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Ph.D., Communication Theory & Research:  I studied new media platforms and technologies, producing content to conduct formative and summative evaluation for material on interactive platforms. My dissertation covered the use of interactive delivery of emotionally-sensitive information to cancer patients and their significant others, comparing it to delivery via linear video. I tested the differences between the two delivery modes on patients'/S.O.'s cognitive and affective processing and behavioral intentions.


I am an educator, author, and multimedia journalist. Currently, I'm a Professor of Communication at National University. I teach courses in media story-making and story-telling, digital communication technologies, and the theory and practice of strategic communication and content creation. 

Every class I teach has a new media or new technologies twist...I don't seem to be able to help myself. Fifteen years ago, a few students would complain: "I don't see why I have to have email. The Computer Center doesn't even know how to sign me up." Now some say: "I don't see why I have to sign up for Second Life/Twitter/Jaiku!/Conductrr, Snapchat, etc.  It's so frustrating." In both cases, a few years later, I get a call or an email thanking me for giving them skills they later called on in their careers and personal lives.

My colleagues and I developed B.A. and M.A. programs in Strategic Communications, and now we're designing and creating online courses for these and other programs. I approach online courses as a media producer, since that is my background. Online course design and development is one of the most rewarding activities I've ever experienced. It is such a satisfying mix of writing, documents, audio, video, interactive activities -- a multimedia cornucopia for developers, instructors, and students alike!

For the past two years, I've been looking at digital new media platforms as mass media for marketing and social influence purposes. I'm particularly interested in the use of these new platforms in political campaigns. 

My other research focus is adult learners' expectations of interaction in online courses and their effects on learning.

I am happy to write that my most recent book,  Managing Electronic Media: Making, Marketing & Moving Digital Content, published by Focal Press, is being used in many media management courses.  I'm currently working on a textbook, to be published by Taylor & Francis in 2016, The New News, covering online journalism.

I am also an avid videoblogger.

Work experience

Work experience
Apr 2006 - Present

Professor, Strategic Communications

National University

I teach, write,  and create.


Here are the books I've written and one I'm in the process of writing:

The New News, forthcoming, Taylor & Francis Publishers

Media Management: Making, Marketing & Moving Digital Content 

Digital Rights Management: Monetizing Content

Digital TV over Broadband

Centralization of Broadcast Operations

Digital Content Management

Advanced Television Systems


I develop websites for my students on new media topics, such as the award-winning Technecolor site, which explores layers of  culture and communication in the U.S. Southwest.  The GlobalMobile site is under construction -- it looks at the use of mobile in Paris and Los Angeles, with other countries and cities to be added.

I produced video packages for ABC News shows, including Nightline (covered US invasion of Iraq, 2003), 20/20, and Good Morning, America.  I also produced for local KABC-TV show, Eye on L.A. Wrote and produced long-form documentaries for KTLA-TV and Western Region public television stations.

I reported and wrote print articles for: WiReD, Los Angeles Times, Broadcasting & Cable, L. A. Business Journal, Silicon Alley, Extra, Extra Convention Show Dailies, Malibu Times and other publications.

I wrote for the Hollywood Reporter for nearly a decade. I had a most enjoyable gig as a TV Critic and attended the biannual Press Tour during that time. I also wrote for THR Special Issues, mostly on new tech and new media issues, particularly the effects of digital technologies on the entertainment and media industries.


In October 2006, I went to Virginia for a month and interned with the Jim Webb Senatorial campaign. I worked as a video tracker, taking the place of Siddarth (characterized as 'macaca' by the infamous George Allen). I also videoblogged for the campaign.

VIDEO: Jim Webb in Washington, VA - An event that was like an old-fashioned country political event with great food, music, and speeches...a pleasure to videotape.

In 2004, I went on a 2-month pre-Presidential election roadtrip to swing states, videotaping an effort to register Progressive voters. It was a great trip with a strange and wonderful group of people.

VIDEO: The Vast Left Wing Conspiracy

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