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I am a solutions-driven software development manager who understands business needs in this changing economy. During the 8 years of my experience leading software development teams, I have played a critical role in the project management and cross-functional team communication to develop, deliver and implement software solutions focusing on:

  • Managing the design, development, and delivery of all applications.
  • Responsible for the software technical content of products and services provided to customers
  • Responsible for resource management and project planning
  • The ability to manage multiple priorities
  • Excellent communications skills, problem solving, creativity, and leadership skills
  • Strong capabilities managing across engineering / non-engineering disciplines.
  • Extensive experience in using software development, configuration management, problem reporting and testing tools.
  • Design experience and understanding of engineering principles

I would like to continue applying my experience managing these teams and projects and am confident that the results I am able to produce will contribute to achieving your goals over the next few years and well into the future.


  • Snowboarding / skiing
  • Golf
  • Mountain Biking
  • Tennis
  • Hiking
  • Snowshoeing
  • Running
  • Photography

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John Mortellaro

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Professional Accomplishments


Accomplished software development manager who coordinates total project development, provides astute strategic planning and practical implementation of software deliverables. Manages critical software releases and generates contingency plans for current and on-going processes. Establishes both internal and external strategic partnerships in an international environment.Develops productive software engineering teams by hiring the right people and provides clear direction with realistic but aggressive team goals. Establishes a customer and results-focused culture by listening to and coordinating with cross-functional team members to deliver solutions to marketplace. Experienced hands-on manager able to design, develop, and implement complex software solutions while staying current with programming and engineering trends.

Work experience

Jul 2007Nov 2008

Software Engineering Manager

Pillar Data Systems

Led two geographically-dispersed, uniquely focused software development teams involved with different aspects of customer requirements and support. Spearheaded large coordination effort between test engineering and marketing teams to deliver optimized data access (MPIO; Axiom Path Manager, APM) to the marketplace. Supported software design requirements for multiple operating systems and their variants, including Windows, Linux, Solaris and HPUX.

  • Successfully managed corporate initiative to incorporate SAN remote replication functionality attachment to Pillar Data Systems Axiom storage device to bring Company into parity with competitor organizations. Applied configuration engineering and block service requirements to SAN team deliverables.
  • Directed SAN team remote accessibility software design requirements, accelerated release schedules and implementation.
  • Delivered four Axiom Path Manager (APM) releases as a value-add to drive significant sales increase of Axiom storage devices.
  • Achieved customer confidence levels of >99% in data accessibility rates through APM project streamlining
  • Exercised strong cross-group coordination skills with other groups at Pillar Data Systems by coordinating effort, identifying dependencies and resolving conflicts.
Jan 2001Jul 2007

Software Development Manager

Quantum Corporation

Directed two complementing software development teams involved in manufacturing support and customer-driven device diagnostics. Increased device quality by providing high-availability manufacturing test software. Significantly reduced the overall device return rate with the introduction of device evaluation software delivered to field service engineering and customer sites.

  • Developed and led successful test software implementations into manufacturing to improve the quality of components, manufactured goods and other engineering disciplines prior to customer roll-out. Worked closely with mechanical, electrical and test engineers to deliver a successful test coverage process.
  • Managed the generation of a series of common source code libraries that increased group productivity and created a common look and feel to shared code on the team.
  • Delivered world-class diagnostic utilities that significantly drove down product returns and increased customer satisfaction. Established key technologies and algorithms to better understand the relationship between the tape cartridge and tape drive interface.
  • Awarded a patent as a co-inventor for DLTSage predictive failure technology. (See below)
  • Conducted a successful program management effort that launched a corporate initiative to reduce no-trouble-found (NTF) returns and increase customer confidence and satisfaction. Created program-level schedules and managed software, test, and process engineering for on-time product deployment.
Oct 1998Jan 2001

Principle Software Design Engineer

Quantum Corporation

Designed, developed, tested and implemented manufacturing test software deployed in domestic and international locations. Improved manufactured tape backup unit test coverage resulting in increased operator efficiency and provided greater data analysis for more extensive test reporting.

  • Technical Lead for the Advanced Manufacturing Software Group Oversaw technical direction, feature decisions and technical coordination with other groups
  • Implemented a detailed operator interface to reduce human error in the test process resulting in improved component quality and accurate pass / fail rates.
  • Generated a series of common source code libraries that increased group productivity and created a common look and feel to shared code on the team.
  • Developed multiple Visual C++ and Visual Basic manufacturing test applications that were used throughout the world.
Dec 1989Aug 1998

Senior Programmer Analyst

Designed, developed, tested and implemented sophisticated package tracking software used internally and externally inside the UPS system. Increased operator efficiency resulting in more accurate, real-time decision making in the management of the operation.

  • Technical Lead for the Hub and Feeder Control Group Oversaw technical direction, feature decisions and technical coordination with other groups.
  • Implemented sophisticated algorithms for package volume optimization resulting in improved volume distributions and providing optimal resource allocations.


Bachelor of Science


Application Environments
Microsoft Windows 2008, 2003, XP, 2000, NT 4.0, 95/98 Windows Pocket PC 2003 Solaris 10 Linux Redhat 5 Update 2 HPUX 11.3 SCSI, TCP/IP, RS232, RS422, GPIB
Application Development
Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 / 6.0 Microsoft Visual C++, C#, C, C++ Visual Basic .NET / 6.0 .NET 2.0 / C# / JAVA / HTML / HTTP / SOAP Structured Query Language (SQL) SQL Server 2005
Application Support
Microsoft Project 2003 Microsoft Office Word / Excel / PowerPoint / Access Products InstallShield ClearCase Microsoft SourceSafe Polytron Version Control System (PVCS) NuMega BoundsChecker
Experienced manager and leader Customer relationships Successful software releases Team mentor and motivator Cross-functional experience and leadership UML / Agile / SDLC Software Development Lifecycle process