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Highly motivated IT Executive with over thirty years of broad software application development and implementation experience with focus on project planning and management, technology-based solutions, web-based projects, and customer focused technology efforts.


Hands-on supervisor, adept at organizing and coordinating multiple projects while under budget and time pressures.Able to inspire and train teams to focus upon quality and productivity.Skilled in managing teams ranging from five to forty members and spanning multiple locations.


Managed a document imaging and workflow project which became a technical prototype for the mutual fund industry and reduced call center cost by $1.5 million annually.Architected and provided project management for a mutual fund sales system which was used internally and sold to competing firms resulting in unexpected revenue of over $100K.Managed the out-sourcing of technical support for a $41 billion dollar investment division with savings of over $2 million.


Over 30 years skilled in technical requirements gathering and documented solutions, staff development, customer satisfaction, on-going business development, forecasting, managing IT project scope, time, cost, risk, and quality to satisfy stakeholders’ needs and expectations.

Work experience

2002Mar 2008

Sales Executive

Avalon Custom Homes

VP, Applications Development

Merrill Lynch & Co Inc.

Managed multiple projects within the Investments Managers division of this $1.7 trillion dollar company.Responsibilities included:working the Project Management Office to establish methodology; creating business plans to promote candidate projects; securing budget approval; building internal and vendor staffed teams; and managing the entire life cycle.Projects had budgets between $1.75 million and $4 million annually with a total staff of 41 (internal and vendor supplied).

Challenges: Inherited an environment where business unit involvement with technical projects was viewed as career death.Project budgets were approved, and then reduced as markets changed rapidly causing high turnover and low morale.Project abandonment rate was high.

Project Management – Worked with business units’ senior managers to develop priorities complete with project business plans to support highest demands.Secured $14 million dollars for project funding.Initiated a drive where project ownership, which in the past had resided with IT, was shifted to the senior business sponsors.Convinced sponsors to help develop and sign off on detail design documents and chose the business unit’s team members based upon ability to contribute to success not availability.Designed Requests for Proposals and, working with corporate legal, contract terms for vendor involvement.Projects were impacted by 9/11’s actions and planning was modified to accommodate the resulting changes.

Policy and Procedure Standardization - Introduced project management methodologies support by the PMO and technical standards approved by the IT maintenance team.Coding standards reduced software programming errors by 20%.

Staff Performance – Turnover was reduced to less than 4%.Business unit team members were rewarded based upon performance.Project management training was introduced and has become a mandatory career building requirement.


VP, Applications Development

Progressed through increasingly responsible positions starting with establishing the applications development and maintenance teams for this mid-sized ($30 billion dollar) mutual fund company.Architected and hired database management, network management and help desk functions as the company grew.Managed complex projects requiring advanced technologies, such as:a quantitative stock selection and trading system; a document imaging and workflow system; a sales reporting and data mining system; and a mutual fund compliance tracking system.Managed the Year 2000 project.Packaged and sold the sales reporting system to a competing firm and helped the company realize annual $100K license fee revenue.

Challenges:Privately held firm grew rapidly and started with no formal IT department.Had to start from ground zero, no hardware/software vision, business plans changed quickly, qualified personnel hard to find, company sold three times in five years, industry demands technology driven solutions.

Leadership - Drafted the charter for the company’s IT department.Formed relationships with hardware and software suppliers which led to contracts saving the company over $1 million per year.Managed teams composed to 15 to 30 employees and contractors and established quality and customer service benchmarks used to qualify bonus and salary increases.Planned projects to prepare computer systems for integration following sale of company.Personally managed the Year 2000 project saving the company over $100k of this $1.5 million dollar project.

Creativity/Innovation – Introduced the first use of relational database technology for the company through forming a beta test agreement with the vendor.Agreement saved the company over $3 million dollars over ten years.Crafted the disaster recovery plan and negotiated and implemented the company’s first completely tested and proven operational hot site.Became a reference account for imaging and workflow hardware/software vendors saving the company over $200K per year in reduced license and maintenance fees.



Indiana University