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Mr. Joensen has extensive experience in the safety certification of railway systems including Operation and Maintenance based on the standards EN50126, EN50128 and EN50129.

Mr. Joensen was actively participating the the overall safety certification of the Copenhagen driverless metro as a technical consultant for the Danish Railway Authority.

Mr. Joensen was the daily manager of the safety certification action as a liaison between the stakeholders of Copenhagen Metro: The Ministry of Transport, The railway Authority, the Independent Safety Assessor, the Employer, the Civil Works Contractor and the Transportation System Contractor, the municipality of Copenhagen, the Firebrigade, the Police and the Emergency Rescue Services and other Authorities.

Mr. Joensen was deeply involved in the very complicated safety certification of the ATC-system using his detailed technical knowledge in close cooperation with the Independent Safety Assessor and the supplier of the ATC-system.

Before the safety certification of the Metro, Mr. Joensen was responsible for defining and establishing the processes to be applied for the safety certification of the Copenhagen on behalf of the Employer, the Orestad Development Coorporation.

Mr. Joensen has extensive knowledge of all technical sub systems, especially the ATC and SCADA systems and was head of the Copenhagen Metro Design Team, which was responsible for the identification of all functional requirements for the Copenhagen Metro, the elaboration of Tender Documents, negotiation with the Tenderers, tender evaluation and contract negotiations.

Mr. Joensen has extensive experience in application of the the railway standards EN 50126, EN 50128 and EN50129, System and Operational Safety Cases, very good knowledge of the NFPA 130, rolling stock fire properties and evacuation and rescue, Operation and Maintenance procedures and safety related training of the staff.

Work experience



Joensen Consulting

Joensen Consulting works within the following business areas:

  • Programme- and project management of safety-, mission-, and business critical systems
  • Railway Safety and Functional Safety (EN 50126, EN50128, EN50129 and IEC 61508)
  • Mobile Vision systems

Head of Design Team


Head of the Design Team for the Copenhagen Metro.

The work comprised leading the Design Team in the identifikation of the functional requirements of the new driverless metro in Copenhagen, the elaboration of the tender documents, prequalification of the Tenderers, negotiation with the Tenderers, evaluation of the Tenders and contract negotiations and finally contract witht the preferred Tenderer.

Further Mr. Joensen was closely involved in the setup of the safety approval regime based on EN 50126 and the planning of the overall safety for the total metrosystem including fire safety and evacuation and rescue planning.