About  Joel C Johnson Austin TX

Joel C. Johnson is the president and CEO of Mineral Asset Development Petroleum, LLC. A longtime resident of Austin, TX, he possesses 37 years of experience, primarily in the exploration and production sectors. At Mineral Petroleum, Joel C. Johnson manages daily operations relating to oil and gas opportunities in the Rocky Mountains. A recent acquisition comprises is 52,000 acres in Colorado.

Prior to joining Mineral Petroleum, he led Diceros Asset Management in Austin, TX. He advised individuals, endowments, and trusts on matters of asset protection, accounting, drilling, and forensics.

Previously, Joel C. Johnson provided executive leadership for TransGlobal Oil Company. He administered exploration plans for the Permian Basin and consulted on vender transactions, pooling, and title searches. He also facilitated the discovery of new oil reserves and represented exploration prospects to Continental Oil and Southwestern Energy.

He also has served as president and chief operating officer of Maverick Energy and Development, where he led efforts to use deep horizontal drilling to tap newly discovered reserves. Earlier, at Edco Energy, he took on similar exploratory tasks and worked to obtain financial backing from investors.

Johnson began his career as a vice president of LBJ Oil and Gas, where he reviewed contracts and permits at all stages of drilling. He also participated in decision making involving the completion and closure of all wells.

His professional affiliations include the Society of Petroleum Engineers, the American Association of Professional Landmen, and the Gerson-Lehrman Group of New York.

Work experience

Work experience
Jul 2013 - Present

President & CEO

Mineral Asset Development Petroleum, LLC


Jan 1994

Casing and Cementing

University of Texas Petroleum Extension Service
Aug 1979 - Apr 1982

Business Administration and Computer Science

Angelo State University