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Joe Levi

a multi-dimensional, cross-discipline problem-solver who can think outside the box – but within reality


Joe Levi is an avid blogger, Android evangelist, web developer, css guru, gardener, self-defense advocate,  is involved in grassroots politics and sound money, and even produces informative videos.

Joe was hired by Lifetime Products in November of 2005 to fill the position of Web Application Developer left vacant by their previous Web Developer.

Joe previously worked for BOWG Advertising as their interactive Technology Director developing projects for clients such as 3M HIS, Novell, 3COM, and Sundance Resort. He performed contract work for a local dot com, building their first B2C e-commerce shopping cart solution. He even worked for a local pseudo-celebrity where he wore many hats (including Sharepoint Developer and various technical and management positions).

Joe is a Web of Trust Notary, endorsed by Thawte (a Verisign company), and experienced with x.590 Digital Signature Certificates. Joe believes in the widespread use of PKI Encryption technologies and methodologies as potentially being the "magic bullet" in eliminating online fraud, identity theft, and even casual snooping.

Give Joe a pair of headphones and a can of anything "cold and caffeinated" and he can develop for hours on end. He can work efficiently as a solo developer and is also at-home when working as part of a development team.

When asked, Joe tells people that it's not really that he knows all that much, rather that he's just really good at figuring things out.

In the years since Joe began his employment with Lifetime Products he has been instrumental in realizing dozens of projects and keeps existing sites and solutions up-to-date and running smoothly.

Although Joe can work inside the constraints and scope of a project, he finds it a challenge to think inside the box and can often see the larger picture and offer ideas, thoughts, and what-if scenarios that can help future-proof a given project to extend its value and business-returns.



Semantic HTML5 and xHTML
  • Advocate of Semantic markup
  • Advocate of microformats and microdata
  • Advocate of clean separation of design, content, business logic, and data
  • Believer in the mantra that tables should be used to markup tabular data, not for layout
  • Member of the Microsoft Developer's Network (MSDN)
  • Member of the Web Standards Organization (WaSP)
  • Member of the (former) Microsoft Site Builders Network (SBN)
  • MIX Attendee (two years)
  • Advocate of clean separation of content from design
  • Advocate of progressive enhancement for up-level browsers while retaining graceful degradation for down-level browsers
  • Table-less layouts
  • Frequent visitor to the CSS Zen Garden
Search Engine Marketing (SEO, SEP, SEM)
  • Understand how page and content layout in html can affect search engine positioning
  • Expert in the use of hierarchical markup to ensure well-indexed content
  • Proficient in the use of XML-Sitemaps for submitting pages to search engines
  • Skilled in using XSL to consume XML-Sitemaps and present in a user-friendly format which blends with the rest of the site
Microformats & Microdata
  • Well versed in use of hCard, hReview, Geo, basic hCal/iCal, XFN, Vote, rel, rev, and tag Microformats and equivalent Microdata schemas
  • Expanding knowlegde to include hResume, and more complex hCal/iCal
  • Microformats Skilled at applying Microformat and Microdata markup without altering the resulting page layout or design
  • schemas
2D Barcodes: QR Codes, Microsoft Tag
  • Developed strategy to leverage use of 2D barcodes to engage customers at point-of-sale with the ability to track and report on scans of said codes
  • Evangelized various uses of 2D barcode technology to educate consumers and increase purchase conversions
  • Implemented and deployed QR codes
  • Implemented and deployed Microsoft TAGs
Office Programs
  • Microsoft Office Suite:Word, Excel, Outlook, Visio, PowerPoint, MapPoint, Presentations, FrontPage, Internet Explorer, InfoPath, OneNote, and Access
  • OpenOffice Suite
  • Libre Office
  • Corel WordPerfect Office Suite: WordPerfect, Quattro, and Presentations
  • Novell GroupWise (4.1 –
  • Familiar with Web Sites as well as Web Projects
  • Experience with masterpages and sitemaps
  • Experience with ASP.NET MVC
Microsoft Development & Hosting Technologies
  • C#
  • MS SQL Server and tSQL
  • MS Razor
  • MS Internet Information Services (IIS)

Work experience

Senior Web Developer & Web Systems Administrator

Lifetime Products
Nov 2005Present
  • Developed various corporate websites using Visual Studio with ASP.NET connecting to MS SQL Server, Web Services, ADO.NET, SQL Data Sources, SubSonic, RSS, XML, and LINQ
  • Lead developer for the Lifetime Products' global corporate website (536,000+ monthly page views); decreased bounce rate from over 90% to less than 73%
  • Developed B2C e-commerce sites using La Garde's StoreFront.Net engine and Microsoft's Commerce Server 2007 engine, both with custom designs (,,,
  • after re-developing & optimizing, the site increased from $1.3 to $5.3 million annual revenue ($1.5 million annual profit)
  • Designed and co-developed (a B2B e-commerce site) to increase accuracy and reduce manual labor required to input merchant orders from emails, faxes, or phone calls
  • Designed and Developed, a one-page brochure site for commercial play equipment
  • Implemented site-wide Microformats (XFN, hCard, hCal, Geo, tag, vote), and schemas

