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"Setting the Stage for Success in Social Marketing"

National Association of County and City Health Administrators,

Nassau County, New York

September, 2004

"Setting the Stage for Success in Social Marketing"

National Association of County and City Health Administrators,

Annual State Convention

Melville, New York

September, 2005

"Communication Matters:  How Law Firms Communicate"

Federation of Business Communicators Annual Regional Convention

San Diego, California

August, 2007

"Analysis of Business Communication as Core Business Curriculum"

Association of Business Communicators Annual Convention

Washington, D.C.

March, 2008


Oklahoma Business Ethics Consortium

Public Relations Society of America

Association of Women in Communications

American Association of University Professors

Oklahoma Bar Association

New York State Bar Association

New York City Bar Association


Joe Hutchison is an elite communicator who has worked in the public relations and marketing profession for industry, government and the non-profit sectors.  This wide range of experience has served Joe well as a university professor and an entrepreneur. 

Joe is a dynamic leader and innovator who has consistently brought vision and focus for measurable success in every project he's undertaken.

A powerful and effective public speaker, Joe is a persuasive advocate who has also developed and taught his own unique method for effective public speaking and presentations.

Joe is adept in Website design and in the use of other electronic media such as e-newsletters, blogs, database production, graphic tools and other means of online communication.

Joe is bilingual, he speaks, writes, and has edited and made presentations in the Spanish language.


Bachelor of Arts

Joe Hutchison studied public relations and communications under great teachers like Mack Palmer and Paul Dannelly. 

Joe worked at the Daily Oklahoman and Times as an editorial assistant while a student at OU. 

Joe lead his team to first place honors in the fall public relations competition.

Master of Business Administration

Joe Hutchison received the MBA degree from the Meinders school where he studied the elements of management of a successful firm.  At Meinders, the curriculum provided advanced analytical methods and approaches for success in a highly competitive global environment.

Joe concentrated largely on advanced marketing and market analysis courses in his elective work.

Juris Doctor

Joe Hutchison's studies focused on business law, including corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, securities regulation, secured transactions, bankruptcy and contract law.

Joe also studied Native American law and Native American economic development.

Joe Hutchison was a member of the Dean's List honor roll, and served as public relations director for the Student Energy Law Association.

Work experience


Cox Interactive Media -

Developed and marketed online content for this national network of localized portals.  Produced content packages of relevant information for our users and developed and promoted methods for incorporating user-generated content for the portal.

Worked with associations and large special interest groups to secure their participation in contributing content to the site.  Developed training protocols for our partners, such as The Arts Council, City of Oklahoma City and others, to promote of our site and help bring in more partners. 

Supported the sales function with special content packages that supported our customers.

Communications Specialist

Oklahoma Foundation for Medical Quality

Coordinator for the information campaign for the National Influenza Project under contract to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid and the Department of Health and Human Services. 

Developed strategies and coordinated advertising and social marketing efforts for ten regional coordinators across the nation.  Constributed to development of national information clearinghouse Website, and trained leadership and regional coordinators in writing for online resources.

As a partner in this national effort, I worked closely with partners in international pharmaceutical companies, federal partners such as CDC and NIH, as well as media and other partners on local levels.

Strategic marketing for this project included producing messages for highly sophisticated audiences composed of physicians, scientists, researchers and business leaders, but also messages and "pitches" to laymen who were the ultimate target of our "social marketing"  strategy aimed at increased uptake of vaccines and resulting improved health outcomes.

A wide variety of methods and channels were coordinated in this work.  Highly technical information was transmitted to healthcare professionals and international partners in Pharma.

Complex strategies were also used and developed for regional coordinators to capitalize on social networks and associations across the country.  This work included representation at health fairs, conferences, and "faith-based" events as well. 


University of Central Oklahoma - College of Business

Taught business communications courses to undergraduate business students, including Administrative Communications, which I taught as a heavily public affairs-oriented class.  In this class we used game-playing scenarios in which the class divided into competing firms, interacted and adjusted as the scenarios changed.  The exercise, called The Glass Bead Game, was an effective innovation in teaching, which the students responded to with great enthusiasm.

Taught for four years as an adjunct at night and then as a full time instructor from Fall 03 through Spring 06.

Taught a very similar version of Businees Communications classes I taught at OU, including heavy emphasis on technical leverage for the business communicator, but also emphasis on the importance of understanding interest groups within and without the firm, and the importance of relationships.

Extensive mentoring and counseling of students at this school.  Some research and presentation at conferences. 

Adjunct Professor

University of Oklahoma - Price College of Business

Taught business communication principles and applications to undergraduate students in the Price College of Business. 

In our classes we examined effective business communication practices, but also the underlying strategic foundations and tactical applications of communication in the modern era.  Students were asked to produce the documents which I felt were pervasive and important in the business environment.  These included basic business letters, resumes, blogs, Websites and e-newsletters. 

Students also made presentations in two formats.  I taught my 10 step template for powerful business briefings and asked each student to present a ten-minute business briefing, using the method.  Students were also asked to prepare a consulting presentation in a team format.

An essential element of this course was the examination of Persuasion and its underlying philsophical and psychological foundations.  I found the students responded very well to this unique approach.