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C/ Verónica 5 Portal 2 2o C

28232 Las Rozas Madrid

Telf. 605852192 Fax 916319252

e-mail [email protected]

Joaquín Boscá Vista

Personal Information                                              Marital status: Married

                                                                                               Nationality: Spanish

                                                                                              Age: 35 (02/09/1973)                     



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          Manager in charge of Indirect Channels

          CABLEUROPA S.A.U (ONO)                                        March 2008 to Febrery 2009       

  • End to end supervision of Massive Channel for Individuals, SMEs and Domestic Chains.
  • Manager of commercial team.
  • Development of Shopping Channel References.
  • Support for the point of sale management system.
  • Supervision of plan for the stimulation and collection of distributors.
  • Development of commission plan.

            Sales Manager of Pymes

            CABLEUROPA S.A.U  (ONO)                                            2007 to March 2008                   

  • Development of internal business processes to support commercial activity.
  • Monitoring of sales and client supply.
  • Design and development of trade mechanisms to encourage sales.
  • Training, development and motivation of commercial team.
  • Support for the screening process of the Human Resources Department.
  • Planning, control and negotiation of sales goals and commissions.
  • Sales focused on small and medium sizes enterprises.

            CEO and Partner

            FIRMA SOLUCIONES S.L                                                                   2005 to 2007           

  • Setting up of commercial activity.
  • Distribution of telecommunications services to different operators.
  • Profit increase of 45 % in two years.
  • Planning, control and negotiation of sales goals and commissions.
  • Design of trade mechanisims to encourage sales.
  • Recruitment, training and development of commercial teams.

            Commercial Advisor for Pymes

            TELEFÓNICA DE ESPAÑA S.A.U                                                       2004 to 2005   

  • Managed a medium-sized enterprises, the turnover of which was over two million euros.
  • Management of the customer portfolio.
  • Objectives fulfilment.

            Commercial Advisor

            AUNA TELECOMUNICACIONES S.A.                                                1999 to 2004

  • Manager in charge of commercial teams for Individuals (MADRITEL COMUNICACIONES S.A.)
  • Foster customer loyalty and client acquisition.
  • Development of Urtinsa Green and Innovative Project.
  • Promotion to the Distribution Department.

          Commercial Advisor

          TELEINFORMÁTICA Y COMUNICACIONES, S.A.                          1997 to 1999             

  • Shop Assistant for Telefónica.
  • Customer service for both, Companies and Individuals.





            Additional Languages

  • Native language: Spanish
  • Second Languages: High level of English both written and spoken.
  • English Certification (May 1997) from the Institute of Languages, UNIVERISDAD COMPLUTENSE DE MADRID (4 levels).


  • Local Marketing and Merchandising, conducted by the consultant KREA (35 hours).
  • Selling Techniques I-II, developed by TACTICAL CONSULTING and oriented towards the American selling method "Star" (50-20 hours).
  • Telecommunications not for Telecommunication Engineers I-II, administrated by FYCSA (ALCATEL) developing information on different types of networks (20-20 hours).
  • Private communications of voice and data in the company, conducted by FYCSA, ALCATEL (20 hours).
  • Negotiation and commercial process, guided by ESIC and geared towards selling and negotiation techniques (26 hours).
  • Planning Techniques and Time Management in the commercial process, lectured by ESIC (35 hours).
  • ICT in SMEs, managed by TELEFONICA (48 hours).
  • Teamwork, conducted by TELEFONICA (15 hours).
  • Leadership skills, ran by TELEFONICA (12 hours).
  • Direction and participation in meetings, controlled by TELEFONICA (12 hours).
  • Coaching, conducted by TELEFONICA (12 hours).
  • Presentation techniques, taught by TELEFONICA (15 hours).
  • Leadership social skills (Assertiveness), supervised by TELEFONICA (12 hours).