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Over 12 years of experience in Real Estate business development including initiative development, transaction facilitation, Counsel clients on Regulatory Compliance matters, Contract development and negotiation, Commercial Real Estate Development, Zoning and Land Use change.  Core competencies include:

  • Project Management and Design: Follow a methodology, Create common goals and objectives, Create a budget, Define the scope of work and Leverage Information Technology.
  • Team Building: The use of private and professional networks is made easier by knowing the mission and objectives of the organization. 
  • Relationship Management: Buyer and Seller want the same thing.  I stress the common ground and build a solution thereon.
  • Entrepreneurial Business Style:  I am president of a commercial contracting company, founder of a health screening project, a business development attorney and a commercial broker.
  • Persuasive Speaking:  Critical Thinking and Listening enables me to use listener bias as a tool. I take a new look at the old way of doing business.

Work experience

Mar 1997Present

Business Development / Business Law

Joe Coyle Business Law Attorney

Business Law / Business Development Attorney

A multi-level perspective –

• As a Project Manager and Designer

• As a Commercial Contractor

• A legal professional

Demonstrated in the diverse projects below:

1. Renal Threshold - Outline available upon request

Seattle, WA

Jan 2007 – Present


I have strategically partnered with the Tulalip Tribes and the Indian Health Services (IHS). My consumer

facing project accomplishes:

• Early identification - 30% increase in early identification goals

• Early intervention – tight glucose monitoring, statin drug therapy and lifestyle

changes have decreased preventable complications in those chronically ill by 40%

• Education for those most at risk - case management professionals have noted

a 75% follow through completion ratio.

• Leveraging Health Information Technology - Patients make the right decisions

when given the right information. IT empowers the patient to make the right

health choice.

I meet functional, budgetary and resource challenges by providing a solution that is

capable of being managed by minimal internal resources -The cost per Quality Adjusted

Life Year added with my methodology is less than $1,000 (current testing costs

$73,5000 per QALY).

2. Clearview Clinic / Providence Hospital

Woodinville, WA

Jan 2008 – Present


Project lead representing The Clearview Clinic in the M and A by Providence Health and

Services. Combining business development with business law:

• Real Estate Development and Non Traditional Financing Options - The

private financing of tenant improvements at the Clinic allows the buyer to

defer costs.

• Strategic Advisor - A long term lease will mutually benefit the buyer and

the seller. Seller will gain an A+ tenant and long term commercial paper

that can be financially leveraged up to 85% of the value. Buyer will be

able to defer the cost of acquisition and slowly expand their lease with an

option on more space

• Strategic Advisor - Providence will require an IT infrastructure that is

compatible with other Providence networks. An easement to bring a fiber

optic line into the clinic has proactively eliminated this need. Ingress and

egress issues have been satisfied by filing a private road easement

and meeting county public works standards.

• Negotiations and Deal Structure - The parties both stand to gain by fully

cooperating with each other. I have first established common ground and

then built the deal thereon.

3. Slygo Incorporated

Seattle, WA

Jan 2008 – Present


I create, negotiate and oversee the successful implementation of professional service

agreements. My primary client is a publicly traded REIT (Essex Property Trust). Each

project I design follows a methodology that identifies goals, sets budgets, builds teams

and defines the scope of work as follows:

• I supply my network (team) of outside professional service providers with a scope of

work document that includes a Request For Proposals.

• For each project segment, a cost proposal is solicited.

• I analyze, negotiate and compare the proposals. The analysis will often include

creating a scalable mock up of a project segment.

• The information I gather from the mock up is scaled as I compile costs for the entire


• I analyzing cost control systems by comparing like project segments in the industry.

By ensuring that my suppliers (team members) are healthy, they offer information that

I would not otherwise be able to obtain.

Dec 2002May 2004

contract discovery group attorney

Preston Gates and Ellis

Document analysis technical group attorney

(contact Jen LaVielle 206 623 7580)

State of the art electronic discovery was created by Microsoft and exclusively used by my corporate team at PG&E to defend Microsoft against Sun Microsystems. I reviewed and analyzed professional service agreements, vendor contracts and discovery request.

Multiple terra bits of data were analyzed resulting in a savings to the client of over $40 million dollars. 



Juris Doctor

Creighton University School of Law

Alternative dispute resolution studies

Negotiation Strategies



Gonzaga University - School of Business Administration

International Business Studies