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Work experience

Research and Teaching Assistant, Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering

  • Served as laison between students and management for class projects involving local companies
  • Conducted research for a project dealing with a prevention methodology for accidental amputations and cumulative trauma disorders in high risk work areas.
  • Performed ergonomic evaluations for the following: clerical work, microscopy, grinding operations at a farm implement manufacturer, private office, and student laboratory work.
  • Conducted research into the effectiveness of a protable breathing aid to prevent Exercise Induced Asthma
Oct 2005Present

Corporate Ergonomist

Managed a leading-edge ergonomics program for six thousand corporate and approximately six thousand field based employees.

Program elements include:

  • In person and phone based ergonomics evaluations
  • Partnerships with Real Estate, Technologies, Employee Relations, Safety and Procurement business areas to address needs from technology and furniture selection and procurement to the review of new software applications used by employees.
  • Proactive strategy development for business areas with higher injury or discomfort levels to reduce risks related to ergonomic inadequacies in processes, tasks, or equipment.
  • Partnerships with vendors to preview, test and provide feedback on new products. Input to these vendors was used on three products, the Allsteel Sum, and Trooper LT chairs, and the Goldtouch ergonomic keyboard.
  • Collected data and reported statistics reflecting the value of the program

Created transition plan after program was eliminated due to reduction in force.

Jun 2009Present


Practical Ergonomics, LLC

Creating interactive learning modules dealing with Ergonomics and Human Factors subjects for corporate employees and subject matter experts.

Jul 2000Sep 2005

Global Ergonomics Manager

Led the further development of the ergonomics program to roll out to US and global sites.

In 2005, Ameriprise Financial was spun off from American Express to become a stand alone company. Led spin off efforts to ensure a smooth transition for American Express, and create ergonomics and safety programs for the new company.

Developed a global program maturity matrix for AMEX locations with more than 500 employees in 23 countries comparing program elements with applicable legislative requirements. Resulting product served as a roadmap for phased in compliance to a corporate standard along with immediate compliance with applicable legislation.

Continued partnerships with Real Estate, Technologies, Procurement, Safety and Employee Relations to analyze existing processes relating to the design, purchase, and installation of ergonomic products.

Led Six Sigma projects for the company in the areas of Reduction in Force, and Alternative Input Device (AID) procurement for clients. The AID project led to a 58% reduction in procurement cycle time and a cost savings/avoidance of over $38,000 in one year.

Oct 1998Jul 2000

Ergonomics Specialist

Responsible for all ergonomics related activities for the employees within a 500 mile radius of Minneapolis, MN. Developed a proactive strategy for increasing awareness within business units that allowed to program to stretch beyond treating symptoms. Ergonomic principles were employed early in the process of furniture and product selection, and proactive job design for the entire corporate work force.

  • Conducted weekly seminars for employees on General Ergonomics Awareness
  • Performed ergonomic evaluations for employees needing assistance, whether or not there were symptom issues
  • Selected products for employee use
  • Established and maintained linkages with Real Estate, Property Services, Technologies, Risk Management, and Employee Relations departments to facilitate timely, accurate delivery of ergonomics-related hardware and workstation accessories
  • Evaluated Workers' Compensation cases related to repetitive motion or cumulative trauma disorders, and implemented work place modifications to reduce risks to the employee and enhance productivity
  • Collected data and reported statistics reflecting the value of the program
  • Developed a database using MS Access to collect evaluation data.
Feb 1996Sep 1998

Sr. Specialist, Human Factors, Technical Operations

Led Human Factors-related initiatives in the Aircraft Maintenance Operations department as well as other areas of Technical Operations.

  • Developed and rolled out a Maintenance Resource Management seminar series attended by over 3000 mechanics. Coordinated Crew Resource Management training and projects for other departments with in the airline (Flight and Ground operations)
  • Conducted investigations into human error events within the check hangars and at hub operations, and vendor sites. Coordinated the use of an error management program; including training users on the software application and theories of human error management, and compiling statistics.
  • Partnered with the Safety  Health and Environmental Management department to conduct evaluations of employees in aircraft maintenance and administrative positions, and performed evaluations of ergonomic issues on aircraft currently in service.

Chairperson of the Planning Committee for Human Factors and Coordinator of the Steering Committee for Human Factors for the airline.  Represented the company to the Air Transportation Association's Subcommittee on Human Factors in Maintenance.

Feb 1991Jan 1996

Industrial Engineer/Research Scientist

Department of the Interior, US Bureau of Mines- Twin Cities Research Center

Principal investigator for research into maintenance safety and job analysis in the surface mining industry.

  • Designed research protocols
  • Field research and data collection
  • Data analysis and reporting
  • published results
  • Partnered with mines on the implementation of modifications based on the data collected.
Sep 1989Jan 1991

Staff Engineer

ARD Corporation

Human Factors consultant to the six nuclear power generating stations operated by Commonwealth Edison.

  • Job Analysis
  • User Interface interaction and management
  • Control/Display relationships
  • Redesign of emergency operating procedure flowcharts and message design for Sequence of Events Recorders (alarm typers in the reactor units)



Instructional Design
Using the Articulate suite of products to reinvent ergonomics training for corporate use. Designing Engage interactions, screener videos, quizzes, and glossaries for richer ergonomics related content geared toward engaging users and helping them change behaviors proactively at work and home.
Six Sigma
Trained as a Black Belt at American Express/Ameriprise Financial.  Projects included:   Procurement of ergonomic accessory items and furniture to reduce cycle time and risk of injury to employees. Process and procedure improvement of reduction in force activities. Redesign of work spaces, processes, and work flow for document operations. After nine months, improvements led to 58% drop in errors per thousand documents and a 10% rise in employee productivity as measured in image cases prepared per hour. No new repetitive motion related cases were reported in the two years since the change was put into place. Prior to the project, this area had the highest rate for repetitive motion related Worker's Compensation claims and accounted for all but 6% of the lost time for the company.
Project Management
Developed content for training and case management for use in twenty-three countries. Researched relevant legislation and created a matrix of requirements for phases of compliance that were consistent across the company and accurate by country.   Developed and implemented a Case Management and reporting application within Peoplesoft.   Managed an inhouse Ergonomics program for two Fortune 500 companies. Program included proactive strategy development, relationship building to create buying and value for business partners in Real Estate, Technologies, and Procurement.   Managed the creation of the Ergonomics and Safety functions when American Express spun off Ameriprise Financial in 2005.
Knowledgebase development
Repurposed the CRM module within Peoplesoft for use as an Ergonomics Case Management system. Developed  knowledgebase structure and content so that the end product could also be used as a customer self service system in the future.
Job Analysis
Analyzed alarm typers and Sequence of Events recorders for nuclear power generating stations in Illinois as part of Detailed Control Room Design Reviews that took place after Three Mile Island.   Experience in job analysis in power mower assembly operations, surface mining operations and equipment maintenance, aircraft maintenance, flight attendant end of flight processses, nuclear power reactor unit operators, document and check processing, and all manner of computer related work.

Professional Affiliations

Human Factors and Ergonomics Society

Charter Member of the Chicago Metropolitan Chapter of the HFES

Institute of Industrial Engineers


User Interface Design, Office Ergonomics, Job Satisfaction and Employee Wellness.


I work to empower companies as they design leading edge interactions, processes, and products for the people they serve. My background combines the analytic nature of Industrial Engineering with the insight of psychology for a unique perspective on people at work. My strengths lie in being able to listen to my clients’ needs, bring together the skills needed to address those needs, and focus efforts to satisfy those needs.