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Sep 2009Sep 2012

Audio Engineering Degree

SAE Brussels

This education lasted for 2 years and included all elements of audio engineering and production. I had classes on many different subjects such as the principles and physics of audio, digital audio, electronics, acoustics, microphones, speakers, amplifiers, recording techniques, workstations and many more.
I first started in the French class, but when the very first Dutch class started in 2010 I decided I would benefit from following the course in my mother tongue. This resulted in an extension of one year.



Mother tongue - I went to Flemish schools


Fluent in both speech and writing - I speak English daily


I was raised near Brussels by a bilingual family


Speech is at a beginner level while understanding is more proficient

Audio Engineering

I have a strong background in the principles and applications of audio


Dear reader,

First of all I want to apologise for not being able to take this in Swedish. Not speaking Swedish gives me a disadvantage compared to other candidates, yet I urge you to consider my application for the reasons mentioned below.

Since September '12 I am a member of SAE Alumni. I have started and successfully finished my education at SAE Brussels. After I had graduated, I worked on getting my career started as a freelance sound engineer with a fellow graduate. When an opportunity to work abroad presented itself, I decided to take it. While I worked abroad, I met the woman who turned out to be the love of my life. In March '14 I decided to leave Belgium behind and follow my heart. 

When I decided to move to Sweden, I knew it was not going to be easy for me to find employment, let alone in the industry I have studied for. My most recent employer offered me a long term contract which allowed me to finally get my Swedish personal number and enabled me to apply for SFI. 

So far I have worked in industries I felt little connection with and I know I can do so much more. I feel the urge to use and improve the knowledge I have gathered by finding a job related to my field of education. I am excited to get started, I want to build up the most important side to this line of work: experience.

  • I am hard working and eager to learn. I do not shy away from physically challenging work and I always keep my eyes and ears open to tips, tricks and feedback (of course!). 
  • Having worked in the broadcasting industry, I have good understanding for how every production is as strong as its weakest link. Working independently within a team, yet being supportive of each other by finding solutions to a technical or communicative problem is just as important.
  • I like to work in an organised way and I can handle stressful situations or environments. This asset I believe to be crucial when working on a complex patch-bay or when dealing with feedback during a live performance.

I would like to take the time to elaborate on my experience within the broadcasting industry. Working at Videohouse before I attended SAE has led me to understand the workflow and teamwork required for recording a televised transmit. A great deal of precision and patience is combined with organisation and continuity. As an audio assistant my work ranged from building the set for a studio talkshow or quiz (installing, patching, miking, ...) to preparing and loading gear for a sports event on location. We would pre-record certain shows while others were going live.

During my time at Videohouse I acquired the following competences:

  • always be focused and have back-up solutions
  • good communication leads to resolving an issue quickly
  • prepare every job thoroughly to stay on top of it
  • think from an aesthetic point of view

I am a dedicated colleague, wanting to prove my worth by continuously improving my competences. With a great sense for adaptation and strongly developed interpersonal skills, I believe I would be a great addition to any team. I know how to connect to people with different backgrounds and desires. Working together to achieve greater goals will always be prioritised over personal success. I think I could use my versatility and unlimited interest to become a valuable part of any organisation within the audio industry.  

Finally I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my application.