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I have been working in programming, web design and systems engineering since mid 1997. I have extensive experience working and integrating network systems using Linux and Windows servers having run my own company's servers for many years. I have strong work ethics and I believe on being early for everything in my life.

My primary language is English being born in America, however I lived for 21 years in Guatemala as a missionary, this gave me the great opportunity to learn Spanish at an advanced level. My Spanish proficiency is at 120%, I can read, write and speak both conversational and business Spanish.

Work History

Feb 2001Jan 2017

Owner / Lead Developer

Microtronix ESolutions, LLC

I started Microtronix back in 2001 as a web design and development company. I have been working it ever since developing web sites and creating custom cloud applications using technology like PHP and NodeJS on LAMP servers.

Jun 2015Oct 2016


Bitcoin Guatemala

We are the one and only Bitcoin exchange currently operating at full force in Guatemala, C.A. Our desire is to bring the world of Bitcoin and it's wonderful options to Guatemala. We offer competitive exchange rates at market current prices and immediate purchase/delivery of Bitcoins purchased or Sold. August 2015: We just launched our brand new online sales platform allowing anyone in Guatemala to buy Bitcoins over the internet with the click of a button!

Jan 2015Mar 2016

Founding Partner


GuateApuros is a personal loan business in Guatemala that offers personal loans to individuals with bad credit. We secure loans with product warranties from the customer. We are a leader in the market offering new and innovative ideas to bring loans to everyone. We are also one of the few personal loan companies in the world that allows any outside investor to invest into our company at small quantities over time.

Dec 2008Dec 2009

Manager of Cleaning Division

Clean Master

Clean Master is one of the largest cleaning companies, home and commercial, in Guatemala city. When I came back to Guatemala after a number of years in the states I was offered by the owner, a friend of mine, to help him run the cleaning division of the company at it's current state. I handled mostly the new contracted commercial projects. I also directed the elections HQ. During the 2007 and 2011 elections in Guatemala, the board of elections contracted our company to handle all the setup, take down and cleaning of all the election centers in the state of Guatemala, approximately 250 centers in this one state were under our company. I personally set aside my duties at the company during this 6 month time period and personally directed the entire operation and 600+ people under our contract. Not only was this great experience I now have personal contacts in the elections office in Guatemala, C.A.

Jan 2008Nov 2008

Business/World Economics Teacher

Colegio Montano

Colegio Montano is one of the largest and best-known middle and high schools in Guatemala City, currently having schools across the country. During this time period I was offered a position teaching two classes at the school in Mixco, business and economics. My background being the reason I was offered this position. In Guatemala the last two years of HS are college level classes and my background has given me personal knowledge of this on an international scale. Unfortunately even part time this interfered with my working with my own company, so late in 2008 I had to resign the position.

Jun 2006Jun 2007


Install LTD

Install LTD was dedicated to selling the services of Industrial Rack Installation and Maintenance both in Toledo, Ohio and the Tri-State area. We dealt mainly with large companies that sub-contracted us directly to handle their installation jobs for industrial warehouses: Towlift, S&H, Applied Handling. We established long term contracts with many large corporations in the Ohio and Michigan area; Krogers, Campbells, and many others.

Jan 2005Jun 2006

CEO / International Marketing


Company that dedicated itself to the export of coffee, textiles, and jewelry to other parts of the world from the country of Guatemala, C.A. Mainly exported to US, and Jordan. My job there was as President/CEO, overseeing the companies assets in three different countries of the world.

Feb 2004Jan 2005

General Manager


Local Guatemalan company that dedicated to large distribution of a trader type magazine, including online trader and sales, auto, marine, and real estate. We also branched into the television area, making a once a week television show to publicize houses for sale. My position in this company was the daily operations, management and marketing.

Jan 2003Jan 2004

General Manager/CEO

Centro Promotor de Comercio

Company that was dedicated to computer sales, and other electronics. We also worked in Design(Web, and 3D Graphics), E-Commerce, Interactive Presentations(CD's), KIOSK's and Plasmas. My position as manager/CEO of company was all daily activities of marketing and management of our sales staff and brand positioning. Through a good sales team and excellent marketing strategies, we successfully Pioneered a new industry in the Guatemalan market, this being as to the fact of the multimedia industry had not yet been

Jan 2002Dec 2002

Systems Administrator

Distribuciones Globales, S.A.

I worked as the Systems Administrator for a 125 computer systems network grid spanning across the city through two offices.  My daily operations included keeping the network up to speed and in working order.  This including all 125-computer systems in working state at all times.


Systems Administrator & Web Designer

Open Door Ministries International

ODMI hired me on a freelancer basis to manage and maintain their computer infrastructure for their ministry along with design and maintain their website.


Programmer, Network Engineer


My role at INFOCAD in Guatemala was as a Database programmer in Delphi systems. I correctly engineering database for software companies and banks in Guatemala, C.A. I also implemented large-scale networks to span warehouses and banks across Guatemala City.



High School

Christian Liberty Academy


English: First Language

Spanish: Expert level reading, speaking & writing. I lived for 21 years in Guatemala.