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  • Skilled culinary professional with broad experience in Asian and Mediterranean fine dining.
  • Looking for long term job opportunity with room to grow.
  • Hard working and focused with excellent communication skills.
  • Up to par knife skills with the ability to keep a clean work environment.

Work experience


Line cook 

Pearl restaurant and oyster bar
  • Prepped veg and proteins for service 
  • Worked saute' and salads while helping head chef plate entrees.
  • Delegating all orders that came through, such as apps, entrees, deserts and oysters.
  • utilization of 2 woks for any fried food such as tofu or pork spring rolls.
  • after service cleaning the line and the back kitchen with 2 co-workers.
  • have trained 2 other line cooks to work my station succesfuly.

Line cook

Bantam grill

Line cook

  • Prepped veg for dinner service and the next days lunch service, for example cutting radicchio, red cabbage and romaine hearts .
  • worked the fryer, salad station and deserts along with being in charge of delegating orders.
  •  Also worked the pasta station for about 3 months which included, saute, cooking pasta to order and helping the head chef plate.
  • occasionally I would be asked to break down proteins to portion size, such as salmon, cod or chicken breasts while checking for quality control.
  • Responsible for making all salad dressings and desert sauces.
  • Have trained 3 cooks on my station successfully.
  • Help clean the back kitchen and the line at the end of the night with 2 co-workers.

Prep cook

Pearl restaurant and oyster bar
  • In charge of all veg prep including cutting peppers, nappa cabbage, bok choy and using a mandolin to make julienne carrots.
  • In charge of cleaning and inspecting oysters when they come in as well as setting them up and shucking them to order during service.
  • responsible for making deserts to order while monitoring quality control and keeping a clean work environment.
  •  prepped protein such as breading haddock and chicken breasts and slicing ahi tuna to portion size.
  • Helping out the line cooks when they get busy to keep ticket times down.
  • Putting away oysters and notifying the head chef when more need to be ordered2w.

Dish washer

pearl restaurant and oyster bar
  • Responsible for all dishes ,making sure none leave the back kitchen unclean.
  • Responsible for all saute pans that go through the kitchen, making sure they all are clean to keep up with demand.
  • occasionally making deserts when the prep cook is unable to.

Produce clerk

  • Responsible for breaking down produce orders and organizing cooler.
  • Loading up carts for restocking  while checking for quality control.
  • Helping customers with any questions they might have.
  • Sweeping and cleaning up the department before leaving.



High School Deploma

Conval regional high school