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Employment History


Founder / Developer

Meiku, Sweden is the longest running project of mine and produces tv schedules in JSON and XMLTV formats for Europe. It has over 800 tv-channels and radiostations that is updated daily and hourly.
Uses Elixir, PostgreSQL and Rust.

Used by 70,000 unique users per month.
It's opensource and is available on Gitlab ( is a tvguide site that imports the files from and creates huge XML Files.

The API is used by several big websites, apps and companies in Europe. Uses Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, AngularJS
Being moved to Elixir.

Used by ~40,000 users per month. was a contact lens price comparison website that fetches prices from various resellers all over the world. Uses Elixir, ArangoDB and VueJS



Nynäshamns Municipality, Sweden

Maintained and setted up their internal webshop for usage to sell fruits, pens etc internally inside of the municipality. Including writing documentation of how to add, remove and update products.


Intern Developer

New England Stil AB, Sweden

I was an intern at New England Stil AB that sold various types of products but mainly focused on home products such as pillow cases.

The job I did there was to maintain their Prestashop based webshop and handled any issues with it. I also customized it with CSS, PHP and anything else that needed to be fixed.

I also did some networking setting up their IPTV cameras with switches etc.


Junior Developer

Vionlabs AB, Sweden

This was during a summerbreak between the semesters.

While working here I developed the backend and the database for an app for Spotify that was focusing on soundtracks for movies and tv shows. For it we used Elasticsearch, Memcached and PHP. The database was MariaDB/MySQL.



Hamsterpaj, Sweden (Nyheter24 Group)

This was a non-paid volunteer "job".

During the time here I migrated several PHP files that was still using their old framework to the new CodeIgniter one. I also designed and developed the new Profile page that was really never finished due to time constraint.



Web Developer E-commerce

Changemaker Educations

* Industry knowledge - overview and development
* Digital sales and marketing
* E-commerce and business management
* E-commerce Solutions and System Support
* Master thesis
* LIA - Learning in Work (Internship)
* Project Methodology for Web and IT
* UX, Design and Layout
* Web application development for mobile devices
* Web programming with e-commerce targeting
* Web server Programming


Society / Media Communication

Nynäshamns Gymnasium

Standard school degree with specific programs in Web Development and Media creation.



Digital Curation of Stories (Pilot Session)


This programme aims to support participants to develop knowledge and techniques on digital story curation and explore how these skills, expertise and understandings can be used in communities to support people to have their voices heard by decision maker.



Mother tongue.


Been speaking and typing in english for the past 10 years.

Ruby (and on Rails)

Been developing in this language for the past years.

Elixir / Phoenix

One of the newer project will go full graphdb with Dgraph.

PostgreSQL is using PostgreSQL to provide the data in the APIs.

Together with pgpool-ii

Vue JS

Been using Linux since 2008 and as main desktop operation system since 2016.

MariaDB / MySQL is using MariaDB and MySQL since the start.


Used with for sidekiq and cache.


Honeybee was originally coded in this language in the engine CodeIgniter. Which also Hamsterpaj is in.

Perl has been using this language since 2006 and have been coding in this language since 2011.

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