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I have had the same job throughout my career.  No matter the title, I identify process gaps or opportunities for increased efficacy.  I design solutions for those opportunities and then oversee the implementation of those solutions. In short, I can't help but try to make the projects I'm involved with better for the people involved with them.

I’m a published writer, collaborator and facilitator whose primary background is in business development and conflict resolution.  Throughout my career I have worked to expand my industry base and have worked alongside C-level executives and entry level workers for companies as large as Royal Dutch Shell to government institutions such as The African National Congress or The State of Texas, all the way to entrepreneurial IT start-ups and managed marketing firms.  My favorite question to ask is "what are we doing well...and what can we do better?"

Professional Experience


Director of Marketing and Communications

After starting at Kadirnet I was immediately involved with process analysis and identifying areas of growth and efficacy.  Shortly thereafter I became their Director of Marketing and Communication as this was an area in which I could most immediately impact growth. In this position I have developed processes and organizational workflows along with the oversight of their implementation.  These include an enterprise-wide software and automation infrastructure encompassing sales, marketing, customer accounts, communications, payment processing and reporting.

The Onward Companies

Management Consultant

Remember the BP oil spill of 2010?  I started in the first wave change management professionals who helped design processes and solutions for the offshore oil and gas industry during their post-tragedy attempt to completely alter the way business was done. I worked primarily with Shell Oil and the Anadarko Petroleum Company.  In this role I worked with senior management to create culture and efficacy programs that would reinforce new company standards of practice and safety protocols.  I then led facilitation teams in presenting high-impact programs for leadership development, conflict resolution, communication, safety and regulatory compliance. I also led international projects including the establishment of a corporate office in Trinidad & Tobago.

Global Samaritan Resources

Management Consultant

This organization of global do-gooders is very near and dear to my heart.  I came onboard to help them grow their ability to help people around the world. During my time with them I  facilitated and managed key functional areas to insure milestones and objectives were met during the implementation of new organizational structures.  This position and the process of it's development were also the subject of my Master's Thesis Project of 2012.

Abilene Independent School District


After completing the Texas Teaching Certification in Social Sciences (composite) for grades 8 through 12, I taught world history courses with concentrations in WWI and WWII.  These courses were designed to help students understand the personal, human effects of war and social injustice.

Academic Experience

Abilene Christian University

Master's Degree

Organizational Development with concentrations in Conflict Resolution, Negotiation and Mediation