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  • Spanish Mother tongue.
  • English -Fluent
  • German -Fluent

About Me

 Change Agent, Strategic & Results-Oriented. 

 Sound managerial experience in leading international organization, 12+ years hands-on experience in each of the core business functions such as Business Development, Purchasing, Logistics-SCM, Manufacturing, Continuous Improvements, Quality, Project Management, Engineering and proven history transforming the organization demonstrating the ability to translate strategy into structured plans that produce value.  




University of Texas at Austin

The Mexico Executive MBA focus on real-world examples and practical solutions to varied problems encountered by businesses, the program also gives special emphasis to the Mexican and Latin American business environments.


Industrial Engineer


Work experience


Operations & PMO Director for NAFTA

FTE Automotive GMBH

Responsible for maximizing Nafta’s operational efficiency of Logistics, Manufacturing and Purchasing in a global organization with about 3000 employees at 15 sites worldwide, taking an active roll in developing and implementing the proposed strategy designed to achieve Group`s Financial Targets. Monitoring the plan`s performance and presenting the progress to the Management.

Significant accomplishments:

·Successfully led a diverse multicultural highly qualified Team to resource 8 key products/components into NAFTA region, results showed EBITDA margin increases 7% or 1.7M$US for the period 2010-2014.

·Structuring cost enhancement initiatives for FY_2010 valued at 2.750 mio€ (1.0 Manufacturing, 0.5-Purchasing, 1.0-Sales, 0.25-Logistics) or 6% to EBITDA approved by the Board of Directors for Group’s global operations.

Additional duties: Member of the Asia-pacific Business-Development-Team. 


Operations Director

FTE Mexicana SA de CV

Responsible for the performance of Logistics-SCM, Manufacturing, Maintenance, Impo-Expo, Forward Sourcing, Continuous Improvement Program & Purchasing as well as meeting high customer requirements (BMW, VW, Ford, GM, Chrysler). Developing budget spending, controlling labor and material efficiency and monitoring KPIs. Led a High-Performing working Team and at the same support their carrier planning and development.

Significant accomplishment:

  • Restructuring of Logistics & Inventory Management, thru the implementation of polices and procedures for cycle counting, FIFO, traceability, Skip-lot, Kanban, SAP control, inventories accuracy rose from less than 75% to 99%±0.5 for both physical and financial values.
  • Cost reductions of Up to 100T$US for airfreights, 60T$US for OH.
  • 2005 establishment of Forward-Sourcing function, by the end of 2007 up to 750 RFQs launched, 150 parts with suppliers "A" and potential savings of up to 20% quantified.
  • Renegotiating 10M$US direct material contracts for PQ34-VW car, got 3%x5 savings.
  • Implementing systematic analysis to carriers and customs agents operations, which give the company cost reductions up to 300T$US / year.
  • Consolidation of Lean Manufacturing, high autonomy of functional leaders and high employee engagement, sustainable 2-3% yearly productivity improvements, scrap below 0.5% to sales, OEE 80-83%, 2+ ideas x person x month with more than 90% participation.
  • Recognitions: „VW Logistics Group-Award", BMW-SUMIS "100% on time deliveries"

Additional duties: Implementing maquila and production capabilities for aftermarket clutch business in Mexico. Building supply-chain for aftermarket brakes business among Taiwan-México-China.


Production Manager

FTE Mexicana SA de CV

Managing and transforming manufacturing operations Assembly, Injection-Moulding and Machining-CNC into a world class facility by driving the development and implementation of lean manufacturing principles across the entire organization. Reviewing and approving budgets, monitoring of cost reports, improving efficiency and productivity.

Significant accomplishments:

  • Within 6 months designing, implementing and standardizing the Lean Manufacturing process, giving training on: JIT, TPM, Kanban, Kaizen, Poka-Yoke, SMD, Visual Factory, OEE, Zero Defects, One-Piece-Flow, Problem-Solving techniques, to 220 employees.
  • Introduction of Company's Idea-Program which focus on cost reduction and continues improvement, 2+ ideas generated per person x month, annual savings up to 200K$US.
  • Establishment of continues improvements circles that focus on improving key indicators as: Scrap, Overtime, external-internal, PPMs, Unplanned-Downtime, Manufacturing-Cost, People Turnover and Inventories.
  • Introduction of One-Piece-Flow, reaching Best-In-Class within 12 months after launching.
  • Introduction of TPM Project resulting in 80-83% OEE
  • 3% YoY productivity increase. 
  • Scrap reduction from 5% to less than 0.5% to sales.
  • Quality Cost from 2.5% to less than 0.2% to sales.
  • PPMS external 50
  • External recognitions: 2002 Dana corporation "Excellent in Manufacturing Group Award", 2003 VW North America „Volkswagen Quality Group Award"

Additional duties: Transfer of 3 production-lines from USA to México, 6 significant product launches ej. Volkswagen-México-Jetta PQ35.  Active member of the ISO/TS16949 & ISO-14000 certification


Production Line Supervisor (assembly)

Lear Coorporation


Jun 2000Present

Continuos Improvements Coordinator

Dana University