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I am a determined and confident technician that provides excellent support in many areas of technology. 

Work Experience

Feb 2015Present

Lead Technician

Miami Vineyard Community Church

Technology Support and Repair

Jan 2014

Computer Technician

Larc Technical Institute

Desktop and Laptop Repair


May 2016

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Florida International University

Undergraduate Education

Jun 2012

Audio Technology Diploma

SAE Institute

Live Sound Engineer/Mixing and Mastering Engineer


Windows 10/8/7/XP, OS X, Linux, UNIX

Expert in imaging, restoring, and installing the above operating systems within workstations.

Microsoft Office Suite 2003 - 2016

Expert in installing and troubleshooting Microsoft Office applications.

Shell and Batch Scripting

Capable of programming scripts for backups and other utilitarian operations.

Network Management

Expert in managing and troubleshooting TCP/IP and LAN/WAN network topologies.

Active Directory Management

Capable of managing users and passwords within a domain environment.

Mac and Windows Security

Familiar with encryption, anti-virus, and firewall security for both Mac and Windows environments.

Server and Storage Management

Capable of mapping and troubleshooting network drives within a domain environment.

Mobile Device Troubleshooting

Capable of troubleshooting iOS, Windows, Android, and Blackberry phones for network and system issues.

VOIP Technology

Familiar with installing and configuring VOIP phones and technology.


Experienced with:


  • CISCO Switches and Access Points, troubleshooting DHCP servers.
  • Terminal and Command Prompt commands such as ipconfig, ping, arp, and more.
  • Crimping RJ-45 Ethernet connectors .
  • Creating static IP addresses and network adaptor settings.
  • Installing and mapping NAS servers within a domain.


  • Crimping BNC connectors.
  • Video switchers and recording devices.
  • Troubleshooting and installing video projectors.
  • Installing and troubleshooting Live Video Switching software technology.
  • Broadcasting live video to remote locations and internet.


  • Soldering TRS and XLR audio cables, wiring speakON audio cable.
  • Installing, troubleshooting, and repairing live sound systems.
  • Providing live sound with professional digital mixer consoles.
  • Part-time Mixing and Mastering Engineer and Music Producer.


  • Installing lighting systems.
  • Installing lighting software technology.
  • Configuring lighting cues and schemes.

Language and Social

  • Fluent in speaking, reading, and writing Spanish.
  • Experienced in providing retail customer service.
  • Works well in teams and groups.
  • Cooperative and understanding with people.
  • Has served in greeting and hospitality at Miami Vineyard Community Church.