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Work experience



Manor Park Dairy Queen



D'Arcy McGee High School


Adobe CS3,4,5
I have proficient knowledge in Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Dreamweaver, Bridge, Soundbooth and InDesign
In the New Media program at Heritage college I have learned to use CSS to style webpages. I can create websites respecting the principles of graphic design, W3C protocols and SEO.   Please see some of my web work in my portfolio.
Windows XP, Vista and 7
I am very familliar with the Windows operating system. I have knowledge of driver compatibility, font management, file structure/management, User Account Controls etc.
Composing/recording Music
I am a multi-instrumentalist, I can play drums, guitar, bass, synth, etc. I started using recording software when I was in junior high school making techno music. Since then I've played in a number of local bands playing anything from punk, metal to blues.   Now I record my own hip hop music under the name DefBeats using Fruity Loops software. Please see some of my recording work in my portfolio.  




• Bilingual, fluent in written and spoken English and French• Excellent communicator, listener and team player• Creative and reliable graphic designer with 2 years experience• Adaptable person: I can jump easily from being a designer, to a coder, etc.• Can create concepts based on knowledge of layout principles and design concepts

Design Skills

• Sketched designs and website layouts and storyboards by hand• Edited/created design briefs and letters• Built layouts for memos, letters, resumes• Designed event posters using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop• Created logos and stationary systems using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop • Maintained/created spreadsheets using Microsoft Office Excel• Used a DSLR to take photos and work with them in RAW• Familiar with FTP protocol• Designed for web respecting W3C and web publishing practices

Software Skills

• Retouched/repaired photos using Adobe Photoshop • Created websites using XHTML & CSS and databases using SQL • Produced/recorded/composed music using Fruity Loops Studio 9• Built slideshows using Microsoft Office PowerPoint• Created videos with Windows Movie Maker and animations with Adobe Photoshop• Constructed manuals/forms with Adobe Acrobat for web and print

Software Applications

• Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional  • Audacity                                       

• Adobe Bridge

• Microsoft Office PowerPoint• Adobe Photoshop           

• Microsoft Office Excel• Adobe Illustrator                          

• Nero• Adobe Dreamweaver                 

• Windows Movie Maker• Adobe InDesign                           

• Fruity Loops Studio

• Microsoft Office Word

• Microsoft Office Access

• Firefox, Explorer, Opera, Chrome, etc.


  • Producing/Recording/Composing Music
  • Film
  • Internet and social networking
  • Graphic Design and Multimedia