Work experience

Work experience
1996 - Present

Roadshow Manager

Antique Toy Buying Show


Antique toy collector and dealer Joel Magee has built a small empire out of what began as a lunchbox-collecting hobby. In addition to selling vintage and antique collectibles via his eBay store, Mr. Magee serves as the General Manager of the Antique Toy Buying Show, a mobile operation that appraises and purchases items from sellers at shows nationwide. When he realized in the late 1980s that there was a huge market for his small collection of childhood memorabilia, Mr. Magee turned his collectibles into profit. He deals in toy-related items manufactured in the 1970s or earlier. His impressive weekly turnover of hundreds of items indicates a continually expanding market for antique toys. Despite general stability in his trade, Mr. Magee relies on his more than 20 years of experience to navigate light shifts in the market.Mr. Magee encourages sellers to bring in their vintage toy items, regardless of size, for appraisal and potential sale at the Antique Toy Buying Show. Due to a contact network of more than 20,000 collectors, his traveling show has the capacity to sell even the largest collections. Encouraging potential sellers to reduce home clutter while making extra money, Mr. Magee pays cash for items purchased. He makes purchasing offers at a fair market value. Additionally, Joel Magee emphasizes that, due to the Antique Toy Buying Show’s specialization in toy collectibles, waiting times are shorter than at televised, all-inclusive shows. He points out that sellers sometimes leave his show having sold their collections for over $1,000.


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