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Expertise in communications strategy, organizational development and change management. I have spent my career working with some of the largest corporations in the world as well as state governments and have recently helped to build and launch three new companies in the Austin area - so I also speak fluent “entrepreneurial start-up.”

Qualification Highlights

  • Marketing and corporate communications executive with 5+ years experience in the IT industry and proven track record of creating, managing and executing successful marketing campaigns, on-boarding, new product development and customer experience (UX).
  • Extensive business development and joint marketing experience , having worked closely with clients such as Royal Dutch Shell, The Preiss Company, American Campus Communities, Roscoe Properties, The Anadarko Petroleum Company, Lamar University, Charter/Spectrum and the Ansa McAL group.
  • Deep knowledge of creating and executing online campaigns, research methodologies, data analytics and forecasting.  Process analysis, branding, corporate communications and go-to-market product development.  Digital media creation, SEO management, advertising and copy writing.  (I'm also the public speaker at industry events).
  • Developed and implemented entire information architecture for Kadirnet, Vortex Fiber, Stellaris Networks and Suade Marketing encompassing customer databases, marketing automation, SEO and social media accounts and listing management, billing, payment processing, customer experience (including web design and content creation) and reporting via advanced API framework creation, webhook and software integrations.

Professional Experience

Marketing, Culture and Communications Quarterback


Development of marketing division, corporate communication strategy, brand development and company culture development. 

Director of Communications

Stellaris Networks

Responsible for the development of corporate communications strategy, marketing strategy and brand development as well as program oversight for information architecture development. This includes the development and implementation of CRM software, marketing automation and all digital content.

Process and procedure development along with development for web design, social media, relationship management, billing, processing and reporting. 

I also oversee go-to-market product development and ensure continuity of message and services across all platforms. 

Director of Marketing & Communications


Led all marketing strategy, web design and digital content creation as well as enterprise-wide software and automation infrastructures encompassing sales, marketing, customer accounts, internal/external communications, customer experiences, social media monitoring automation and dashboards. I also developed payment processing and reporting for the company as a whole.

I also led all process analysis and corporate strategy development and implementation in re-brand processes.  I developed the corporate communication strategy , marketing and go-to-market product development.  I created all customer experiences as well UX design for customer / account management and digital (web-based) products such IPTV and streaming television.

I oversaw all social media management, postings, listing management and SEO development.  I'm fluent in API infrastructures and automations, web-design and maintenance, email campaigns, customer care and relationship management, marketing funnels and I also performed all public speaking and presentation at industry events.

  • Design, production and oversight for new product development  through go-to market development and launch for a streaming television service, KadirTV.  Drove all sales for this product and developed all UX aspects including web development on iOS, Android and Roku platforms.
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Process Analysis
  • UX and Design
  • Project Management
  • Relationship Management
  • Web Design & Maintenance
  • Digital Marketing
  • Training & Development
  • Copy Writing & SEO
  • Corporate Representative
  • Public Speaker
  • Product Development

Management Consultant

The Onward Companies

Principle Clients: Royal Dutch Shell, Anadarko Petroleum Company. Developed culture & efficacy programs to reinforce new standards of practice and safety protocols.  I also led facilitation teams, creating & presenting high-impact programs for leadership development, conflict resolution, communication, safety & regulatory compliance. I also established the corporate office in Trinidad & Tobago and mediated labor relations there for the Ansa McAL group.


Abilene Independent School District

I taught high school world history courses with concentrations in WWI and WWII.  These courses were designed to help students understand the personal, human effects of war and social injustice.

Academic Experience

Master's Degree

Abilene Christian University

Organizational Development / Conflict Resolution & Reconciliation

  • Certificates of Graduate Study held in Organizational Conflict Resolution, Negotiation and Advanced Mediation