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Investment Banking, Financial Advisory, Financial Analysis, International Business

Work experience

May 2013Aug 2013

Neomonde Bakery

Four month internship with Neomonde Bakery- part of a project team tasked with the implementation of a large ERP system comparable to systems developed by the likes of SAP and Sage.  The work consisted of data entry into system databases, while also conducting parallel testing with the previously used software to assess the validity of the outputs of the new system.  Extensive work with the reporting facet of the system (inventory, distribution, financial reporting, etc.)  was done to ensure the functionality and validity of each report.  Significant amount of knowledge gained in the financial reporting aspect of the system. Also met with all the shift managers and supervisors to narrow their specific usage to make their transition from the old software to new as easy as possible.  

May 2012Aug 2012

Neomonde Bakery

Four month summer internship with Neomonde Bakery- assisting a project manager in a production and process efficiency study.  Spent significant amount of time with each department supervisor, following their production operation in order to identify any weaknesses or possible areas for improvement in the efficiency of their operation.