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Logistics / Supply Chain Management & Consultancy



·     Professional with great experience in Materials Logistics – Supply Chain Management – acquired in siderurgical, auto parts, oil/gas, telecommunications, services and logistics companies, working as Manager and Director positions;

·     Responsible for the Supply Chain Management, involving strategic production planning, purchase, international commerce, raw materials and product stocks, warehouse layout projects, program and production control, delivery program and distribution and Customer Service;

·      Great experience in outsourced management (mainly Logistics hand labor contracts).. Responsible for operation results, managing Finances, Commercial, Administrative and Human Resources;

·     Ability in managing KPI’s, scrap and reworked products, equipments productivity, stocks and clients delivery;

·     Effective participation in industrial systems implantation like Lean Manufacturing, Kanban, Kaizen, TQM, TPM, JIT and lay-outs, reducing lead times and stocks level, to attend clients demand;

·     Experience in implantation MRP II and ERP systems (RM, SAP – R3, SIGIP, People Soft and Microsiga – Protheus), SGI (ISO 9000, ISO 14001 and NBR 16001) and WMS. Good knowledge in TI;

·     Great knowledge of market suppliers and clients and ability for negotiation process and logistic administration;

·     Responsible profile, building a logistic company, managing Finance and Administration Departments.

·      Ability in managing people, stimulating the Professional growing, looking for quality and productivity improvement;

·     Member of ABM - Associação Brasileira de Metalurgia e Materiais and IMAM - Instituto de Movimentação e Armazenagem de Materiais;

·     Experience on graduation teaching in Instituto Mauá de Tecnologia courses;

·     Fluent level English language and good comprehension of Spanish language;

·     Brazilian, married, 3 children



·         Graduated in Economics Sciences – University of Sao Paulo State (USP) –1984.

·         Graduated in Metallurgical Engineering – Technological Mauá Institute – 1977.

·         Master degree in Industrial Management – Vanzolini Foundation (USP)



.         IT, Automation Asset Purchase - SOESO – Brasília

·         Bid and Contracts Experience – FGV

·         ISO 9000 - Quality Way

·         Six Sigma – Catho

·         Organization Administration and Changing Quality – Cofap - In Company

·         COFAP Total Quality – In Company

·         MRP II – Manufacturing Resources Planning - César Sucupira

·         Plant Lay-out - Vanzolini Foundation / USP

·         Planning, Programming and Production Control (PPPC) - Fundação Vanzolini / USP




ÁVILA LOGÍSTICA  LTDA.                                                                                                                           (aug/14 - currently)

Domestic company, working with logistics, supply chain and manufacturing consulting.

Position:          Logistics  and Industrial   Manager & Consultant

- Acting in consulting and management of the logistics and industrial areas in projects of changes and improvements through planning, implementation, corrective management, process changes, layout and implementation of performance indicators (KPI’s).

.-  Worked projects:

              Eletrônica Santana Ltda.                (nov/2016 - mar/2017)

                         Domestic company, working with Telecommunications / IT and Eletronic equipments

              - Working in management and improvement implementation of systems of inventory control, receiving, shipping, billing, product separation (picking, packing and checkout), distribution, physical layout adequacy, Customer Service and administrative processes, seeking the quality in the fulfillment of orders made by direct sales and by e –commerce.


                 Nudd Confecções Ltda.                    (sep/2014 - feb/2015)

                           Domestic company, working in high fashion

          - Acting in the management and organization of production, strategic planning, S & OP, quality control, maintenance, internal and external logistics, inventories, productive purchases, receiving, shipping and distribution;

Restructuring the layout of the factory and the productive and administrative processes.

PHONOWAY  COMÉRCIO  E  REPRESENTAÇÃO  DE  SISTEMAS LTDA.                                                  ( jul/10 to jul/14)

Domestic company, working with Telecommunications / IT equipments and services

Position:          Logistics  Manager

Main Attributions and Accomplishments:

-        Warehousing, Receiving, Pick/Packing, Invoicing, Expedition and Distribution Products areas management for e-commerce and direct sales. Warehouse layout projects. Control and release of software licenses.


