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Work experience


Coca-Cola enterprises

Been employed with Coca-Cola for 12 years

  • Team Leader duties included managing and leading a crew of merchandisers.
  • Maintains product in Store racks, shelves, displays, and coolers by identifying replenishment needs; transporting product between backroom and display floor with manual equipment (for example, pallet jack, handtruck); utilizing hand tools; replenishing, facing, and rotating product; building, changing, and taking down product displays; maintaining product signage; cleaning product space; and securing damaged or defective product.
  • Manages backroom by organizing and consolidating backstock (product); identifying, monitoring, and reporting backstock inventory levels; evaluating and processing damaged or defective product; re-packing product; organizing backroom materials; operating powered equipment for example, straddle stacker, powered pallet jack. completing Store documentation; and cleaning backroom.
  • Maintains areas of responsibility in designated accounts by communicating status and concerns to Store and Company personnel. 
  • Provides customer service to Consumers and Store personnel by identifying and resolving concerns; answering questions; locating product; and responding to assistance requests.


Dec 2009May 2013

Bachelor of Science in Geography

New Mexico State University

Relevant Software

  • ESRI ArcGIS 9.3, 10
  •  Google Earth
  • Microsoft Office 2003-2007 (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint)
  • VoiceThread


  •  Biogeography \
  • Cultural Geography
  • Urban Geography
  • Geographic InformationSystems (GIS)
  • Geodatabases Design
  • GIS Design


  • Experienced in using GIS software to analyze both vector and raster data using a variety of techniques, including spatial and attribute queries, map overlay and buffering.
  • Able to perform tasks involved in creating a digital geographic database, including georeferencing scanned base maps, digitizing vector features, entering attribute data and compiling metadata.
  • Experienced in understanding the role of GIS in evaluating disease, including relevant spatial analysis and cartographic visualization techniques.
  • Proficient at designing and managing a geodatabase and maintain topology using ArcInfo.
  • Understanding of Lidar systems' design, operation, data processing techniques and product generation.
  • Experienced with ESRI 3D Analyst, Spatial Analyst and Spatial Statistics.
  • Talented in choosing and applying analytical methods to geospatial data, including point pattern analysis, interpolation, surface analysis, overlay analysis, and spatial autocorrelation.
  • Experienced in acquiring and integrating geospatial data with an understanding of the technical, legal and ethical problems related to data acquisition.
  • Understanding of the principles of effective project management applied to the design and implementation of geospatial information systems.
  • Experienced with the theory and practice of cartographic design with an emphasis on effective visual thinking and visual communication.
  • Advanced experience with web based statistical research.
  • Experienced in using GIS Model Builder


Survey Analyst


Spatial Analyst


ArcGIS Desktop 10


ArcGIS 3D Analyst


Geostatistical Analyst


Data Interoperbility