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Jamie Nolen

Rigging Tech/Maintenance Mechanic


My objective is to gain employment with an established company and put to good use the ample experience I have in the Maintenance field. My training and experience mostly pertains to the Operation, maintenance and preventative maintenance at various plants ranging from Nuclear Energy to steam plant operation. Very familiar with boiler and furnace operations as well as the chemistry and instrumentation equipment used. Certified rigger and signalman, very mechanically inclined, broad area of training in various related fields. 

Work experience

Jun 2014Present

Lead Rigger

Day & Zimmerman

working with Oconee Major Projects, inpect and select proper rigging. install rigging properly, calculate weights, set up crane, give signals to the crane operator.

Aug 2013Jun 2014

Reactor Building Coordinator/QC Inspection

Day & Zimmerman (Nuclear)

Day to Day scheduling of reactor hatch, coordination of all equipment, tools, machinery, etc.. entering in or coming out of the reactor while at Catawba Nuclear Station. Supplied personel to various areas on site to deliver material. Give pre job briefings on daily assignments, make sure all critical path assigments are carried out in a timely manner. Contact security and radiation protection when support is needed to open specific barriers, and doors, or to get smears for contamination to release material from the building. This position answers directly to the senior reactor building coordinator on site.

Inspect procedural QC holds when procedure calls for inspection.  Prepare and implement quality control plan relative to work area and material.

Aug 2006Aug 2013

Rigger/Pipefitter/Maintenance/QC Inspection

DZ Atlantic (Nuclear)

Ample knowledge of inspecting, selecting, cables,blocks, shackles, hoists, etc... Able to configure according to weight, and size of loads to be moved. provide signaling to crane operator and rigging crew. Lead over rigging crews for three different nuclear sites. My crew was in charge of equipment being rigged andflown in and out of the reactors. Signalperson for crane operators. Mobile crane inspection, forklifts, extended boom forklifts. Experience in maintenance and preventative maintenance during shutdowns/outages. write lift plans, read bueprints. measure, cut, bevel, and fit different types/ sizes of pipe. PM and maintain all moving machinery in and around plant. QC procedural hold inspection, and procedure signoff. Prepare and implement quality control plan relative to work area and material.

Apr 2008Jun 2008

Valve asst./Maintenance/Lead Rigger

Ames inc. (Nuclear)

 Performed maintenance/rebuilds on leaking valves or replaced damaged valves, gaskets, nuts, seals

and bolts on AOV's and MOV's etc.. Used rigging chokers, slings, shackles, softners, etc.. to remove and replace damaged valves with new or rebuilt valves.

Apr 2002Aug 2006

Plant Operator/rigger/Maintenance

Trigen Biopower

Oversaw day to day operations, supplied steam to a sizeable corporation. I oversaw one wood fired boiler, and two oil fired boilers. Keeping a constant eye on all instrumentation, and mechanical equipment. In charge of coordinating two outages a year, where all equipment and machinery were maintained, rebuilt, etc. The plant was shut down and preventative maintainence was performed and any other schedueled modifications performed. Answered directly to site manager.

Nov 1998Nov 2002


U.S. Navy

Many types of steelworking on Naval machinery as well as mechanical preventative maintainence. Everything from stick welding, to some light rigging, unloading flatbed trucks etc. Alot of travel. one of my favorite parts of my stint in the Navy. I deployed to Guam, Spain, and South America.Deployment called for alot more extensive heavy rigging. doing structural work using 50 ton grove cranes tobring the beams and columns. This also required being up in a man basket using spud wrenches to connect it all together.  Another part of the job i like. 


Nov 2006Dec 2006

Rigging Certification/Signalman certification

Duke Energy Rigging school
May 2004Jul 2004

valve and pump maintainence and repair certificate

valve/Pump certification

maintainence and rebuild of different types of valves, including MOV'S and AOV's, and Pumps.

Aug 2003Jun 2004

Computer Programming

Isothermal comm. college
Sep 1991Jun 1995


Chase High school



Have taken and passed the Mass test.

I worked at my home town water plant, and making sure the chemistry was right was one of the more important jobs thats was made sure was taken care of, because without the right chemistry the whole towns drinking water could be impacted in a negative way. So the employees were trained very well in this area.
heavy equipment operator
rigging/mechanics/plant operator


Dominion Energy