SCHMOLZ+BICKENBACH DO BRASIL IND. COM DE AÇOS LTDA                                                                (jul/08 to feb/09)

International company working with special steels and aluminum

Position:          Logistics, Import and Export Manager

Main Attributions and Accomplishments: -        Logistics, Import and Export Areas reorganization , putting then together, to achieve a better service for the customers;

-        National and international raw material purchase planning (Germany,  USA, Canada, France, China, India, Taiwan, Romania and others) for São Paulo, Caxias and Joinvile warehouses, managing import processes, Bonded Warehouse, materials handling and products nationalization;

-        Sales and export processes management for all Latin America and, eventually, for others parts of the world.


LSI LOGÍSTICA LTDA. – MANSERV GROUP                                                                                                   (jul/07 to may/08)

Domestic company, working with Logistics, Facilities and Industrial Maintenance

Position:        Logistics Operations Manager

Main Attributions and Accomplishments: -     Managing outsourced in house logistic contracts for the clients: Magneti Marelli Cofap –Amortecedores (101 employees), Magneti Marelli – Sinterizados (70 employees), Magneti Marelli – Bandejas (8 employees), International Component Supply - ICS (32 employees), Cobreq (21 employees) e Petrobrás – Macaé-RJ (237 employees),  including Financial, Commercial,  Administrative and Human Resources and Safety Management.


EDN LOGÍSTICA AND TRANSPORTES LTDA.                                                                                           (sep/02 to apr/06)

Domestic company, working with Logistics, Transports and Moving.

Position:        Administrative and Operations Directo

Main Attributions and Accomplishments: -    Administrative areas management, including Purchase, Human Resources, Finance and, mainly, Operations; responsible for national and international transport services and hiring process, distribution and logistics services performances as well as home and commercial moving;

-     Services elaboration and implantation of new commercial lay-outs.


SENAI SERVIÇO NACIONAL DE APRENDIZAGEM INDUSTRIAL                                                      (mar/1994 to dec/2001)

Domestic company, controlled by Confederação Nacional da Indústria, working in industrial technical courses.

Position:        Supply and Purchase Manager

Main Attributions and Accomplishments: -     Supply and bidding management of general and didactic materials, equipments and machinery, (national and imported) for all kind of industries. Responsible for materials stock planning and didactic materials distribution, hiring services, workmanship and maintenance for 70 school unities at São Paulo State. Central Warehouse administration, Garage, Goods Transport, Expedition and Distribution;

-     Working in economic viability studies for outsourced services implantation  and Make or Buy analysis for didactic materials production, resulting in 66% stocks decreasing(worth and area), allowing the construction of new laboratories and classes room;

-     Working in a new project of financing for buying equipments with MEC and BID, resulting in new courses implantation with the more recent technology.


COFAP COMPANHIA FABRICADORA DE PEÇAS                                                                     (nov/1980 to feb/1994)

Domestic company of auto parts industry.


-       Materials and PPC Manager                                                                       jun/87 to feb/93

-       Programming and Production Control Manager (PPC)                   dec/83 to jun/87

-       Industrial Engineering Supervisor                                                            nov/80 to dec/83

Main Attributions and Accomplishments:                                                                  -     Responsible for São Paulo (State) and Minas Gerais plants Production Planning and Production Programming of Santo André and Mauá plants. Programming and Follow up Purchasing, including Receiving managing, Warehouse and Production Lines Providing.

-     Strong relationship with Car Assembly Plants, ordering Transports and Expedition. MRP II system implantation, joining Product and Process Engineering, Costs, Accountability, Production and PPC.

-     Participation in implanting of incentive costs reducing programs, losses decreasing and for competitiveness increasing, like: Just-in-Time, Kanban, MRP, TQM, TPM and ISO 9000, getting a significant stocks and labor decreases.

-     Implanting and managing the Supply Chain unity by Administration, Purchase Follow Up, Warehouses, Product Stocks and transport areas integration, achieving a new fixed and reduced organization chart.

-     Managing the Industrial Engineering area, working in package projects for exported products, Time & Methods, developing devices and modifying lay-outs, searching increases in productivity and materials handling.