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 To work in the most challenging position with the organization that provides ample opportunities to learn and to contribute.

Work History

March 2016

Sergeant - Community Affairs Division

Community Affairs is an extension of the Office of the Chief. Out goal is to  bridge the gap between our citizens and Law Enforcement Personnel. We create programs for the youth which encourages positive youth development. I directly oversee the following programs; Volunteer in Police Services, Citizens Police Academy, Business Academy, Explorers, Internships, Ride Along , Safe America Teen Driving, C.A.R.E (Communication, Acceptance, Respect and Empathy) Program targeting our youth. All events which the Chief and or Command Staff is requested to attend we coordinate the event to ensure its success. We do Public Information distribution and social media engagement  as well.
May 2015Present

CSEC Coordinator for Clayton County Schools, Edward Bryne Grant

Rainbow House, C.A.S.E (Child Abuse Sexual Exploitation)

Provide training specific to Child Abuse, Child Sexual Exploitation of Children in Clayton County.  Teach My Life My Choice and Darkness to Light curriculum to all Middle and High School Students. Create and instruct training to all SRO's, Teachers, Counselors and other civilian employees of the schools specific to Mandated Reporting Requirements, Child The training will include awareness for high risk factors for identification of abused and or exploited children. Raising awareness  through prevention and community events specific to Child Abuse and Sexual Exploitation of Children. Work directly with all county agencies, stake holders and law enforcement officers to ensure a relationship aimed at providing the highest level of training to all citizens and Law Enforcement Officers.

Jun 2014Present

Sergeant - Uniform Division

Clayton County Police

Supervise and oversee the daily operations specific to inspections,  payroll, training, overtime, equipment, review all reports created and submitted, ensure all  policies and procedures are followed as it relates to crime scenes, report notifications, CSI, CID and all other supervisor directives, personnel issues to include complaints, discipline and training of Uniform Patrol Division, Sector 3 consisting of 15 personnel. I have participated in and successfully attended Supervision Level I, II, III and the 40 hour Supervision Course offered by the Clayton County Police Department. as well as Management I, II & III.

Sep 2006Jun 2013

Task Force Agent

GBI ICAC (Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force

Investigate possession, production and distribution of Child Pornography as well as locate and rescue vicitms of Child Pornography and Sexual Exploitation. Conduct undercover online investigations specific to subjects with a sexual interest in children and or interest in child pornography. Work with all agencies in the state to ensure all cases are investigated, followed up on and forwarded to the United States Attorney's Office for prosecution. Sworn, Special Deputy United States Marshall given the authority to investigate and enforce all local, state and Federal Laws. Work closely with all local, state and federal law enforcement agencies requiring superior interpersonal skills.

Dec 2010Jun 2013

Task Force Agent

FBI MATCH (Metro Atlanta Juvenile Prostitution Task Force)

Work with local agencies to locate and rescue juvenile victims of prostitution and exploitation. Conduct undercover investigations online and real life to locate and rescue victims as well as arrest and prosecute offenders.

May 2007Jun 2014

Crimes Against Children/ Child Abuse and Sexual Exploitation

Clayton County Police Department Criminal Investigations Divison

The Unit investigates missing persons, sexual related crimes ranging from child molestation to rapes of juveniles and physical abuse cases. The Unit also handles child deaths that are connected to abuse as well as exploitation cases. The exploitation investigations deal with internet and cell phone exploitation of children. 

Jan 2009Jun 2014

Major Felony Unit Detective

Clayton County Police Department, Criminal Investigations

The Major Felony Unit consists of four primary crimes and they include Homicide, Robbery Domestic Violence and Crimes Against Children.The Unit is tasked with the investigations of: 

*     Armed robberies and forcible robberies. This consists of crimes regarding the taking of property from a person either through the use of a weapon, violence or the threat of violence and sudden snatching.

*    All homicides, other deaths and any type of personal assault. Homicides consist of murder, voluntary manslaughter,  involuntary manslaughter. We also investigate suicides, accidental and natural deaths.

*     All assaults which consist of any felonious or misdemeanor assault, threat of violence, kidnapping and any other type of personal assault.

*     Physical assaults on the elderly, ages 65 or older, by caretakers or family members.  

*      Cases involving serious violence where there is an incident of "Family Violence" as described in Georgia Law and both the suspect and victim are adults.   , *     Missing persons (children and adults), harassing phone calls and sexual related crimes ranging from child molestation to rapes of adults and juveniles. The Unit also handles child deaths that are connected to abuse.

Aug 2005Sep 2009

Task Force Agent; Safe Child Task Force

Federal Bureau Investigations

The Safe Child Task Force is a component of FBI's Cyber Crimes Program, is an intelligence driven, proactive, multi-agency investigative operation to combat the proliferation of child pornography/child sexual exploitation facilitated by an online computer. The agents provide a centralized coordination and analysis of case information that by its very nature is national and international in scope. The agents also conduct criminal investigations for those who chose to use the internet for the purposes of uploading/downloading child pornography images of children under the age of 18 engage in illegal sex acts. The agents work closely with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC), Department of Justice (DOJ), Child Victim Identification of Children Program (CVIP), Georgia Bureau of Investigations (GBI) and many local and state agencies requiring superior interpersonal skills. 

