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I am interested in the development of international business ventures through use of my language skills, network of contacts in the USA and Chile, and adaptability from experience in working with multicultural teams. My abilities in leadership, negotiation, communication and business vision have been cultivated by my previous job experience in insurance and client management and also during my International MBA program at Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez in Santiago, Chile, where my class was comprised of students from 14 different nations. One of my main goals and interests is to continue my professional growth through further education in Marketing and Strategy.

Work experience

Sep 2006Jul 2008

Client Relationship Manager

Clark Consulting Inc.

With a focus on high-level bank executive benefit plans, my role at Clark Consulting, a division of Aegon Inc., was to provide outstanding service and support to my clients.  My territory consisted of both Illinois and Missouri, where I managed more than 150 community and mid sized banks.  Within my territory, I traveled to each client to have in person sales calls because of the high touch nature of our products.  Below are the key functions I performed.

  • Sell Bank Owned Life Insurance (BOLI) for more than 20 carriers
  • Analyze Executive Compensation - non-qualified benefit plan design
  • Prepare and Present Annual BOLI Risk Assessments and perform carrier due diligence
  • Provide client service and support to 150 client banks
  • Facilitate transactions up to 5 million dollars       
Jun 2004Aug 2006

Personal Lines Underwriter

Pekin Insurance

As a key decision maker for the insurability of personal effects, I was responsible for 100 independent insurance agencies in and around Indianapolis, IN.  I had direct communication with the insurance agents and developed excellent business relationships to effectively and efficiently write a profitable book of business.  Listed below are the key job functions.

  • Underwrite Home, Auto, Umbrella, Motorcycle, RV, and Dwelling-Fire policies
  • Present new underwriting procedures and guidelines at territorial agency meetings
  • Travel to insurance agencies to build rapport and strengthen business relationships
  • Oversee direct communiciation with 100 independent insurance agencies
Jun 2003May 2004

Special Projects Marketing Intern

Economic Development Council for Central Illinois

This company was designed to facilitate the economic growth of Peoria, IL and its surrounding cities.  As a marketing student, I saw this as an excellent opportunity to both learn about marketing a city and its economic health.  Here, I developed a benchmarking tool to compare Peoria to other cities in the USA of similar size and demographics.  In addition, I served on a team to design and rebrand the mother company of the EDC, The Heartland Partnership.  The roles involved in the intership are listed below.

  • Develop logo/Corporate Branding/Competetive Intelligence Reports
  • Ghostwrite for Interbusiness Issues magazine
  • Create presentations and media documents.


Jul 2009Jul 2010

Master of Business Administration

Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez

This MBA program is one of the most innovative and entrepreneurial programs offered.  Being located in Santiago, Chile, I have been exposed not only to a new culture, but to an understanding of how business is transacted globally.  The program has offered an extremely well-rounded environment, with heavy emphasis on the field of Strategy, a vital field of study for any high quality MBA curriculum.  

In addition to the business courses offered, I had the opportunity improve my Spanish skills. Courses for students that do not natively speak Spanish are provided with approximately 30 weeks of courses, with a strong emphasis on conversation skills.

Aug 2008Dec 2008

Bridge Linguatec

At Bridge Linguatec, I participated in 250 hours of private Spanish tutoring.  My first week involved a 40 hour immersion program where I quickly learned the basics of the language.  Throughout my remaining time, I was involved in Bridge's one-on-one teaching methods to rapidly develop my language skills.   Currently, while still living in Chile, my level of Spanish is improving daily.

Aug 2000May 2004

Bachelor of Science

In addition to the core classes for business and marketing, I enrolled in Professional Sales.  The focus of this course was to learn the dynamics of the sales process and how to think on your feet.  The main project was to perform a sales call as the final exam with the professor in a formal setting. 

GPA 3.33 / 4.00


Jamie Boehlke

February 24th, 2009

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Jamie Boehlke, Managing Client Relationship Manager for Clark Consulting.It is with great pleasure that I strongly recommend Joe Schaefer for employment.I supervised Joe directly during his tenure at Clark Consulting (September, 2006 to July, 2008).

Joe’s performance as a Client Relationship Manager proved that he will be a valuable addition to any company.He quickly developed relationships of trust with his clients as he consulted with them in the areas of Non-Qualified Benefit Plans and Corporate-Owned Life Insurance.

The traits that most impress me about Joe are his ability to learn and understand complex problems, his willingness to share new ideas and solutions with team members, and his honest, positive demeanor.These traits put Joe ahead of many of his peers, yet he continued to strive for improvement and offer assistance to others in our company.

