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An Engineering Manager with expertise in leadership, project management, and product design.  Skilled at leading employees to excel by encouraging continuous improvement, building trust, and helping them be proud of their achievements.  Proven innovator as a holder of 6 co-invented patents.

Known for delivering high quality results in a timely manner using expertise in:

  • Team Leadership and Mentoring

  • Project Management

  • Supplier Management

  • Product Development

Work experience

Jul 2001Nov 2008

Engineering Manager

Unisys Corp.



Provided the technical leadership and motivation in designing 11 new PCAs for a server that went from concept design to production manufacturing in just 10 months.

  • Awarded 2 patents as a co-inventor for this design that reduced physical volume by 60% and cost by 25%, compared to the previous product.

Led the transition from a domestic manufacturer to a Japanese design and manufacturing partner (NEC Corp.).

  • Coordinated the changes in the ECAD libraries, design methods, and documentation to meet the new assembly requirements and the design schedule.
  • Defined the method of communication for pre-production engineering and manufacturing data to be shared between Unisys and NEC.
  • Interfaced with NEC engineers via Design for Manufacturability (DFM) and Testability (DFT) reviews that bridged the language barrier, conveyed the design intentions clearly, and merged the design features with the NEC manufacturing processes.

Managed the conversion of 40 PCAs in only 6 months to meet the European Reduction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive without interruption to revenue or customer deliveries.

  • Coordinated the efforts of 15 resources from multiple geographies across the Supply Chain and Engineering groups.
  • Developed the software and implementation processes, which supported over 1,300 new components, and updates to the schematics, documentation, and Bills of Materials for each PCA.

Guided a team of 6 engineers and outside consultants to automate a manual system for Electronic Computer-Aided Design (ECAD) model development and checking.

  • Brought specifically onto the project to ensure the schedule and $150K budget were met.
  • Launched the system to over 75 users at 4 sites with a presentation and live demonstration.
  • Provided system support and user training after launch.


  • Supervised a staff of engineers and designers in developing Printed Circuit Boards and Assemblies (PCB/PCA) for mission-critical computer servers that delivered 99.997% availability.
  • Directed project activities of team members, which included a variety of engineering disciplines, across multiple sites.
  • Collaborated with domestic and international suppliers using Design for Manufacturability (DFM), Testability (DFT), and Cost (DFC), resulting in high quality designs at the lowest cost and risk.
  • Generated schedules together with the other engineering departments for all development stages, from concept through prototype testing.
  • Defined, planned, and tracked project milestones assignments within the department.
  • Conducted performance reviews, contributed to department and employee objective creation, and recognized employees for significant achievements.
  • Interviewed and hired interns and engineers for the department. Coached, or assigned senior engineers to mentor all new employees.
  • Initiated software enhancements to CAD systems and work processes to increase efficiencies, improving design quality, the user experience, and cycle times.
Jul 1992Jul 2001

Associate Engineer to Engineer to Senior Engineer

  • Performed conceptual and detailed design of advanced PCAs and chassis packaging to deliver mission critical servers.
  • Provided engineering support to resolve issues in manufacturing and customer installations.
  • Proposed, implemented, checked, and approved Engineering Change Orders (ECO's).
  • Conceived of an MS Excel program to create ECAD models, reducing development and checking time from hours to minutes.
  • Authored a checklist that covered every aspect of PCB and PCA mechanical design, including company and manufacturer-specific requirements. This checklist helped improve quality and eliminated oversights.
  • Collaborated with contract manufacturers and vendors to design highly manufacturable, reliable, and cost-effective products.
  • Created models of components and assemblies in electrical and mechanical CAD tools.
  • Generated and validated design data and documentation (drawings, specifications, and bills of materials) for release into the corporate database.
Mar 1991Sep 1991

Engineering Co-op

  • Created, performed, and analyzed tests for mechanical packaging of proprietary mainframe servers.
  • Conducted and wrote reports for airflow, temperature, and sound level tests.
  • Generated 2-D CAD models and used them in Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software.
Mar 1989Sep 1989

Engineering Co-op

  • Created, performed, analyzed, and wrote reports of tests on industrial fasteners.
  • Conducted destructive and non-destructive tests.
  • Operated shop equipment - lathe, milling machine, drill press.


Company Training
  • Effective Management
  • Project Management

  • Understanding Leadership

  • Interpersonal Communication

  • Six Sigma White Belt

  • Lean Essentials

Sep 1996May 2002


Graduated Summa Cum Laude with a 3.9 GPA

Sep 1987Jun 1992


Graduated Cum Laude with a 3.4 GPA


Randy Bye

I highly recommend Joe Scorsone.  Joe and I worked together as part of a multi-site team to define and implement Best Practices for design and development of printed circuit boards at Unisys.  Joe’s technical expertise combined with his outstanding leadership and communication skills made him highly influential member of the team. His positive attitude and practical engineering knowledge combine to make him a valuable asset to any organization.

Joe Fell

I had the opportunity to view and work with Joe on many levels.  His organization, collaboration and engineering skills were consistently demonstrated to be outstanding.  Often times he would bring a fresh approach to a problem which often drove a more optimized solution in the end.  He is extremely adaptable in simultaneously handling multiple tasks and has demonstrated the ability to keep his eye on each one.  During times where prioritization is required, he demonstrates the proper balance between an engineering solution and a business need.  Joe did an excellent job at optimizing and implemented various corporate level processes in order to track and maintain a level of engineering consistency in our delivered product.  He is a dedicated, responsible and trustworthy individual who's core values would be an asset to any organization.

Sean McClain

I worked with Joe as a co-worker for three years, and reported directly to Joe for another six years.  During that time, I found Joe to be an excellent engineer, and an even better manager.  Joe has a natural talent for bringing together people from different personalities and technical backgrounds to achieve a goal.  Under Joe's leadership our department grew through good times and weathered difficult times with dignity and stoicism.  During the good times, Joe helped each employee to develop a growth path that balanced their needs and talents with the needs of the company.  He encouraged us to develop relevant skills in our technical fields and was constantly in motion to improve our group processes, tools, and capabilities.  Joe guided our group through difficult schedules and development of several highly complex mainframe platforms.  Under his leadership, Joe and many employees in our group developed many patented technologies.  I will always look up to Joe as a technical mentor, a savvy resource manager, a good people person, and a good boss.  I highly recommend Joe.

Mark Jennion

Joe brings a great deal of balance to his work.  He has an open minded view, supports well defined plans and processes, and has demonstrated organization and collaboration skills in the resolution of process, schedule, and cost issues.  Joe is known for his camaraderie, integrity, and trustworthiness with those he’s managed.  His diverse technical skill set increases his effectiveness to quickly and effectively manage trade-offs in all his engagements.