Brent Heyning

Brent Heyning

Work experience

Work experience

Model Maker / Engineer

New Deal Studios

Many film miniatures on projects from "Hancock" to "Resident Evil" that required many material sciences and engineering to be applied.

Film Miniatures Maker / Effects

Industrial Light & Magic

High-end Design and Engineering of models and effects for film projects.

Model Electrics & Engineering

IronHead Studios

Designed and Engineered all of the in-world helmet effects, lighting and electronics for "Tron 2".

Model Electrics / Engineering

Chiodo Brothers

"Dinner for Schmucks" electrics and lighting elements for all of the model dioramas used by Steve Carell.  Was asked to return and help build 8 additional models after production enjoyed the first batch.  These play a very prominent role in the film.

Model Maker

Applied Minds, Inc.

This is a project-based position engineering prototype and concept visualization models for numerous projects.

Principal Design Engineer

Toyshoppe Systems

This is the resultant culmination of many years of experience in the fields of Artistic Creation, Architectural Models & Film Miniatures, Energy Research, Effects and Props construction.  Toyshoppe Systems strives to deisgn, realize and demonstrate solutions to unusual challenges.


1993 - 1995


In this study, I was focusing on artistic composition, technique and stylistic solutions to challenges presented in both film and other media. 

The "Big Picture" vision of the Production Designer to see the project through from concept to final presentation was very useful in my future work. 

The Art Director's ability to find detailed solutions to achieve the visual goals set by the Designer pushed my inventiveness further than would be considered "normal" by most.

1985 - 1992

BFA Technical Theater

Memphis State University

Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Music, Art, Acoustics, Technical Theater



Systems Integration Design

Integration of different elements to a unified intent is never easy, but always rewarding.  For many years I have been gathering all of the components for projects and coalescing them into a singular efforts - focusing on artistic energy-efficient designs and alternative sources.  I am always finding new and unique ways to achieve the "impossible".

Energy Systems Design

In this, i have been building, utilizing and installing energy systems that provide power, heat and cooling for art projects, events, festivals, concerts, critical systems, and many others.

Model Making

Many years of building some of the most interesting dreams out of metal, wood, plastic, scraps, odd parts, and specialty materials.  - See the FEATURE FILM PROJECTS section below.