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Owner of Moon Maker Designs and Master Model Maker with over 17 years of experience in four different industries; Special Effects, Aerospace, Prototypes, Trade show Exhibits, and Jewelry Design.

  •  Experience building whatever the client has envisioned using whatever material necessary
  •  Ability to make anything appear aesthetically appealing
  •  Good communicator who can work with designers to bring their ideas to visually stunning  conclusions

Mantra: Nothing is impossible once you set your mind to it with enthusiasm and persistence. I live by this in my everyday life as well as bringing it to the work environment.

Work History


Aquatic Invasive Species Inspector

Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board

As an Invasive species inspector I am on site at the Minneapolis lakes  (Harriet, Nokomis, and Bde Maka Ska (formerly Calhoun) making sure that no species not native to those lakes enter them unintentionally. The main focus is the Zebra Mussel but there are other species that can be just as damaging to the ecosystem, that we as a team watch for as well. Every boat that enters the lake via the public access gets thoroughly inspected upon entry and exit. This includes checking to make sure all live wells are drained, plants are removed from boat and trailer, the drain plug is removed, and the boater is aware of the potential threat that the invasive species pose to our precious water resources. 

2016 Present


Moon Maker Designs

I'm using my tools and talents to create some of the best custom jewelry the world has ever seen.


Project manager 

Freeman XP

This job involved a lot of coordination, communication between design, production, other Freeman Branches, and outside vendors, purchasing material, troubleshooting issues, ensuring production is on task, and keeping track of all the details that make a project successful.

Jun 20122014

Contract - Model Maker

  • Master Model Maker for the special effects industry
  • Lead technician, on-set 
  • Prop Master for the Art Department
  • Set Rigger
Jan 2009May 2012

Model Maker

Prototype Solutions Group
  • Lead Model Maker for product, medical and military prototypes
  • Final inspector of finished prototypes
  • Head project photographer and photo manager
Apr 2007Dec 2009

Model Maker

Cirrus Aircraft
  • Model Maker for Advanced Development Group  
  • Lead for Marketing and Non-Flying Prototype Projects
  • Lead for all rapid prototyping projects
  • Lead OSHA safety liaison
  • Head project photographer and photo manager
May 1998Mar 2007

Model Maker

  •  Master Model Maker for the special effects industry
  •  Lead Advertising Industry sales contact 
  •  Lead Project estimator
  •  Lead on-set technician
  •  Head project photographer and photo manager


Sep 1996Jun 1998

BS Model Design

Bemidji State University

Bemidji State University is one of the only 4 year liberal arts colleges in the nation that offers a degree in Model Design. You can select from many areas of emphasis (special effects, architecture, trade show exhibit design, just to name a few) I chose Special Effects. Since I already had a Liberal Arts degree from Gustavus, I was able to go through the 4 year program in just over 2 years, and finished with a 4.0 GPA. It's easy to excel at something that you are passionate about.

Sep 1991Jun 1995


Gustavus Adolphus College

When I started at Gustavus, a degree in Environmental Studies was not offered. With the help of my career counselors, three faculty members and I came up with a novel approach. Three different areas of emphasis are chosen (I chose Geography, Geology and English) then the student essentially completes a minor in each of these fields to build a Major. That was how the Environmental Studies degree at Gustavus was born.


Special Effects Models and Jewelry

Aerospace Models

Trade show exhibits

These are a few of exhibits that I managed the execution of.

Custom Jewelry

More of my Jewelry