Joël Cardinal

Joël Cardinal


Sep 2007 - Apr 2009

Gis & Urban Planning diploma

Fanshawe College



- Very Fluent With AutoCad wether it is used for coordinate accuracy, data capture management, manual drafting, creating  site plans, or producing terrain models, utilizing intercompatibility features between G.I.S.;Cad and G.P.S. applications.

- Operate G.I.S. with the ability to produce edit or manage any type of Real world or cartagrophy moddeling (2 dimensional or 3 dimensional*[ARC SCENE]); to manage the computer application as a inventory tool; to use feature and attribute data provided and exercise it with the link to produce database or feature compatibility with programs such as AutoCad and Adobe Illustrator.

- Operate G.P.S. Pathfinder office in order to distribute and manage data between the G.P.S. and output provided by AutoCad and G.I.S to capture, layout, organize and manage all technological to real world entities.

- Am very fluent with Microsoft Office which are necassary tools in order to produce the day to day results that are expected by the employers, clients and partners.

- I also have a distinguished level of understanding of many other disciplines like civil engineering and surveying as that I have done in the past which has been heavily linked and necessary to these domains to accomplish.

- I have worked on many Official Plan and Zoning By-laws (creation, amendments.), completed minor variances, as my urban planning qualifications are a definite asset to understanding the constitutional functionality of upper tier and lower tier muncipality's as well as regional statute's. 

My experiences of working for the Corporation of the Town of Cochrane, J.L. Richards and Associates and C.G.V. Builders have given me great experience in order to understand civil and geotechnical engineering procedures, surveying, water and wastewater, construction, municipal and coporate procedures.

Fanshawe College Succesfully Completed Course List:

    Program: URP2 GIS and Urban Planning    Status:  Graduated

    2007 Fall

CADD-1007Cad Basics - Urban Planning

COMM-1077Professional Communication for Design

COMP-1004Presentation Graphics

METH-1035Geographical Info Systems 1

PLAN-1014Site Planning

PLAN-1016Land Use Planning

2008 Winter

ARCH-3004Modern Architecture

CADD-1011Intermediate AutoCAD - Urban Planning

COMP-1041Computer Presentation Graphics

METH-1001Databases for GIS

METH-1010Municipal Government & Planning

METH-3015Geographical Info Systems 2

PLAN-1004Subdivision Design

PLAN-1005Ecological Planning

2008 Fall

CADD-3025CAD Applications 1

COMP-3071GPS & Remote Sensing

METH-5018Geographical Info Systems 3

PHIL-1006Great Philosophers-Lives & Thoughts

PLAN-1015Community Planning & Design

PLAN-3003Rural Planning

2009 Winter

CADD-3020CAD Applications 2

ENGL-7009Popular Culture

LAWS-3017Real Property Law

METH-3003Data Collection & Research Methods

METH-3008AutoCAD Map GIS

METH-3009Geographical Information Systems 4

METH-3013Web Based GIS


My objective is to become as experienced and most succesful as possible; in order to obtain my personal goals and objectives, to better establish myself in life. I am committed to the people I serve and swear by presenting myself as a employee who is trustworthy, responsible, punctual; demonstrates great work-ethic and alway applies respect.