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Start here: A significant chunk of revenue for most businesses flows through some flavor of transactional experience via computing – a scenario where there's no face-to-face contact, no opportunity to persuade through traditional means.

As such, your product, your app, your web site acts as an avatar, an ambassador for you. So when it comes to business via computing, the strength of the customer relationship depends on the experience they have doing business with you. If the site sucks, you suck. If the system is slow and unresponsive, so are you. If the app is confusing and frustrating, they're frustrated with you too.

I call myself a UX Evangelist because I believe passionately in the power of activity-based design and engaging user experiences to build, strengthen and maintain customer relationships. Experiences that make customers feel good or safe or creative or in control are memorable, valuable. Those memorable, valuable experiences create loyal customers. And loyal customers, of course, make you profitable.

I've been privileged to serve a number of clients who have realized substantial business benefits from this strategic approach to user experience design. With industry leaders like Chamberlain, Conde Nast, Johns Hopkins, Lucent, PHH Arval, SC Johnson and many more, we’ve proven the value of UX over and over and over.

My articles, seminars and workshops provide proven methods and actionable advice that you can implement as soon as you get back to your desk. No magic, no dog and pony show. Just things that provide measurable value when done right.

After every presentation I conduct an executive session where your team leaders and executives can meet and interact in a unique UX strategy chat. You get to pose questions about the challenges you’re facing and I’ll give you new strategies to improve customer experience and profit from the results.

I’d love to write for your publication, speak at your event or conduct a private seminar or workshop with your staff. For more information, please contact Deena Strine at 443.738.8020 or [email protected].


Recognized as a thought leader in Interface Design and User Experience, Natoli Design Group founder Joe Natoli is a regular speaker on the conference circuit, having presented at the Graphic Artists Guild’s annual conference, numerous AIGA events and web engineering and design forums around the country. He has also served as an adjunct professor at the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) and The University of Baltimore.

He currently serves as Chief UX Architect for Mind Over Machines, a technology consulting firm with a 20-year track record of design innovation and customer successes. Joe's team of designers and information architects work with clients to create experiences that deliver value for clients and their customers -- online, offline and mobile.

In addition, he has written numerous articles about the roles design and technology play in business success for publications such as Fast Company, HOW, SmartCEO, The AIGA Journal, HRLink, Techway, The Baltimore Business Journal and Business Monthly.

Street Cred

“Joe understands the strategic role that user experience plays in a hyper-competitive marketplace. He has a remarkable ability to understand internal company culture and its impact on the technology and service offerings a company delivers — something often overlooked by many in the industry today”

Brian McIntyre, CEOWorkStrategy

. . . . . . . . . . .

“HighDrama is a better company because of Joe Natoli.”

James Shiftan, CEOHigh Drama

. . . . . . . . . . .

“Natoli...performed a healing. He enabled us to completely reinvent our online offering — and as a result, the number of qualified sales leads generated by our new site has increased sevenfold since launch.”

Geoff Hensgen, Dir. Web Svcs.OutTask

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“We will continue to throw burlap at you and have you return silk.”

Matt Smith, CEOPresenceWorks

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“We are lucky to have Joe Natoli with his positive energy here in Baltimore.”

Joe Barsin, PrincipalJEB

Articles + Lectures (partial)

The New Rules: Customers, context and collaboration

Access Denied: The 7 deadly sins of login

Why Software Sucks (and what you can do about it)

Wake Up and Design: A call to action for SaaS providers

Web 2.0 Unfangled: Fact vs. fiction for the enterprise

Experience Matters: What customers really want online

Common Sense Usability: Improving the customer experience

You Oughta Know:The hidden cost of bad UX

Honors + Awards


Featured logo design in LogoLounge, Master Library, Vol.1

2008MarCom Creative Award, Web Category

Three featured logo designs in LogoLounge, Vol. 2

Two designs published in Scrawl: Handwritten Typography in the Digital Age

2006MarCom Creative Award, Web Category2004Baltimore Business Journal, Largest Web Design Firms2003Baltimore Business Journal, Largest Web Design FirmsBaltimore Business Journal, Who's Who in TechnologyPrint Magazine Regional Design Annual2002Communication Arts Best of the BestPrint Magazine Regional Design Annual1995Adobe Magazine Design Award, Magazine/Journal Category