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Sep 2008Present



Joao Alvarenga, has been a search consultant since 1996. Joao prides himself on the fact that he gives very personalized service and actually goes out on the "hunt" himself for the elusive candidate. Each search is treated as a new and special project.The title "HEADHUNTER" is often gratuitously adopted by some within the employment industry. Many that understand the real intended meaning of the word don't view it as a slur. Recruiters like Joao Alvarenga view this title as a "badge of honor" because it suggests that real search is done by this person. Many in the employment industry adopt the title headhunter when in reality they are in fact just "Head-farmers". "Head-farmers" don't do active research and/or cold calling to accomplish their mission. Head-farmers primarily use advertisements to attract candidates and in essence operate as advertising campaign managers.What's the point? Sometimes the best candidate isn't "looking" and they must be HUNTED! Sometimes there's a need for a "silent search" where discretion is paramount and advertising can't be done. When you need to find the hard to find candidate, we're the ones to call.


WE HUNT FOR THE DEAL MAKER! WE HUNT FOR THE AUTOMOTIVE CONSULTING EXECUTIVE!WE HUNT FOR THE SUBJECT MATTER EXPERT!We have focused primarily on the automotive professional services, automotive consulting and automotive solutions marketplace.

Jun 2001Jul 2008

HR Professional (self employed)

J J Human Resources

Compensation & Benefits; DHO Human Organizational Development; Union Negotiation, Lean Organization tools implementation with HR focus; Human Capital Management indicators; Foreign Services Administration; Individual Income Tax matters and individual documentation.

Feb 1999Apr 2001

Corporate Human Resources Manager

Responsible for all activities Recruitment and Selection, Compensation, Personnel, Training, Asset Security, SESMT, Dining, Communication and cleaning.

• Since obtaining the documentation of the legal person (deploy in Brazil), the foreign executives, the strategy of HR (such as recruiting, as pay, as train, but keep the motivation, as achieving the goals), the obtaining of licenses such as PSO, QS and others with the same weight of ISO 9000. The most rewarding was to see that all the planning done with the Americans (my hiring in the USA) has been successfully completed.

Feb 1998Jan 1999

Human Resouces Manager


Responsible for areas such as Recruitment and Selection, Compensation, Personnel Department, HR Services (Cleaning, Restaurant, Reception and Telephony), Communication, Asset Security, Labor Safety and Medical Area.

• Restructuring HR, reducing the effective (108 professionals in HR for a total of 1500 in the company), globalize services (five factories with five different service providers) and obtaining the ISO 9000

Jan 1996Dec 1997

Commercial and HR Manager

Loyal Surveillance and Security Services

Responsible for Commercial Services and Electronic Monitoring.

Recruitment and Selection, Personnel Department, Evaluation of Performance of Staff and of all Post into clients.

• Implement HR as a whole, and especially to improve the quality of the methods of selection, evaluation and relationship with customers, suppliers and employees. • Due to the death of the director-chairman, founder of the company, the work was stopped because the company was discarded.

Dec 1992Aug 1995

Senior Human Resources Analyst

Responsible for Positions and Salaries, Recruitment and Selection and Training.

Jul 1990Mar 1992

Senior Jobs and Wages Analyst

NEC do Brasil S/A

• Organizational Development and salary survey implementation as well as parallel careers.

Apr 1985Jun 1990

Senior I R Analyst

Analyst of Industrial Relations-04/1985 to 12/1997 Analyst of Industrial Relations Senior-01/1988 to 06/1990 • General, deployment of Job postings and ARP - Ability Rate Progression.

Sep 1982Mar 1985

Consultant Semi Senior-09/1982 to 03/1985

Deloitte, Haskins + Sells

• As Consultant of HR, treatment exclusively with multinational customers, directly with their expatriates.


Feb 1981Dec 1984


Universidade Cruzeiro do Sul
The course The post-industrial organizations now dominate the economic environment by providing services that meet a society increasingly complex, dynamic and heterogeneous. These organizations stand out for the fluidity of their structures, the intensive exchange of knowledge, high technology and the ability to adapt and policy development. This scenario requires a course to prepare professionals for the post-modern reality, characterized by instability, rapid and continuous technological changes. And that is the way the Administration's proposal offered by UNICSUL: meet the demands of society through the quality of its educational project and its method of instruction, aligned to this context. For the development of activities, students have available the resources of the Center for Science and Business Administration and the services provided by the Junior Company. They also conducted technical visits and encouraged to participate in the University in Action, carried out interdisciplinary and aims to implement administrative practices in the institutions of the Third Sector. In 1st and 2nd semesters of the course is offered subject to orientation training and the labor market, which allows students an understanding of professional experience, preparation for employment, identification and characterization of areas of performance and interface with other professions.

Value Offered

Business developer, solid experience and understanding of organization requirements.

Able to work under pressure and with tight deadlines.

Leadership, self-dependent, very good relationship with all levels in organizations, as well positioned for cultural changes and flexibility in case of changes in the scenario .

Focused on results.

Hands on professional, skilled in working with project teams.

