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Work experience

Oct 2007Jun 2008

Classroom Assistant

Barmston Primary School

I worked at Barmston Primary School for two months.  My role involved preparation of the classroom for the pupils this involved sharpening pencils, turning on the class computers, setting up the milk etc

I also got to read stories to the pupils. Another responsibility I was given was yard duty this required me to oversee the children playing, take part in yard games.

I also worked in year 1,2 & 3. My roles involved preparing things in the classroom for the pupils and staff. This included setting up the computers for the days routine,washing the fruit and getting their work books ready. I also got to help the children with their Mathmatics, English and other lessons including Physical Education, Art & Science.

In Year 4, I helped them with their SATS. This included things like setting there papers out onto the tabels and supervising to make sure they wern't cheating. i was also allowed to re read the questions a 2nd timevif they didnt understand.I also did yard duty with other members of staff, this included keeping an eye on the children, and make sure they lined up when told to do so.

I went on a field trip to the Wild Fowl Park with the children and other members of staff,we spent all day looking at the birds, and then the children had a chance to play on the park. before we went on the field trip we spent time looking at information on birds and what kind of things we would see while on our trip.


Sep 2007Sep 2008

CACHE Level 2 Diploma

Usworth VI Form College

DCCE Level 2

An introduction to working with children.                                                                            C

The developing child.                                                                                                              Pass

Safe,healthy and nurturing enviroments for children.                                                       D

Children and play.                                                                                                                  C

Communication and professional skills within child care and education.                  B

Certificate Short Answer Paper.                                                                                            Pass

The child care practitioner in the workplace.                                                                      Pass

Diploma Short Answer Paper.                                                                                                D

Supporting children with additional needs.                                                                        D

Final Grade.    C

An Introduction to Emergency First Aid.                                                                             Level1

OCR Level 2 Key skill in communication.                                                                          Pass

OCR Level 2 Key skill in improving Own Learning and Performance.                          Pass

One Day Army Personal Develpment  Course.                                                      Certificate  achieved               

Sep 2002Jul 2007

Biddick School Sports College

English                                                      D

English Literature                                    DMathmatics                                               FScience                                                     F

I.C.T                                                           DHumanities                                              FHealth & Social Care                             EEArt & Design (Graphic Design)            C


When I worked in my work placement i had to be trustworthy and keep things confidential, also outside of where i worked I wasn't allowed to talk about any of the children.
When I worked at Barmston Primary School i needed to make sure i was always on time because the teachers were relying on me to set up the days activities.