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Work experience

Senior Proposal Writer/project Manager

Systemed Group: Marketing Department
Senior Proposal Writer/Project Manager Overall business development, utilizing time management and organizational skills to write and respond to over 100 consultant and client Request-for-Proposals(RFP's) annually generating continued growth, renewed business and increased revenue. Utilized writing and persuasive skills to deliver technical business proposals on time, resulting in improved pricing, which contributed to client renewal and retention rate of 20% or 40 new accounts per year Optimized research skills to identify proposal strategy through bid review meetings, budget and strategy calls. Demonstrated PM and organizational skills by collaborating with internal SMEs to ensure overall preciseness of content ADDITIONAL EXPERIENCE

Chief Editorial

Chief editorial in-house agency rep, managing budgets, calendars, interviewing and partnering with clients and internal alliances including Sales, Creative Resources, E-Commerce, HR, Legal, SVPs, GMs, etc. to promote and support brand, closing the gaps in healthcare compliance for 50% of target market Focused on wellness in the oncology and hematology field, produced and monitored interactive internal website to generate brand ambassadors and expand consumer awareness, maximizing user experience and increasing sales and productivity for overall brand initiatives Maximized creativity and research skills to develop, proofread, QA, test, project-manage, and drip market, internal content and publications, delivering integrated messaging to promote products and services, improving overall satisfaction Integrated editorial expertise with forecasting, media relations, analytical and PR skills to oversee, manage, mentor and work with a staff responsible for marketing and publishing content to create brand awareness within tight deadlines for interviews, speeches, signage, tradeshows, factsheets, presentations, social media, webcasts, broadcasts, white papers, etc, improving target outreach by 85% Utilized analytical, strategic planning, communications and writing skills to deliver content collateral and brand initiatives including corporate calendar promoting employee awareness of over twenty products and services

Chief Content

Chief content owner for ON MESSAGE, an interactive publication for company Sales and Account teams, geared toward providing a community of online and print resources where consumers, professionals, and employers are educated on the latest and greatest in industry-related news, updates and program information via webcasts, podcasts, videos and virtual events


Founder/Self-published author, publisher; writer; editor; ghostwriter Chief operating officer responsible for cultivating vendor, production, client, and developer relationships. Channels include print and digital books, publishing, web content, business/academic papers, screenplays, promotional material, whitepaper, decks. Industries include health care, academia, sports /entertainment, music. Genres include fiction, non-fiction, memoirs, business, education.

Editorial Director

LMP) US/Global advertising agency responsible for partnering with clients to ensure label approval and overall FDA compliance Editorial Director(NEW YORK CITY& CHICAGO) Functioning as a key member of the Senior Leadership Team; Report directly to SVP, Operations Impart hands-on expertise, working with brand team to create/proof/edit copy and ensure overall consistency across deliverables as it relates to label updates and approval; includes preparing RFIs and RFPs Develop content and conduct agency systems training for submissions to Medical Legal Regulatory review committees Develop content and conduct agency new hire training on all agency processes, procedures, and mandatory content guidelines Create content for banner ads, websites, presentations, sales add, interactive response projects Work with QA and development team to produce and publish live content for consumers and professionals ensuring overall industry compliance Partner with clients to ensure all legal aspects regarding content being disseminated to public meet FDA standards Responsible for developing and rolling out overall agency process and operations/procedures of the agency Work closely with Copy and Account to ensure adherence to client expectations to create USPI language based on label approval Launch brand experience includes FDA/OPDP label approval and OPDP submissions; including PDUFA for over 10 brands Collaborate with Copy, Account and Brand/product team to ensure overall compliance and align content strategy Interface with external and internal clients, generating and increasing overall awareness and ensuring strategic alignment and overall compliance with best practices as it relates to OPDP submission, ensuring label approval, participating in focus group discussions, including dosing discussions Responsible for big-picture thinking to project, manage, and navigate expected and unforeseen brand related/product issues, including FDA warning letters and/or delayed label approval

Senior Editorial Project Manager/digital Editor

US/Global advertising agency working pharmaceutical clients to ensure FDA approval and adherence of content disseminated DDFCB/NeON: Senior Editorial Project Manager/Digital Editor Agency representative at all regulatory meetings, offering insight and expertise in relation to compliance for FDA approval Client-facing representative/partner working closely with all departments to create label approval content Established, developed, and managed online editorial/proofreading direction and execute online editorial content; managing daily calendar to meet budget and timing deadlines in accordance with FDA-mandatory, and legal rules and regulations Overall responsibility for the ensuring all content distributed to the public, including package insert, prescribing information, etc, meets FDA standards and is accurately disseminated based on FDA Guidance for packaging, as well as for print and digital campaigns, leverage marketing tools to capture the clients vision Leveraged publishing, copywriting, editing, proofreading, fact checking and QA skills to ensure all material maintained accuracy and integrity Developed editorial presence and direction for presentations, contracts, proposals(RFPs & RFIs), in support of brand and company New Business initiatives to ensure optimal clarity and high quality concepts Focused on overall compliance with enlist best practices to improve the user experience, SEO, and overall success of marketing efforts particularly in social media where FDA guidance is still as work in progress Active role in support of Lilly's iMarketing system, an electronic document management system, ensuring accuracy and consistency at every stage of the review process Interface with clients on US & Global initiatives for companies such as Lilly, MedImmune, Boehringer Ingelheim, Gilead, Genentech, and Pfizer for brands including, but not limited to, Micardis, Greenstone, Alsuma, Atripla, Zoloft, Prevnar Page 2 973-204-0016 [email protected]


INC.(Non-Profit) Executive Board Member in charge of Marketing Research and advocate for mental health among women, and communities of color. Maximize PR, budgeting, planning and executive managerial skills to organize community and high profile events, expanding donor database, generating alliances, community, public and social awareness and funds, increasing visibility by 30% to promote annual college scholarship for youth.


Consultant US/Global advertising company; Digital Division— partner with clients to ensure FDA compliance of all content distributed digitally

Editor-In-Chief/marketing Manager

Pharmaceutical Benefits Management Company partnering with pharmaceutical and wellness clients to package/distribute prescription drugs, and communicate best practices Corporate Field and Marketing: Editor-In-Chief/Marketing Manager Based on FDA guidelines, directed digital content development and editorial operations and copywriters to increase brand awareness internally and externally, B2B and B2C by leveraging project management and team building skills to supervise and motivate a diverse creative team daily on multiple aspects of marketing communications including development of concept, strategy, brief, metrics, etc., increasing up-sell opportunities for multiple vehicles Help create formulary guidelines and rules based on engagement with pharmacists, physicians and pharmaceutical/wellness clients regarding pricing models and tiers, in compliance with FDA and government rules for various programs including Medicare


Office of Alumni Development and Women of Color Policy Network(Education and Public Service Programs) Develop internal and external communications, such as press releases, speeches and educational outreach programs for students, professors, advocates, political officials, grantors, and general public to secure awareness and promote US & Global initiatives..