Work experience

Work experience
Nov 1996 - Present

Customer Service Manager

Central Wholesalers, Inc.


JoAnn Starner is a Customer Service Manager for Central Wholesalers, Inc., of Laurel, Maryland. Working for Central Wholesalers since 1996, Ms. Starner started off as a Customer Service Representative and has a total of 25 years of experience addressing customer concerns. Central Wholesalers distributes multifamily and commercial maintenance products to the Mid-Atlantic states. Having served as Customer Service Manager for more than 10 years now, JoAnn Starner possesses a thorough understanding of all aspects of service at Central Wholesalers. Her responsibilities include supervising order entry, inputting new customer information, managing the customer service staff and receptionists, and training new Customer Service Representatives.In her free time, JoAnn Starner likes reading and relaxing in the mountains.Her favorite authors include John Grisham, Danielle Steel, and Nora Roberts. She also takes part in various outdoor activities like fishing, especially traditional fishing for croaker and stingray fishing with a bow and arrow, near Chincoteague Island in Chesapeake Bay.JoAnn Starner also enjoys scrapbooking, photography, and collecting classic Walt Disney items like Steamboat Willie and Nemo. An avid traveler, she vacationed in Italy, seeing sights in Rome, including the Vatican and Trevi Fountain, and visited other major Italian destinations like Pompeii, Florence, and Venice. She does not shrink, however, from more exciting travel adventures, such as taking a helicopter ride over Hoover Dam. JoAnn Starner also generously supports various charities including the Fraternal Order of Police and Disabled Veterans of America.


Reading, Fishing, Walking, Collecting Disney Items, Scrapbooking, Photography, and Traveling