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I'm graduated on Criminology by Porto University (Portugal). My main research and working interests include criminal networks, organized crime, organized cybercrime, transnational crime and financial and economic crime. Currently, I'm working in a Payment Processor company as Merchant Risk & Compliance Analyst performing onboarding risk assessments, monitoring risk analysis, fraud investigations and compliance analysis. I'm also  integrated in CHAM/FCSH/NOVA as research fellow working in the “Colonial Populations: a repository for demographics and statistics of the Portuguese Empire (1750-1890)” project.

Work History

May 2016Ongoing

Merchant Risk & Compliance Analyst

Paymentwall, Inc.

- Merchant Risk Onboarding Analyst: 1. Assessing the merchant risk at the onboarding stage; 2. Setting up rules and risk filters based on onboarding risk assessment; 3. Coordinating with Integration team on implementing various API, rules based on BM; 4. Coordinating with Risk Filter adjustment team based on BM/in case of new BM; 5. Coordinating with BizDevs on specific/sensitive cases; 6. Improving process/guidelines/tool/reports related to merchant onboarding.

- Merchant Risk Monitoring Analyst: 1. Ongoing monitoring of merchants with high CBR and fraud ratio; 2. Reaching out to merchants about CB risk mitigation plan; 3. Regular domain checks; 4. Analysis of cases escalated by Compliance and other teams; 5. Approving limits, URL changes; 6. Reaching out to users in case of copyright infringement reports; 7. Improving process/tool/reports related to ongoing monitoring; 8. Analysing KYC documents and website compliance features.

- Fraud investigator: 1. Daily analysis of chargebacks, fraud advice; 3. Investigation of cases escalated by Risk agents and other teams; 4. Making decisions regarding: blocking users (ps, e-mail, card, machine id etc), escalating to Risk filter adjustment team, coordinating with Risk CRM for reaching out to users, coordinating with CB/MR analysts for reaching out to merchants, coordinating with Risk agents on selected cases; 5. Improving process/tool/reports related to fraud investigation.

- Compliance analyst: 1. Identify and measure the AML (Anti-money laundering) and risks associated with products and services offered and assist with the development of policies, procedures, systems, controls and training to address those risks; 2. Understanding of products, services, customers and entities, and geographic locations, and the potential money laundering and terrorist financing risks associated with those activities; 3. Responsible for regular reporting to various Financial Institutions (FI’s) on compliance; 4. Ensure company meets KYC in regional jurisdictions where the company operates and services are provided; 5. Provide periodic updates and reporting to the executive management, and external audit organizations; 6. Assist with the preparation of audit and examination responses, including monitoring the completion of management commitments/corrective action;

April 2016Ongoing

Research Fellow (FCT)

Social and Human Sciences Faculty of the New University of Lisbon (FCSH-UNL)

- Support for statistical analysis of demographic information about Angola (1707-1835) in order to control quality;

- Information management on colonial populations produced for the Portuguese overseas empire (1750-1950), in order to create a central database;

- Support to upload images ("statistical maps of the population") in portal and its association with other digital objects.

November 2012February 2016

Research Assistant & Editorial Committee

Security and Policing Issues Analysis Group (GASP) (Porto, Portugal)

- Research investigations in multidisciplinary studies in the field of Criminology: individually constructed a questionnaire to assess the victimization fraud experience of micro enterprises in the retail sector; co-authored papers on Belgium, Germany and United Kingdom police models; individually analyzed from a critical point the use of Social Network Analysis (SNA) in the investigation of organized crime in Portugal and in organized cybercrime (an article presented in Germany, Spain and Portugal).

- Editorial performance in working papers;

October 2013May 2014

Intern as Research Assistant

Law Faculty, Oporto University (FDUP) (Porto, Portugal)

Research study on "Fraud in Automobile Sector - The role of auto repair shops in the dynamics of fraud" under the guidance of Professor Amadeu Recasens i Brunet: bibliographic research, field work, qualitative analysis.


Sep 2010Sep 2014

Licenciatura em Criminologia - Licenciado degree (Bachelor's degree) in Criminology

Faculty of Law, Oporto University (FDUP) (Porto, Portugal)

Legal, psychological, sociological, and forensic analysis of crime and control. Final average: 15/20

Aug 2012Jan 2013

ERASMUS exchange program in Criminology

Faculté de Droit et de Science Politique, Université de Liège (Liège, Belgium)

Final average: 15/20

Short Training Courses

Oct 2013Jun 2014

English course (level B2.1)

Lancaster College (Porto, Portugal)

Aug 2012Jan 2013

French course (level B1)

Institut Supérieur des Langues Vivantes of the Université de Liège (Liège, Belgium)

Oct 2011Mar 2012

XI Introduction course to forensics and other forensic sciences

Instituto de Ciências Biomédicas Abel Salazar (ICBAS) of Oporto University (UP) (Porto, Portugal)

Nov 2010Nov 2010

72nd International Course on Criminology untitled "Juvenile delinquency and urban safety: problems,research and policies

FDUP & Portuguese Society of Criminology & International Society of Criminology (Porto, Portugal)


IT Skills

Proficient with Microsoft Programmes, Outlook and Web Explorers | Good command in SPSS

Language Skills

Portuguese C2: Proficient-high | English B2: C1: Proficient-low | French B1: Intermediate-low | Spanish A1: Beginner-basic

Soft Skills

Team-work | Communication | Solving Problems under pressure |Conscientious person | Attention to detail | Flexible | Quick to pick up new skills

Other Information 

- Driving licence B1, B;

- Student representative at the Pedagogical Council of the Faculty of Law of the University of Porto (2013-2014);

- Conferences, seminars and courses (as attendant and as speaker);

- Proffered a lecture about “Dating Violence” held in the Felgueiras’s Schools Cluster (Felgueiras City, Porto District, Portugal) in February 14, 2016;

- Multiple participations in the "International Youth Sports Festival" (in Portugal, England and Italy).