Board of Directors

United Precious Metals Association
Oct 2015Present
  • Along with the other Directors, conducted, managed, and controlled the affairs and business of the Association in conformity with laws and governing documents of the association.
  • Along with the other Directors, responsible for enrollment, discipline, and expulsion of members
  • Along with the other Directors, responsible for creating and disbanding committees and appointing or removing members of the same as necessary

Senior Editor, Journalist, Blogger, Tech Evangelist

Jan 2010Present
  • Android Correspondent for
  • Wrote How-To, News, Hardware and Software Review, and Speculative articles regarding applications, operating system, hardware, and cellular carriers
  • Weekly web show: The Android Guy Weekly
  • Scripted, shot, and edited HD video for inclusion in articles and on the Pocketnow YouTube Channel

Manager: Regional, RMA, Production, Store, Sales

Totally Awesome Computers
Sep 2001Nov 2005
  • Regional Manager: Balanced staffing needs among stores comprised in the Northern Sales Region.
  • Store Manager: Managed store and production (assembly line) operations and staff; Collected over $30,000 in 60-90 day past-due accounts receivable.
  • RMA Manager: Audited processes resulting in the discovery of a missing $150K inventory; improved processes and forms to drop inventory to $30K with a turn-around time of two weeks; tightened troubleshooting methodologies to reduce unnecessarily RMA'd items.
  • Technical Support Manager: Provided PC technical support for out-of-state customers; handled packaging, shipping, and shipment insurance claims; established protocols and procedures for the newly created department.

Web Services Manager; Senior Web Developer
May 2001Aug 2001
  • Reduced aggregate website load time by over 90 minutes, averaging 3.6 to as much as 45 seconds per page-load.
  • Corrected errors in markup which caused pages to render improperly (sometimes not at all) on various web browsers.
  • Implemented a B2C shopping cart solution across the primary website (consisting of approximately 15,000 pages) in less than 90 days.

Interactive Technology Director; Web Developer

B/O/W/G Advertising
Jun 1999Mar 2001
  • Lead Web Developer for all client projects
  • Headed the Quality Control Department to ensure quality deliverables.
  • Built websites, web "pods", and various interactive projects for a variety of clientele.
  • Led the Digital Signature Initiative to enable faster turnaround of documents requiring legally binding signatures.

KnowledgeBase Administrator; Web Developer

Mar 1996Jun 1999
  • Supervised and led the Automated Support Group of the Customer Satisfaction Department.
  • Drove the KnowledgeBase Initiative from initial strategy through two audience-specific implementations.
  • Designed and maintained the award winning Iomega global customer support website, including individual page presentation, placement, and display; to site navigation and graphics.

Account Manager, Escalations Technican, Employee Trainer

1994Sep 1995
  • Liaison/Attaché between first/second level phone technicians and Research & Development.
  • Customer support technician
  • Developed prototype of departmental intranet.
  • Head of "Hearing Impaired" support group which troubleshot using TDD/TTY terminals and Relay Operators.


Bryan Hadlock

Joe is the go to guy for all things HTML and CSS, and he loves to teach people what he knows. He is passionate about technology and is always trying out new things. Joe believes in other people and helps them attain their goals. I credit him with my success in mobile development.

Bruce Hacking

Joe Levi was an incredible part of the TAC team. He excelled above and beyond in everything he touched. Not only would Joe complete an assigned project perfectly, but he would improve the way it was to be done the next time. Joe was great at being detailed and organized. He was fun to work with and in my opinion was underutilized. I would hire Joe again because of his expertise, willingness to learn, ability to excel, and great attitude.

Brett Clyde

As Joe Levi's collegue in the MIS department at Lifetime Products I saw his talent for web development first-hand. Joe is quick to find technologies that deliver results to his customers and is personable and friendly with them. I can also vouch for work Joe has performed on the IS&T department website for Weber State University. Joe is able to work under difficult conditions to acheive a quality product his customers are happy with.

Terry Musser

Joe Levi was a take the bull by the horns no nonsence co-worker. I really enjoyed the time we worked together and hope to have the opportunity again in the future. He always jumped in with both feet and had an excellent attitude. He would be an asset to any organization fortunate enough to hire him.

Mike Dopp

Joe Levi is a detailed oriented individual with a keen eye on the future of web development as well as all things tech. Joe has great communication skills and knows how to keep on a project until complete. Joe grasps old and new technology's quickly and is not afraid to face a challenge. Challenges are not only a learning experience but found a as a great adventure. The knowledge and skills Joe has makes him a perfect candidate for any position he gets the opportunity to tackle.

