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Strongly aware of the tremendous trust that her many clients place on her, Miss Joanne Grace does her best to remain the highly-consistent and reliable investment property specialist they can depend on. With her impressive analytical skills and intuitive thinking, Miss Grace has managed to keep an outstanding property portfolio. Gifted with a flexible mind and the foresight of a financial investment professional, Joanne Grace is an investment property consultant who does not take unnecessary risks. Knowing that the field of property investment is a high-stakes industry, Joanne Grace has made only calculated property programs that remain flexible no matter how the market turns out. Despite having earned her Bachelor of Laws degree from Lancashire University and the Christleton College of Law in 1984, Joanne Grace showed a greater inclination towards the property business. This was the reason why she had decided early on in her law career to shift her focus onto investment property. With her impressive educational background in law, Joanne Grace has capably handled both financial and legal issues attendant to a career as an investment property consultant. In a span of a short number of years after deciding to enter the arena of investment properties, Joanne Grace has been able to build up an impressive property portfolio of approximately 200 properties. With her career highlighted by such remarkable accomplishments, Joanne Grace has proven herself of exceptional talent in property acquisition and rental management. This fact has helped Joanne Grace in steadily structuring her client base through endorsements from those who have become recipients of the benefits of her investment advisory service. 

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Property Consultant

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LLB (Hons)

University and Christleton College of Law