Experienced and versatile Software Developer with a focus on delighting my users and coworkers with elegant, functional solutions. Passionate for product and tools development with an eye toward co-developer empowerment. Accomplished in debugging complex systems in time-critical fashion and providing rapid, creative solutions.

Actively interested in an engineering position at a small-medium, highly collaborative consumer-facing company in Portland. Eager to move up in the software stack and to interact with team members outside of software development. Able and skilled in picking up new languages, concepts, and frameworks proven on the job and rooted in a CS degree and over ten years experience. 

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Work experience

Work experience
Jun 2015 - Aug 2015

Technical Director (Contract)


Overseeing and contributing to aspects technical.

Android, Java, AngularJS, AWS

Jun 2014 - May 2015


Here and There

Moved to Portland and took a breather from software development. Studied pastry (SFBI), graphic design (PNCA), photography, philosophy, psychology, programming languages (Ruby, CSS3), and traveled (National Geographic photo tour, Japan; Habitat for Humanity, Nepal).

Feb 2010 - Jun 2014

Principal Engineer

Pure Storage, Inc
  • Anything and everything. 
  • Member of the original ~8 person engineering team that delivered the first alpha product and three beta releases spanning 18 months in stealth mode. Contributed to numerous post-stealth releases and internal projects.
  • Hired 4 months after founding. During my time there, Pure grew from 10 people with an idea to 700 people with a product and ultra-successful business valued at over $3B.
  • Collaborating, contributing, and authoring core IO path; fundamental base classes, data structures, and threading libraries; data reduction (dedup, compression) technologies; space accounting and reporting; UI via XMLRPC; background services; high availability and clustering; performance; diagnostics; kernel-level interfaces; software packaging / OS integration; developer documentation; mentoring and on-boarding; tshirt design; making coffee; etc. 
  • Architect and lead developer for live array monitoring and support tools infrastructure used by every employee at Pure, customers, third-party sales and support teams. (phone home, remote assist, AWS-backed cloud services). Pure1
  • Go to engineer for debugging/productizing existing systems, both pre-release and as problems cropped up in the field.
  • Drafted extensive training wiki for developer on-boarding to ease the introduction into our substantial, idiosyncratic codebase.
  • Authored hosted pre-checkin automated test / gate-keeping framework used by all developers.
  • 4 time Butt Kicker Award recipient awarded by engineering management, peer engineers, and sales management.
  • Co-inventor of 3 patents.

Significant work in C/C++, Python.
Work in javascript/jQuery, AWS (EC2, EIP, S3, DynamoDB, RDS, SQS, python/boto), hudson/jenkins CI, svn, git, debian

Jul 2004 - Feb 2010

Member of Technical Staff (II, III, IV)

NetApp, Inc

Developer in the file systems (WAFL) Performance Engineering Group, focusing on the backend efficiency of the file system. The WAFL codebase is the so-called 'crowned jewels' at NetApp, and successful work within demands an exacting attention to a very large, complex corpus. Also specializing in background operations vital to the health of the system; corruption root-causing, prevention, and recovery; training; and customer escalation handling, including customer visits.

Significant work in C


2000 - 2004

Sci. B., Computer Engineering

Brown University

Computer Science and Computer Engineering Teaching Assistant (cs4, cs31, cs34, en163). SPOC (student systems administrator for CS dept). 2 time Undergrad Teaching and Research Award (UTRA) recipient; performed work for professors during the summer including an interface for a novel handwriting recognition algorithm and a multi-camera video conference system. Technology House.

1996 - 2000

Hopkins School