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Work experience

Healthcare Specialist – Emergency Readiness Team

American International Group

·Developed and instituted a tiered methodology for emergency response to all hazards for augmenter staff.Saved time, critical resources, and cut costs by developing and providing detailed equipment and negotiated supply requisites for vendor companies for future implementation and business growth potential.

·Wrote initial Standards Operating Procedures for the Pre-Decontamination Triage initiative that met strict NYC building code regulation.This initiative was later adopted by executive leadership as the corporate standard and best practice for remote assets.

·Strategically designed, developed, and implemented the medical department of the Emergency Readiness Team which encompassed the successful procurement of various nerve agent, cyanide, and radiation antidotes, medications, position staffing requirements, scripting of job descriptions and appropriate medical protocols.

Feb 2011Present

Emergency Preparedness Manager

National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Directly responsible for the development and integration of operations plans, life safety initiatives, and emergency activations and communications.Developed detailed reviews and analysis of current operational plans and produced an aggressive and integrated revitalization program management plan for the integration of incident command principles and an all hazards approach.Named lead Emergency Preparedness Officer in charge of Emergency Preparedness and Occupant Emergency planning, Incident Command Post operations, and emergency communications.

Jun 2009Feb 2011

Infrastructure Analyst

Department of Homeland Security

Developed and implemented strategic plans which synthesized efforts of several DHS divisions, Federal organizations, and private sector partners for multiple cross sector public-private partnership outreach initiatives and exercises.These efforts enhanced DHS information sharing protocols and generated a circular knowledge transfer across multiple CIKR sectors, maximizing outreach potential to assert consistent messaging to our partners.

Recognized and awarded by senior leadership for efforts in transforming a fragmented data collection process and creating a solution to synchronize the procedures for collection and retention of data within a secure Homeland Security Information Network portal. This portal provides managers with a fully integrated, decision support tool meeting the standards for Federal PII processing. Developed qualitative guidance documents ensuring secure cross-sector data exchange.

·Managed CF-SSA COOP operations plan and training for Federaland contract team members

·Managed Commercial Facilities secure HSIN portal and ten sub portals ensuring adequacy of information sharing protocols between Federal organizations and Private Sector partners which improves the public-private relationship.

·Manage many phases of multifaceted exercise initiatives representing SSA-EMO and the CF-SSA and successful completion of Sector-Specific and National Level Exercises (EH 09, NLE 09, NLE 10).

·Worked closely with IP Senior Leadership, multiple IP Divisions, DHS organizations, Non-DHS organizations and the Private Sector to successfully manage the organization of a CIKR Information sharing exercise series.

·Volunteered and appointed as the Primary Incident Management Cell representative for SSA-EMO

Jun 2005Mar 2009

Security Manager / Emergency Readiness Program Manager

American International Group

·Served as the primary point of contact, internal subject matter expert and internal emergency preparedness and response liaison for directors and senior executives within the company and across business lines.

·Direct oversight of all four stages of disaster and emergency management (preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation).Recognized for impressive leadership and management skills in support of preparedness, mitigation, response and recovery operations for extreme natural hazard emergencies (Hurricanes: Ike, Rita, Katrina).

·Developed and implemented new mailroom security protocols for response to suspicious packages and substances identified in mailroom and workspace environments.These processes were deployed four times in three months flawlessly by all personnel involved saving countless dollars and limiting internal business downtime.

·Established new priority model for regional incident command efforts which outlined all necessary steps for immediate response and recovery efforts.This process expedited data collection and better organized response efforts for all parties.

·Through comprehensive budget analysis was able to save an estimated 25% ($ 1 million) in annual expenditures during period of business growth, through utilizing excess inventory and developing models for proper stocking levels and inventory control.

·Conducted threat and risk assessments of regional assets, produced reports and proposed protective measure strategies which improved risk mitigation and protection of company property and personnel.

Assistant Team Leader – Emergency Readiness Team

·Established relationships with federal state and local government offices, leveraged relationships which created free training opportunities with public sector for the corporate ERT members.

·Designed comprehensive tiered emergency skills training initiative for three specific groups and levels of training detail.This approach enabled the instructor’s ample time for training delivery and compressed and subsequently accelerated the training initiative causing the training deadline to be met several months in advance of the suspense.

·Provided cross functional support to all other sections within the corporate security team structure and developed an internal communications plan which when adopted reduced work load and improved efficiency and effectiveness of all domestic Corporate Security initiatives.

Jan 1997Oct 2003

Medical Specialist Team Supervisor

United States Army

Medical Specialist Team Supervisor / Fort Lewis, WA - Iraq1997 – 2003 Managed Battalion Aid Station during deployment to Iraq and provided immediate medical support in a hostile combat environment with staff of ten medically trained soldiers treating 1500 patients in a 7-month period.Over 300 additional patients were treated for combat-related injuries.

·Directed medical support during recovery efforts in NY during September 11th.Provided safety and health support at Freshkills landfill for forensic and investigator staff and volunteers tasked with sorting through trade center debris.

·Recognized for consistency in dedication, and proficiency while working above current position in multiple field exercises, deployments, and during normal daily operations.

Clinic Supervisor / San Antonio Texas

·Recognized as soldier of the year at Brook Army Medical Center for distinguishing service as a professional soldier and for bringing credit to the Hospital and United States Army Medical Department

·Evaluated existing physical exam process.Redesigned and published standard operating procedures, which streamlined procedures, increased customer service and productivity and decreased waiting time by 50%.

·Organized hearing conservation study using patient exam information.Formulated the basis for analyses to be evaluated by Army Medical Center specialists.

Triage Coordinator / Bosnia-Herzegovina

·Coordinated plans with multi-national military forces and US Air Force to evacuate severely injured patients to regional trauma centers in Europe and Coordinated with international forces (NATO) to establish appropriate protocols for delivering wounded patients to the hospital.

·Conducted staff training for triage procedures to include unloading of patients and evacuation of personnel.Addressed issues relating to high stress and a traumatic working environment.Performed beyond scope of work and was entrusted to do so from the head emergency room physician and the hospital director.


Jun 2008Present


American Military University


Military Experience

Military Veteran - 2003 Operation Enduring Freedom.

US Army


Additional Experience

Risk and Vulnerability Analysis

Process Improvement

Analytically minded

Team Leadership and Building

Change Management

Incident Management

Asset Protection

Solutions and Relationship Minded

Continuity of Operations Planning

Cost Containment

Consequence Management

CIKR Partnering

Infrastructure Assessments

Personnel Management

Hazardous Materials Trained

Summary of Key Qualifications

Seasoned professional with extensive experience in emergency management, security operations, Hazard analysis, and implementation of protective measures.Recognized by senior leadership as an accomplished personnel and program manager during steady state and emergency situations throughout career in Federal and Private Sector roles.Expertise in process improvement and problem solving deployed with a focus on building, maintaining, and growing business operations and relationships, achieving outstanding results.Currently holds Top Secret Clearance.

Top Secret