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A bright, talented, ambitious and self-motivated design, manufacturing and test engineer with a strong technical background who possesses self-discipline and the ability to work with the minimum of supervision. Having a proven ability to carry out the creation of test cases, appropriate implementation of individual tests, log outcomes and communicate the results to work colleagues and clients. Possessing excellent documentation communication skills alongside an ability to formulate, advise and implement testing strategy. Using initiative to develop effective solutions to problems with an active and dynamic approach to work and getting things done efficiently.

Keen to find a suitable position with a successful and ambitious company.

Work experience

Jun 2014Present

Fixture designer

SRAM Corporation

First, Knowledge of designing and maintaining new databases.

Second, Devising an enormous databases for put together machanism simulation and animation.

Third, Contriving an easy using template to reduce worktime for all employees.

Finally, Planning many report for product improvement and automatic producing.

Aug 2011Jun 2014

Manufacturing and fixture Engineer

Jabil Greenpoint International Corporation

First, Able to adapt computer program solutions to improve efficiency and effectiveness, organizing records, and compiling reports.

Second, Experience of using Computer Aided Design Systems and related software.

Third, Have previously worked with multi-national and multi-skilled crews.

Fourth, Experience of designing cost-effective and practical mechanical equipment modifications to help improve safety and reliability.

Fifth, Able to adhere to engineering principles and techniques.

Next to Knowledge of considering time constraints like safety, cost and environmental issues.

Eighth, Ability to evaluate and test theoretical designs.

Finally, Experience of working with minimal supervision or as part of a small team in analyzing mechanical failures.


Dec 2010Aug 2011

Design Engineer

MiTAC International Corporation

First, Accepted and attended many project to fulfill on time.
Secend, Contriving all-in-one personal computer and mainboard.
Third, Devising many operational animation for SOP to train all employees.

Fourth, Keeping product improvement is very significant for my job.
Finally, Making a good product to attend Electronic Presentation in Taipei in July.

Apr 2004Dec 2010

Fixture design and mechanism Engineer

Microweave Inn Company

First, Accepted and attended many project to fulfill on time.

Secend, Designing many fixtures for differend manufacturing process.

Third, Creating many operational animation for SOP to train all employees.

Fourth,Quality assurance and control skill must be used normal design for ours product.

Finally, Participating many product designing group to create new similar one.

Aug 1999Apr 2004

Research and Developement Engineer

Fineblanking Company

First, Reverse engineering for some of product

Second, Creating mold, manufacturing and assembly fixture for making a high quality product.

Third, Writting many documents for training and transferring.

Finally,  Contriving an balance assembly line for new goods.

Sep 1997Jun 1999

Media designer

Taiwan Army Firegun and Missile School

First, Writting many material for training

Second, Penning and recording many standard of operation by using video or text.

Third, Making a interaction educating disk for training.

Finally, Devising an enormous databases for studing and reading.


Feb 1995Jun 1997

Some college but no degree. 

National Cheng Kung University

Attended, earning 22 credits a Master Degree in History

Feb 1995Sep 1991

Bachelor Degree

National Cheng Kung University

My major is History.

Sep 1986Jun 1991

Associates degree

Chung Hua technology college

My major is Mechanic


Secondary Language

public Speaking, interpersonal communication

Experience of computer aid drawing based software.


Experience of mechanism simulation based software.


Experience of picture rendering based software.

Keyshot, Photoshop, Photoimpact and Corel Draw

Experience of Analysis based software.


Experience of animation based software.

3D VIA composer, Cinema 4D and Keyshot

Good telephone manner and ability to communicate well at all levels.

public Speaking, interpersonal communication

Full knowledge of testing and manufacturing processes with technical understanding.

Pressing, mold , CNC and Material

A high level of workmanship with an eye for detail.

Handmade Sheetmetal, Drill ,  NC and taping.

Good user knowledge of all Microsoft operating systems.

Word, Excel, Powerpoint.

Planning and task management skills.

Project software of Microsoft

Extensive technical knowledge of Manufacturing Systems hardware and software

CNC milling, drilling, grinding, cutting and Mastercam. 

Solid understanding of manual testing methods and processes.
Understanding the iterative software development lifecycle.

 PDM and winchill.

Experience of computer aid design based software.

 Creo, Solidworks ,Catia and Inventor.


