Tapak Tuan (Aceh) / 6 December 1976

Status                                : Single

Nationality                       : Indonesia

Religion                             : Muslim

Address                              : Jl. Multikarya III No.4 RT.7/9

                                                  Utan Kayu Utara, Matraman, Jakarta Timur 13120

E-mail                                 : [email protected]

Mobile                                : 0896 5257 1819 (Tri) / 0882 1167 0659 (Smart Fren)

Height / Weight             : 176 cm / 74 kg

Hobbies                             : Reading, Traveling, Jogging and Listen to the Music