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Cover Letter

Dear reader,

First of all I want to apologise for not being able to take this in Swedish. Not speaking Swedish gives me a disadvantage compared to other candidates, yet I urge you to consider my application for the reasons mentioned below.
Since September '12 I am a member of SAE Alumni. I have started and successfully finished my education at SAE Brussels. After I had graduated I worked on getting my career started as a freelance sound engineer with a fellow graduate. When an opportunity to work abroad presented itself I decided to take it. While I worked abroad, I met the woman who turned out to be the love of my life. In March '14 I decided to leave Belgium behind and follow my heart.

When I decided to move to Sweden, I knew it was not going to be easy for me to find employment, let alone in the industry I have studied for. After working on weekly contracts for a year I got hired by my current employer who offered me a longer contract. This allowed me to finally get my Swedish personal number and enabled me to apply for SFI. 

Although my current employer offers me a lot more certainty than the previous one, I know I can do so much more. I feel the urge to use and improve the knowledge I have gathered by finding a job related to my field of education. I am excited to get started, I want to build up the most important side to this line of work: experience.

  • I am hard working and eager to learn. I do not shy away from physically challenging work and I always keep my eyes and ears open to tips, tricks and feedback (of course!). 
  • Having worked in the broadcasting industry, I have good understanding for how every production is as strong as its weakest link. Working independently within a team, yet being supportive of each other by finding solutions to a technical or communicative problem is just as important.
  • I like to work in an organised way and I can handle stressful situations or environments. This asset I believe to be crucial when working on a complex patch-bay or when dealing with feedback during a live performance.

I would like to take the time to elaborate on my experience within the broadcasting industry. Working at Videohouse before I attended SAE has led me to understand the workflow and teamwork required for recording a televised transmit. A great deal of precision and patience is combined with organisation and continuity. As an audio assistant my work ranged from building the set for a studio talkshow or quiz (installing, patching, miking, ...) to preparing and loading gear for a sports event on location. We would pre-record certain shows while others were going live.

During my time at Videohouse I acquired the following competences:

  • always be focused and have back-up solutions
  • good communication leads to resolving an issue quickly
  • prepare every job thoroughly to stay on top of it
  • think from an esthetical point of view

Judging from what I have read in the website, working for Mediatec offers a wide array of assignments and projects. I think I could use my versatility and unlimited interest to become a valuable part of it. 

Finally I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my application and look forward to hearing from you.



Jul 2015Okt 2015

Customer Service Agent

Collector Bank (Sweden)

Collector Bank offers financial services to multinational merchants in Europe. My assignment consists of answering customer queries by telephone or by e-mail. The cases I handle are ranging from invoicing to debt collection.

Jun 2014Jun 2015

Data Researcher

IMS Medical Radar (Sweden)

Project-based research for pharmaceutical clients. Performing outbound calls to general doctors and specialists regarding their participation in online surveys. While working with a database I was responsible for following up all projects in the Flemish and Walloon part of Belgium.

May 2013Oct 2013

Representative / Sales agent

Jetair - TUI (Greece)

Working abroad as a local agent for tourists travelling with the Belgian department of TUI. Operating as a spokesperson and tour guide during their stay, I offered complete service at the highest standard. I was working in one of Greece's largest touristic destinations, selling excursions on a daily basis and maintaining good relations with all partners. 

Jan 2011Jan 2014

Brussels Motor Show Informant

BMW Group Belux

On three different occasions I worked for BMW. Welcoming prospects and introducing them to the exhibited cars. Stimulating their senses by highlighting the technical and visual innovations. Promoting a range of products and ultimately triggering sales.

Jun 2010Jan 2014

Host / Informant / Brand ambassador

Challenge MC

Working at different events and fairs all over the country during my time as a student. Ranging from representing brands to promoting concepts, welcoming visitors on public events, operating as a teamleader and many more. This was a project-based employment.

Nov 2008Aug 2009

Broadcasting Audio Assistant


Working in- and outdoors, within the company's facilities or on location. Setting up the audio gear and getting everything ready for the recording of television shows and televised sports events.


Sep 2009Sep 2012

Audio Engineering Degree

SAE Brussels

This education lasted for 2 years and included all elements of audio engineering and production. I had classes on many different subjects such as the principles and physics of audio, digital audio, electronics, acoustics, microphones, speakers, amplifiers, recording techniques, workstations and many more.
I first started in the French class, but when the very first Dutch class started in 2010 I decided I would benefit from following the course in my mother tongue. This resulted in an extension of one year.

Other competences


Solid experience on both analog and digital consoles

Pro Tools

Proficient use of Pro Tools

Application of techniques

I have a strong background in the audio field

Fluent in both speech and writing - I speak English daily.
Mother tongue - I went to Dutch schools.
Fluent in both speech and writing - I was raised near Brussels in a bilingual family.