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In Conclusion

My experiences and skills have taken me far. There is limited space to give you insight into my experience in broadcast radio, my love of flying (and piloting), my passion for reading and love of food. I love a good lazy fall day with a fire burning and the smell of good coffee wafting from the kitchen.

It's enough to say that I'm a realist who enjoys both the complexities and simplicities that life has to offer. If you are like minded, need my skills and want a guy who will grit his teeth getting the job done and laugh with you when we're finished, contact me.

If you are this kind of person or company I look forward to working with you!


My name is Joey Bruno. I am a Professional Photographer living in Central Alabama. Over the course of the past 20 years I have been fortunate enough to live my passions through magazine article writing, working within the dawning days of computer graphics and ultimately, have brought all of these back together as my present incarnation as a photographer. I have also been lucky enough to have been invited to speak on these subjects. In short - life's been good to me.

My ultimate goal is to find and connect with those who can partner with me in advancing my personal career while enjoying for themselves what I can do for them whether it be for hire, as a direct employee or under contract.. Please enjoy the samples I've provided here and feel free to contact me with your needs.

All the best and God bless!



Work experience




I have been a published writer since 1989 when I wrote my first article (cover story) for Vulcan Computer Monthly. Those early writings led to my larger career of writing and speaking on 3D Graphics and digital imaging. In the mid '90's I wrote for Cadence Magazine, 3D Graphics, 3D Arts and some other Miller Freeman publications as well as perform as a Speaker at several Autodesk University Conferences on the same subjects.

Today, I run my online writings at places such as Facebook and my personal Photography BLOG.

Currently I am working on the Book, "We the People" (The Modern Guide to Liberty) and plan on speaking concerning the subject and to promote the book.

I also speak to business and professional groups about the advantages of positive thinking.

Jun 2002Apr 2009

Photographer / Marketing Director

Fotowerks Custom Photography

As co-founder of Fotowerks, my primary task (other than photography) was to launch and grow the company well beyond it's original "born on the dining room table" design. Simply put, I was to develop the company and position it firmly within the Wedding Photography and Corporate Photography market and beyond. We went well past that mark.

Fotowerks is known for it's innovative use of technology and large scale (multiple photographers) event deployment. It has also established itself as a benchmark performance standard within it's geographic market area. (In English? I wanted us to be the company to copy!)

The goal of Fotowerks was always, "To make the ordinary, extraordinary!". Without fail I followed that mantra daily in my duties. I hand selected which images would be presented on our website (which I built and maintained) as well as kept our "downplayed" presence and image consistent. Examples of this were our simplified logo, it's branding and the day to day PR when presenting and selling of our services to individuals and corporations.

The short of it? In my last year there, directing marketting and sales we had a 500% increase in sales and a 300% increase in our market share. Not shabby.

Here's the rundown:

  • Principal Photographer (All the tasks and skills to go along with it. Set construction, props management, lighting, equipment maintenance and of course the people skills necessary to sooth a bride or give confidence to a client.)
  • Assistant Photographer (Grip, toter, "Hey Boy!", notes, reflector, wardrobe, etc.)
  • In house Tech Development (Of giant importance to overall company efficiency. We had to do the work of 20 with a crew much smaller than that. This sped up our processes while keeping the in house costs low. The R&D (proprietary), deployment and application of cutting edge graphic technology was key!)
  • Image Editing (Photoshop, ACDSee, Pro Show, etc.)
  • Graphic Creation (For Clients and self promotion.)
  • Marketing
  • Networking (Corporate and Clients through web, conventional streams and social contacts. This includes web design and bridging technologies from differing sources to give a seamless appearance to the public - while maintaining our overall marketing and branding themes.)
  • Sales (As well as working with the various vendors to keep our profit margin as wide as possible and still maintaining a more than fair market price.)
  • PR


From individuals promoting themselves, artists, businesses, models and corporations - I have created custom photo artwork for their needs. This requires a complete understanding of their goals and translating it into something powerful for their message.   On a personal note, this was vitally important in developing the branding and visual theme of Fotowerks during it's growth. I can do the same for you.
Computer Graphics
A thorough understanding of image manipulation and editing in all the popular software and formats. It has been my job for years to capture, manipulate and prepare images and graphic work for such mundane things as single print up to movie posters and magazine stories/adwork.
SLR and DSLR Photography
Expert in the care and use of 35mm format SLR and DSLR Camera Bodies and the associated equipment (gear/accessories) required by them for various types of photography.  While the majority of my experience has been with the NIKON family of products I am comfortable working with other brands of equipment as well.   I also have a solid understanding of the "zones" method of exposure and lattitude. I understand the math involved and can usually come very close to my desired result quickly by using my "gut instinct" during the set-up and fine tuning with the math to get the final shot.   I also know how to set up the required computer equipment, lighting, etc. in order to work in the field (location) or studio. I also understand the importance or archiving my work as I go so as to minimize the possibility of data loss or damage before delivery to a client.   Knowledge of maintenance, cleaning, minor repair and storage/transpot of equipment as well.