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Over 8 years senior level experience in the stem cell banking market. Strong background in international business development. Currently Group CEO at WideCells Group PLC, the worldwide provider of stem cell services.

Work History


Co-founder & Group CEO

Widecells Group PLC (WDC: London) | UK

Worldwide provider of stem cell services.

Core business: insurance to cover the costs of stem cell therapy & expert second medical opinion, stem cells research and cell banking services for a wide range of human tissues and stem cell e-learning courses for HCP's and potential clients.

Management & Leadership Successes:

  • Primary driving force behind the incorporation of Widecells Group 
  • Raised >£500k in seed-funding from Angel Investors between 2012 and 2015.
  • Raised >£500k in pre-IPO funding from several investors in the 1st semester of 2016.
  • Completed an IPO on the main market(standard listing) of the London Stock Exchange raising £2m on the 27th of July 2016.
  • Raised further £650k in a private placing in March 2017
  • Raised further £750k in a private placing in August 2017
  • Generated c£200K in sales with one product in the initial test market -- Portugal in 2014.
  • Built an 'All-Star' team : Dr Peter Hollands (CSO); Dr Marilyn Orcharton (NED (founder of Denplan)); Alan Greenberg (SVP WideAcademy&NED WideCells Group(former Director Apple Education)); Lopes Gil (COO); David Bridgland (CFO) and Dr. Graham HIne (NED Chairman); .
  • Developed an extent and valuable product portfolio capable of generating significant revenues: 
    • CellPlan: global insurance to cover for the costs of stem cell therapy and expert medical opinion
    • WideCells: umbilical cord blood, cord tissue, dental pulp and adipose tissue banking services. Ossgraft, a synthetic bone that mimics the human bone.
    • WideAcademy: stem cell technology education and training 
  • Established state-of-the-art stem cell laboratory at the University of Manchester Innovation Center for stem cell research, processing and storage
  • Incorporated Widecells Portugal S.A. and obtained full-authorisation from the Ministry of Health in Portugal.
  • Led the acquisition process of fully-authorised Spanish cord blood procurement company, Nacersalud, S.L., for c £30K.
  • Strategic Alliances:
    • Developed a exclusive co-branding partnership with a global leading medical insurer and reinsurer to provide the world's first stem cell insurance plan.
    • University of Westminster partnership agreement to develop the world's first stem cell e-learning courses.
    • University of Manchester Innovation Center leasing agreement to use an operational clean room and storage area to process & store stem cells from a wide range of human tissues 
    • Medbone S.A. partnership agreement to produce the OssGraft.
    • Biosckin S.A. and Cythotera, S.A. outsourcing agreement(interim) to process & store stem cells in Portugal and Spain
    • Biocells Brasil licensee agreement to provide stem cell storage services in São Paulo, Brazil under the WideCells brand. (WideCells Brasil)

Chief Strategy Officer

Precious Cells International Limited | UK

Private investor backed international stem cell bank.

Core business: providing stem cell banking services to protect family's from several devastating diseases.

Start-Up: brought in to define effective strategies and operating structures to launch and grow new stem cell banking services(dental pulp; adipose tissue; bone marrow) throughout Europe and Middle-East. 

  • Captured £500K in sales in the 1st year.
  • Identified & built agreements with local agents to launch the stem cell banking business in Portugal, Bulgaria, Dubai and Lebanon.

Complete accountability for establishing and managing marketing, sales, business development, positioning, communication, and corporate identity strategies to drive competitive growth of the cryopreservation Services. Managed team of 10 across marketing, product management, and finance. Reported directly to the CEO.


Co-founder & Executive Director

Widepharma, Ltd. | UK 

International healthcare co-branding company backed by angel investors.

Core Business: worldwide distribution of healthcare products.

Identified, built and launched the stem cell banking procurement business within the first 3 months of activity — negotiated favourable outsourcing partnership agreement with the newly formed laboratory in the UK, Precious Cells International, to process & store different types of stem cells. Spearheaded the design, development and launch of multiple product offerings. Championed Widepharma business model, established a partnership with Grupo Belmed in Portugal who generated sales of over 100K€ in the first year. Raised £250K to set up subsidiary companies in Brazil and Dubai. 



Future health technologies UK | PT

One of Europe's top cord blood banks backed by private investors.

Core business: Providing cord blood banking services to protect family's from dozens of dangerous conditions.

Championed the KAM program and drove the implementation of the global CRM system, reported directly to the International Sales Manager and Business Unit Manager.

Built and managed key accounts with Hospitals and Clinics spread throughout Portugal. Worked together with a team of 5 sales representatives, one Marketing Assistant and one administrative. Recommended and led a market research program to identify new potential markets to implement the company.

Future Health Portugal S.A. (subsidiary in Portugal) generated 1.2€ million in annual sales and captured >20% local market position within 2 years.

Capital raised




BA Marketing Management


Marketing; Finance; Economics; Business Administration; 



Certified Insurance Broker


Insurance broker certification and license. (6 month full-course)


New Venture Finance: Startup Funding for Entrepreneurs

University of Maryland College Park | online

Specialisation in the financing options available to fund new ventures. Finance, valuations, dilution and non-dilutive funding sources. Capital structure for new ventures, term sheets, negotiation, and the differences between early-stage versus later-stage financing.


Neurolinguistics programming.

Life Training

Neurostrategy, neurolinguistics and neuroprogramming.


Personalized selling


Definition of custom selling, level of motivation and buyer competences, negotiating styles, over and underselling



Engearea - Regojo Group

The environment, the client and sales.