Apr 2008Jan 2009

Crimes Against Property/ Financial Crimes Detective

Clayton County Police Criminal Investigations Division

The Unit investigates all crimes involving: organized scams, computer related crimes, counterfeit currency, manufacturing of false identification, telemarketing scams, organized multi-jurisdictional schemes and organized ongoing fraud and /or complex financial investigations which include but are not limited to the manufacture of checks or credit cards.  The Unit also handles all types of non-violent crimes involving theft, residential, and business burglaries or damage against personal property.

Jan 2005May 2007

Internal Affairs Investigator

Clayton County Sheriff's Office

The Unit  is responsible for both the investigation of all applicants for positions within the department and the investigations of serious allegations of employee misconduct.  Review and maintain the SOP and Rules and Regulations and mandate compliance with all CALEA standards. Recruitment is also under the Office of Professional Standards.

Jan 2000Jan 2005

Master Deputy; High Risk Warrant Service

Clayton County Sheriff's Office; Warrant Divison

As a Field Operations the Master Deputy Sheriff was tasked with reviewing criminal arrest orders and warrants and executing the service of those orders to include arresting the suspect. This required high skills of training and safety to ensure safety of all persons involved. On occasion we would be tasked with transporting prisoners to and from the Sheriff's Office for court and/or picking up prisoners located in different jurisdictions. Civil Process was also included in the Field Operations Division and this required notifying the defendants of the civil process and serving them with the written notice filed in the courts. Fugitives would be located outside the state and we would have to organize the arrangements to fly to the designated locations,  pick up the prisoner, secure the prisoner and safely travel back to Georgia for the criminal process to begin. I have been to 10 plus states with fugitives and returned them safely without incident.

Apr 1996Jan 2000

Master Deputy

Clayton County Sheriff's Office; Jail Divison

The Deputy Sheriff inside the jail would provide direct supervision in a pretrial detention facility. The total capacity for the jail is 1500 and this included specialty beds that are designed to hold maximum-security inmates, medical inmates and disciplinary inmates. The goal was to provide a safe environment for the inmates and officers at all times. This required constant training and constant supervision to minimize assaults and escapes. The Deputy Sheriff assigned to the jail was also responsible for the book-in, identification and bond out process of the inmate. While the inmate was at the facility we were also required to ensure the inmate was transported to the designated court promptly. 


Nov 2008Present

Law Enforcement Officer

Georgia Public Safety Training Center

Course training was designed to support law enforcement in their response to victims of sexually based offenses, and how to include a victim-centered focus. It provided  investigators with basic and advanced skills to improve their investigative response to sexually based offenses; improve on-scene investigative skills including management of forensic-medical evidence collection practices. The completion of this course improved evidence gathering, preservation and management of evidence, enhance case preparation skills, and utilization of community sexual assault service providers.

Jun 2007Present

Certification of Attendance  2007, 2008, 2009

Annual Crimes Against Children Conference

Child Pornography Investigations, Online Investigatoins, Interviewing Suspects, Documenting Evidence and Case Preparation/Testimony.

Jul 2006Present

Certification of Attendance

Office of Legal Education-Executive Office for United States Attorneys

A look Inside the Minds of Predators, Understanding your offenders, Anatomy of Child Exploitation Cases, Legal and Forensic Basics, Peer to Peer Cases with ICAC (Internet Crimes Against Children), Identifying Victims of Child Pornography, Professionalism and Ethical Issues, debunking Virtual Child Pornography, Sentencing and Managing Offenders on Supervised Release.

Mar 2005Present


Georgie Regional Police Academy

Internal Affairs Investigations, Personnel Matters and Ethics/ Professional Concerns.

Jun 2002Present


Clayton County Regional Police Academy

The course was designed to provide training in the dynamics of an armed encounter.We received training in combat firearms skills, defensive tactics, handcuffing techniques, patrol tactics, vehicle stops, building searches, Active Shooter Response and were exposed to simulated live fire ambush.

Mar 2013Present

General Instructor

Clayton County Police Department Acadaemy
Jun 2014Present

Human Trafficking

National Children's Advocacy Center
Sep 2013Present

Certification - Train the Trainer, Child Exploitation

Clayton County Police Academy
Jun 2011Present


Reid Academy

Supervision I, II, III and County sponsored training

Jun 2014Aug 2015

Systems Response to Child Abuse

National Childrens Advocacy Center


Current Firearms Qualifications - Dates available upon reques. Approximately 2000 plus hours of additonal training. POST records available upon request.


Jeffrey Wright                                Cell: 404 348 1515 

Peer; FBI Safe Child Task Force

Matt Bayne                                    Cell: 678 859 7736

Supervisor, Major Felony Unit/Homicide

Richard Gandee                          Cell:  770 843 6753

Commander, Major Felony Unit/ Homicide

Leslie Stone                                 Cell: 678 432 9469

Direct Supervisor, Crimes Against Children

Elizabeth Concepcion            Cell:  770 314 0848

Peer, FBI Safe Child Task Force

Stephen Paganucci                Cell: 404 293 6439

Direct Supervisor, Supervisory Special Agent in Charge, FBI Safe Child Task Force

Francey Hakes                           Cell:  202 821 2829

United States Attorney's Office Prosecutor

Mike Yoder                                  Cell: 703 789 6115

Peer, FBI, Safe Child Task Force, Currently SSA BAU Quanico

Judge Steve Teske                 Cell: 404 754 9071 

Clayton County Juvenile Court, Chief Judge