Apr 2016Jun 2016

New TOEIC advance level training session

Mar 2016May 2016

New TOEIC intermediate level training session

World exhibition center
Mar 2016Apr 2016

PTC Creo3.0 drawing design session 

JetSoft company & PTC
Jan 2016Jan 2016

PTC Creo3.0 Advance Surface design training session 

JetSoft company & PTC
Sep 2015Dec 2015

English Business formal Conversation session

Overseas Chineses University
Dec 2015Dec 2015

Creo Skeleton design training session

JetSoft Company & PTC
Oct 2015Oct 2015

New TOEIC intermediate level training session - score 550

Feng Chia University
Aug 2015Aug 2015

English business strategy training session

Apr 2015Jun 2015

New TOEIC advance level training session - score 650

Feng Chia University
Dec 2014Feb 2015

English business conversation training session

Feng Chia University
Oct 2014Dec 2014

New TOEIC advance training session

Lian Tung technology University
Sep 2014Dec 2014

New TOEIC basic level training session-score 450

Feng Chia University
Aug 2014Nov 2014

English writting training session

Feng Chia University
Aug 2014Oct 2014

English Presentation training session

Feb 2014Feb 2014

PTC Creo2.0 Advance training session

JetSoft company & PTC
Jan 2014Jan 2014

PTC Creo Advance Surface training session

JetSoft company & PTC
Oct 2013Oct 2013

PTC Creo3.0 sheetmetal training session

JetSoft company & PTC
Sep 2013Sep 2013

PTC Creo3.0 mechanism and simulation training session

JetSoft company & PTC
Apr 2013Apr 2013

PTC Creo3.0 freestyle training session

JetSoft company & PTC
Aug 2012Aug 2012

PTC Creo2.0 flexible modeling training session

JetSoft company & PTC
Apr 2012May 2012

PTC Creo2.0 basic training session

JetSoft company & PTC
Dec 2011Dec 2011

PTC Creo IDD training session

JetSoft company & PTC
Jun 2010Sep 2010

3D VIA composer training session

Feng Chia University
Apr 2010Apr 2010

CSWA for Solidworks

Solidworks Corporation
Oct 2009Oct 2009

Cinema 4D basic level session

Cinema 4D software agency in Taiwan
Jun 2009Sep 2009

Solidworks CSWA training session

Feng Chia University
Sep 2009Sep 2009

Keyshot basic level  session

Keyshot software agency in Taiwan
Mar 2008Mar 2008

Tolerance analysis training session

Material developement center
Aug 2007Sep 2007

MasterCAM Basic level  session

MasterCAM software agency in Taiwan
May 2006Jul 2006

Pro/ Engineer mechanism  session

Chung Hua Technology University
Apr 2005Apr 2005

Pro/ Engineer sheetmetal training session

National Cheng Kung University
Feb 2004Feb 2004

Pro/ Engineer Mold training session

National Cheng Kung University
Nov 2003Jan 2004

Catia Begin level session

China workforce producing center
Sep 2003Sep 2003

Precisive blending mold training session

Material developement center
Mar 2003Mar 2003

Pro/ Engineer ISDX session

National Cheng Kung University
Oct 2002Dec 2002

Pro/ Engineer Advance level

China workforce producing center
Feb 2002May 2002

Solidworks Advance level

Feng Chia University
May 2002May 2002

Precisive cutting mold training session

Material developement center
Oct 2001Dec 2001

Solidworks Begineer level

China workforce producing center
Aug 2001Oct 2001

Pro/ Engineer Begin level

China workforce producing center
Jan 2000Jul 2000

Computer Aid Drawing Certification Advance level

Workforce Development Agency
Jun 1999Jan 2000

Computer Aid Drawing Certification Begin level

Workforce Development Agency


Awards -

Taiwan Excellence Awards on Microweave Inn Company - 2009

Annual Best Team on Microweave Inn Company - 2009

Annual Best Team on Microweave Inn Company - 2010

Annual Best Employee on Jabil Greenpoint International Corporation- 2012

Training -

English Coversation session on Global Villiage Organization- 2015 to present

English Coversation session on SRAM Corporation- 2014 to present

English Grammar session on SRAM Corporation- 2014 to present

Text Section


I am Joey Tseng. I am living in Taipei city at twenty years before living in TaiChung City now. On college graduation in advance, I didn’t leave from Taipei City. Even though, I was graduated mechanical department, I have strongly studying feeling on history. I have participated transferring exam on 1991. Fortunately, I have passed the exam on National Cheng Kung University. On university student period, university bring me many different opinion and thinking to exchange such as self-learning, free-considering and making correct decision. At my Master Degree period, my family have an economical problem, so I have dropped out even if I earned all credits.

I have been a media designer to make educational session disk when I have took part in military service. I rethink the whole life plan on my army period inasmuch as I am interesting in contriving. Generally speaking, if you major are history, you won’t be to do an engineer. But, I am going to change it. I always trust three words in my mind, the words is straight learning, continual work passion and enormous ambition. Strictly speaking, you seldom see a person to persist in an unchangeable reasoning on career life throughout. However, I never change my belief from my first work to now. I deeply hate to give up for I don’t like through fair and foul.

In my career life, I was gained many awards on many different corporations, for example, first, I acquired two times annual best team awards in 2009 to 2010. Second, my team were invented a great product to win a tremendous honor which is Taiwan Excellence Award in 2010. Third, I have devised an all-in-one personal computer to appear on Annual Electronic Production Exhibition in Taiwan in 2011. Eventually, I obtained best employee award in 2012. Frankly speaking, grand prize is a shortly recognition as my largest target is challenging myself. Although I have over thirty certifications and licenses which didn’t restrict learning area on me since learning is endless. So, I have attended many sessions and cram school to increase learning, speaking and writing capacity for English, ever since I join a global bike part manufacturing corporation. Communication is very essential when you work at a global company. Common language is a substantial competency which English is very important. If I can speak a fluent, I will break any language barrier in my career life. Meanwhile, special personal skill is still very consequential because technology speed is very soon. I have extended some of professional capacity extent on my list, for example, mechanism simulation, animation, rendering and shape, etc. I think that I must put all skills together the one inasmuch as the boss pay a high salary but he want a great talent employee to do anything in the future. My university teach a significant matter for me who is self-learning on every day. I still believe it when I was exchanging job is past. Nonstop learning movement will bring many passion and pleasant in my job inasmuch as the tedious job simply ate me up. I have a dream that I want to setup a team to contrive or devise a best product from ours innovative and creative to do, I will be participated design competition or contest when we do best. If I can, I will catch a grand prize. I have three words to encourage me every day. Face it, Challenge it, and solve it.

I have deeply believed that language is a substantial and/or significant communicating implement onto foreigners. I must be kept continuous learning on language because I should be saved energy and knowledge to face a quick changing on global society in future.

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