Duane Koford

Joe Levi is passionate about Web technology. He studies and knows how to implement websites that are standards compliant and cross-browser consistent. Joe has an understanding of CSS and other markup that is encyclopedic in breadth and depth. He puts effort into continually updating his skills and knowledge.

Eric Weight

Joe Levi as an outstanding candidate for employment with your company. While employed at B/O/W/G Advertising, Joe was very consistent in his dedication and commitment to our company. He performed his job responsibilities admirably and competently. He was very proficient in his technical skills and was able to identify many new opportunities to improve our technical processes.

Brad Hintze

Joe Levi was a terrific manager while at Totally Awesome Computers. His management skills were outstanding in interactions with customers and employees. Joe was always ready for a challenge and frequently exceeded expectation. While at Totally Awesome he worked in many capacities and excelled in each. In one capacity, as RMA manager, he dropped the RMA inventory by 50% and turned over $50,000 in damaged inventory into usable inventory in one month. The processes and policies he began while in that position saved the company many thousands of dollars every month.

Dell "SUPERDELL" Schanze

Joe Levi has won my "Personal Hero of the Day" award in recognition of his hard work and for his Totally Awesome attitude.

Rick McMullen

I had the pleasure of working with Joe Levi while at Totally Awesome Computers. Joe has always been organized and task orientated. He has great follow through and knows how to get things done. He has great time-management skills and always is thinking outside of the box. If there is anything you need that Joe fits the bill for then do not hesitate in asking him to work on your project. I hope that I will have the oportunity to work with him again.


Bachelor of Science, Information Systems & Technologies

Weber State University
  • AACSB International Accredited
  • Associate of Arts, Information Systems & Technologies
  • Associate of Science, General Studies

High Honors Diploma

Layton High School
  • Graduated with High Honors and a 3.72/4.0 cumulative GPA
  • Co-Chair of "Publications & Desktop Publishing" for the Future Business Leaders of America Club (FBLA)
  • Member of the Science, Technology, & Environment Club (STEC)
  • Varsity Letter in Swimming (co-ed, competitive)
  • Layton High Excellence in Art Award, 1993


  • Mobile Tech: Android, VoIP, LTE, HSPA+, 3G
  • Web Tech: HTML5, xHTML, CSS, Silverlight, podcasting, video blogging, SEO, SEP, SEM, VoIP, encryption, digital signatures
  • Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, Google+
  • Consumer Electronics: Android-powered devices, GPS, digital media players, DVR/PVR (Windows Media Center), Console Gaming, Android TV & Chromecast
  • Back-to-Basics: Gardening, food storage and preservation, composting, suburban backyard rabbits and chickens
  • Personal Preparedness & Self-Defense
  • Alternative Energy: Wind Turbines, Solar Power, LEDs, Solar Thermal Collectors, Flashlights
  • Amateur Radio: HAM (licensed), GMRS (licensed), FRS, and alternate communication (HSMM-Mesh/Broadband Hamnet, etc.)


  • Webmaster of Utah.GOP, official website of the Utah Republican Party (2016-2017)
  • Webmaster of, official website of the Cache County Republican Party (2016-current)
  • Webmaster of, official website of the Utah Teen Aged Republicans (2017-current)
    Webmaster of, the American Patriot Service Corp. (2016-2017)
  • Webmaster of, Grand County Council Member At-Large and Chairman of the Grand County Republican Party (2016)
  • Webmaster of, candidate for Utah Senate, District 23 (2016-current)
  • Webmaster of, candidate for Utah House, District 37 (2016-current)
  • Webmaster of, candidate for US House of Representatives (2016-current)
  • Webmaster of, Utah House, District 14 (2016-current)
  • Webmaster of, official website of the Davis County Republican Party (2014-2015)

  • County Delegate (alternate, elected), Cache County Republican Party (2016-2018)
  • State Delegate (elected) and County Delegate (elected), Davis County Republican Party (2010-2015)
  • Assistant to the Vice Chair, Davis County Republican Party (2015)
  • Vice Chair, Davis County Republican Party (2014-2015)
  • Ethics Committee Chair, Davis County Republican Party (2014)
  • LEG15 Vice Chair, Davis County Republican Party (2014)
  • SY08 Precinct Chair, Davis County Republican Party (2012-2014)
  • SY08 Precinct Vice Chair, Davis County Republican Party (2010-2012)

Licenses & Certifications

Beekeeper License

State of Utah, Department of Agriculture & Food

Amateur Radio Licence, Technician Class

Feb 2011Feb 2021

GMRS Radio License


Electrostatic Discharge Prevention


Implementing and Supporting Windows


Word Processing Certification

Davis Applied Technology Center

KnowledgeBase: CBR Content Navigator Author; CBR Express & Generator/Tester


HTML 3.2; HTML 4.0 Level 2


Web Boot Camp Certification; Direct Touch Certification


Web of Trust Notary (Digital Signature x.509)