Joe is a motivated self-starter.I am still amazed by the fact that Joe was able to implement a plan to a prospective client within his first three months on the job.In addition, Joe put in extra hours to earn his Certified Compensation Professional designation in 2007.

Joe has also demonstrated resourcefulness and creativity.This is evident by the various reports he created and developed to help his clients better understand the nature of our products and services.Finally, Joe understands the importance of listening to his clients in order to best assist them with their needs.

If I had a choice, I would have liked Joe to continue his work here at Clark Consulting.He has, however, moved abroad so that his wife may pursue an exciting professional opportunity.That sort of dedication is further evidence that Joe will be successful in whatever role he pursues.

If I may provide you with any further information in your consideration of Joe Schaefer, please feel free to contact me (USA: 262-242-6227).


Jamie Boehlke

Managing Client Relationship Manager

Mitch Griffin

Mitch Griffin    Professor of Marketing & Coordinator of International Business  

Foster College of Business Administration    Bradley University 

1501 West Bradley Avenue     Peoria, Illinois 61625   

April 16, 2009 

MBA Admissions Committee: 

Mr. Joseph A. Schaefer recently asked if I would provide a letter of recommendation to accompany 

his application to the MBA International Programme at Adolfo Ibáñez University.  I have known 

Mr. Schaefer for eight years, since his freshman year at Bradley University, and have had extensive interaction with him, both within and outside of the classroom.  Thus, I feel that I am well suited to provide an accurate evaluation of Mr. Schaefer as a candidate for the MBA program at Adolfo Ibáñez University.   

From every perspective, I am certain that Joe will be an exceptional graduate student and have a significant professional career.  Joe is an extremely talented individual, possesses an outstanding record of academic achievement, and has a very strong work ethic.  While I know yours is an extremely competitive program, I find it difficult to imagine many candidates with stronger credentials than Joe Schaefer.  He is an extraordinary candidate and should receive your most serious consideration.  Please allow me to elaborate on my perceptions of Mr. Schaefer. 

I first met Mr. Schaefer as a freshman advisee.  I was impressed immediately with his personality and maturity.  Joe willingly accepts responsibility and displays a nice balance of independence of thought and willingness to listen to the advice of others.  As a professor, I first had Joe in our undergraduate Marketing Presentations class in spring of 2002.  He was great in this class!  It was obvious he was well prepared and had a natural ability and charm in his presentation style.  It was also obvious Joe found his niche – his ability to make formal and informal presentations, his ability to educate and persuade an audience.  I witnessed this skill the next year in our Marketing Research class.  This course requires students to conduct a research project for an 

outside client, analyze that data, and then make a formal presentation to the client’s executive team.  Joe’s performance in the class was exceptional and his presentation was outstanding. 

Combined with Joe’s aptitude in oral presentations is the poise and professionalism he exhibits 

as an individual.  Joe differentiated himself from peers at Bradley through his professional 

demeanor and maturity.  Joe appeared to always have one foot in the academic world and one 

foot in the professional world.  While many students seem to believe they can acquire the image of “professional” once they begin their jobs, Joe demonstrated his professionalism day-in-day-out through classroom and extracurricular activities. 

Since graduation, Mr. Schaefer has an enviable record of diverse success and accomplishment.  I 

believe his achievements are a combination of his natural talents, confidence, and incredible 

work ethic.  It is these same abilities that I think will make him successful in the MBA International Programme.  While Joe will certainly bring a fresh perspective and boundless 

energy into the MBA program that his cohorts will enjoy, he will undoubtedly benefit from the 

program as well.  He is eager to learn and strongly wishes to continue to develop.  The exposure to more decision making models and to the operations and processes in other businesses and cultures will truly enhance Joe’s business acumen and managerial abilities.  The MBA program will prepare him to be an effective manager, and I am certain his career will take him down that path. 

Based on the factors I have mentioned thus far, it should be obvious that I recommend Mr. 

Schaefer for admission to the MBA International Programme at Adolfo Ibáñez University.  I believe that Joe has the desire, ability, maturity, and sense of commitment to successfully 

complete the program and continue on to an extremely productive professional career.  I would enjoy providing additional information to positively influence your evaluation of Mr. Joe 



Mitch Griffin 

Professor of Marketing  


Bilingual in English and Spanish
Microsoft Office - Excel, Powerpoint, Word
For my postion with Clark Consulting, I used all three of the mentioned Microsoft programs to develop sales presentations for my client banks. In addition, I am a proficient user of Apple software.



Certified Compensation Professional

World at Work
Aug 2006Present

Life Insurance Licensed

State of Illinois
Mar 2008Mar 2010

Series 6 and 63 Registed Representative

State of Illinois