Outstanding memory and cultural knowledge.


Jefferson Godoy

Jefferson Franco de Godoy, MSc , Quality Engineer, Federal Mogul (colleague) worked directly with you

“João Alvarenga is productive, ethic, creative, personable, very easy to work with, and very competent as a Corporate Human Resources Manager. He established great relationships with the customers and parterners he served, and was also respected and liked by his peers inside Federal Mogul. An extraordinary person, and a great employee for any company.” February 26, 2009

Luiz Fernando

Luiz Fernando Canto , Controller, Federal Mogul (colleague) worked with you

“João is a highly competent HR professional. He can be counted on to go the extra mile to get a project done. João is a team player, always willing to fill in or accept extra responsibility. João was a great colleague, and I would strongly recommend him as an asset to any organization.” March 19, 2009

Douglas Nogueira

Douglas Lizarelli Nogueira , Student, Universidade São Francisco (colleague) worked directly with you

“João and I have worked togheter in the past. He was very organized (detail-oriented) in his work and used to develope strong relationship with our clients.” March 2, 2009

Julian Sample

Julian G. Semple , Business and Strategy / Operations Manager, Visteon (colleague) worked with you

“Mr.Alvarenga, now as a headhunter, has the benefit of having worked for a good number of organizations in different business sectors, and in different human resources activities. This multi-organizational experience in addition to his entrepreneurial and high standard work achievements enable me to rank him as very high level professional. I wish him success. Julian Semple” February 27, 2009

Leonardo Bissoli

Leonardo Bissoli , Human Resources Director, Visteon - South America (colleague) managed you

“Joao Alvarenga is a pleasant person to work with. He is dedicated to his assignments, highly motivated, lots of initiative and above all, team player! During the time we worked together João supported full time the team in the implementation of the compensation area for the Electronics Operations in Brazil. His valuable knowledge and experience in the HR planning and compensation areas, as Senior Analyst, highly contributed to achieve the company objectives. Further information, please, feel free to contact me. 55-11-2678-9002 Leo Bissoli HR Director - Visteon South America” February 26, 2009

Rodolfo do Amaral Junior

Rodolfo do Amaral Junior , Marketing Manager, Federal-Mogul Corporation (colleague) worked with you

“I worked with João at Federal-Mogul when he was Corporate HR Manager based in Araras Facility. His Strategic Mindset, Employees Motivation Care, Environmental and Safety Care and Planning and Execution orientation were crucial to help that facility to turnaround financial results and restore community's respect.” November 6, 2008


Responsible for the whole Federal-Mogul Powertrain Division startup in Brazil.

Responsible for Recruitment and Selection, Compensation, Training, Surveillance, Labor Relations, Safety, Communications and Government Affairs.

Responsible to get information from expat executive personnel to obtain Brazilian documentation.

Responsible for the ISOTS Program and all related certificates necessary to the prompt work of the company.

Responsible for Job Posting Program as key tool for internal and external recruitment.

Responsible for Education agreement with government institutes such SENAI, USP, USFsCar, FATEC in order to train inexperienced labor force.

Responsible for the conduction of Organization Climate Survey to evaluate internal and external relation and potential strikes.

Ability Rate Progression for hourly personnel as major salary progression method.


More than 22 years of experience as a generalist in Human Resources in Brazil and Latin America. Totally familiar with employment laws and competitive practices in Brazil. Fluent in English, advanced in Spanish, intermediate in Italian an poor in Japanese with excellent verbal and written communication skills. High tech transnational industry experience strongly in major automotive fields too. Strong interpersonal skills to develop relationships with internal customers and represent employer to candidates and other external contacts. Very organized with a great attention to detail havng ability to multi-task and handle large workload and also able to work independently and produce results. Strong sense of customer service is my most. Total availbility to travel outside of Sao Paulo, my place.


Startup companies in Brazil Organization strategies, team training and management of complex negotiation and Union relation cycles, company start up and turnaround.  Strategic partnership building for long term relations, human resources management.     Achievement Highlights Auto parts and Electronic Equipments: Management of Human Resources whole area for local and international companies. -                      Defined the organization necessary to achieve results. -                      Strong cost reduction results average. Reducing costs over payroll budget average R$ 2 million per year, with cost reduction impact of R$ 8 million per year in cost reduction. ( according to budgetary plans using EVA) -                      Developing business plan for the upcoming year and implement actions that effectively measure and confirm results. -                      Energizing the team reinforcing a results-oriented posture -                      Implementation of special training regimes to obtain ISOTS and other key certification including PSO, Q1 and other. -                      Optimization of union local relation (via settling agreement with an Auto parts Union regarding PLR). The result of this action reduced costs by 7% per year in turnover and overtime, US$ 8 million per year, reduced costs average in US$ 56000 per year. -                      Start up of whole company in Araras plant, Araras, Brazil for The Federal-Mogul Power train Division, Camshafts.   Career Progression Note:  In order to keep in touch with the market and also keep working, I am working currently in a small size company as headhunter of auto parts sector, and also as business manager, without labor contract. 


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Jan 1987Jul 1987

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