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To become a valuable participate  in a group and/or network of creative individuals in a multimedia field line of work.


Aug 2005May 2009


Kansas City Art Institute

Work experience

Feat. Artist

R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company

 At this job I was allowed a specific budget of 1,500,and given a  deadline. My assignment was to  produce  four t-shirts design's, and silk screen  500 shirts with my approved designs.  On the night of the event, I was required to set-up a booth, and work directly with the public, and hand out the products i have manufactured.

Printshop. online distrubution

Viper Inc.

Working with this  retail distributor I easily dealt with multiple task such as; documenting inventory,  print shop maintenance, setup, take-down, and printing of products. I also handled online orders,  and sought out new retail locations for placement of merchandise.

Jan 2008Present



My responsibilities for Artebone production's consist of completing graphic projects for demo reels, and  video promos that require typography, illustrative graphics, or photographic imagery.

 As an audio engineer for Artebone I also  ensure that  audio for projects is of the highest quality. Properly mastered to ensure it reproduces appropriately  on all, and any audio devices.


Drawing, and Painting
over the last 24 years, I have been  developing my drawing, and painting skills. In the  past four years I obtained my BFA in art History, and painting.  I plan on obtaining my MFA from the university of Houston. Recently I participated in  a group exhibition at the IIyollo gallery  located in downtown Houston. In the past I have been  showing, and selling works at Art festivals, and other organized events . I also sometimes teach private art lessons in museum studies, drawing, and  acrylic & oil painting to children age's (6-15).
Automotive mechanics
I have studied automotive installation, and maintenance with my father. I felt this was an important skill to earn because it's essential  to ensure your vehicle is running efficiently, and safely.
Controllerist, and Deejay
In the last six years i have been playing out in Kansas City, Austin Texas, Houston Texas, and Springfield  Missouri. Currently in Houston am working on a new weekly called Black cat. I play out a wide range of music from Ragga,Dub,Ghetto-tech, Chillwave, Disco, and minimal .  My events are always promoted well, and cater to a diverse crowd of people. I also utilize self-mad visual materials to be displayed during my events to create a unique atmosphere.  
Computer technology
troubleshooting issues such as hardware problems.  Understands process of   installation for software, and hardware for both  PC, and MAC platforms. I also have media library experience, and sound set-up
In my experience I have easily learned to apply my analog drawing skills to digital platforms. I have created many promotional items for my own events, and also incoming artist for larger parties in the Midwest, and Texas.   I have also designed promotional flyer's for private galleries, such as The syringe, Iyollo, Top Shelf, Record Bar, Uptown station, Green Room, Etro, Boondocks, The Mink, Riches, Jet Lounge, The pistol, and Live Wired (aka) Meridian
Audio engineering
I've been working with programs, and mastering plugins such as Logic, Cubase, Ableton, Edit pro, Sonar, Garage band, and have an excellent understanding of most DAW's. I also work with, and have an excellent understanding of  mastering plugin's, and gear  for post production.  DMG, Waves,T-racks,Soft tube, UAD, Sony Oxford,Dr, Slate Digital, and Sonalksis audio   In the past I have done mastering, and tracking work for bands, and groups like, Wedding Ghost, Glasnost, Mymilkywayarms, Queen's Club, Nomathmatics, Jesse Jamz, Pleasure Models, and Teki Latex +NooB