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Career Services Student Programming

Mapping Out Your Teaching Abroad Itinerary       

The College of Saint Rose, Albany, New York

Presented program during "Career Week", informed students of the benefits of teaching abroad, how to find and select a program, things to be aware of to ensure a positive experience, and assembled a sampling of reputable teaching abroad programs

Eastern College Career Day New York

Eastern College Career Day Consortium, Saratoga Springs, New York

Co-coordinated a day-long pre-select interviewing event held semi-annually (Boston in November, New York in March) for students from ECCD consortia member schools

Education Expo           

The College of Saint Rose, Albany, New York

Assisted in the execution of Education Expo, an annual career fair for educators held at the Empire State Convention Plaza. Followed up with registered school districts, greet employers and participants on the day of the event, designed flyers, informed students on appropriate career fair etiquette 

How to Navigate eCareerCenter

The College of Saint Rose, Albany, New York

Demonstrate to students how to navigate eCareerCenter, an online job and internship posting area. Explain and exhibit how to use the Career Advisory Network, as well as locate other helpful career oriented websites

Networking 2.0

The College of Saint Rose, Albany, New York

Introduced students to networking and online professional networking. Included an interactive activity, Seven Degrees of Separation, to demonstrate how interconnected students are, and a tutorial on how to effectively build and utilize a LinkedIn profile

Professional Affiliations


I am a graduate student at The College of Saint Rose majoring in College Student Services Administration, concentrating in Career Services. I work as a graduate assistant in the Career Center at The College of Saint Rose, and as a career adviser and graduate intern with Skidmore College Career Services. In 2010 I co-coordinated Eastern College Career Day, a pre-select interviewing event on behalf of the ECCD Consortium and acted as an adjunct career counselor during a staff member's absence at Skidmore. At The College of Saint Rose, I assembled and presented a program on Teaching Abroad, which was one of the most attended programs of the year, after only Education Expo and Crash Course for Future Educators. I hope to find a position in Career Services following the completion of my program.

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Work experience

Office Assistant

State University of New York at Oswego Transfer Services

• Composed and updated strategic articulation agreements that strengthened academic relationships and encouraged increased admissions rates from regional community colleges to SUNY Oswego • Developed Transfer Student's Guide for semi-annual TRANSFERmation orientation program • Used SPSS to analyze compiled data, drafted statistical reports to support policy change proposals

• Provided support during the development of MOST, a peer to peer transfer student mentoring program

Aug 2009Present

Graduate Assistant

The College of Saint Rose Career Center

• Synchronize outreach efforts with fellow graduate assistant to attract new recruiters for on campus visits • Assist in coordinating Education Expo career fair for the benefit of Capital Region Career Consortium members • Edit and prepare graduate survey for 2010 to include more specific and statistically valid questions • Develop LinkedIn group to introduce and encourage students to participate in professional networking • Offer constructive critiques of resumes and cover letters, and conduct mock interviews • Manage event and recruiting announcements using outlets such as eCareerCenter and flyers • Represented the Career Center at Transfer Advisement Day events, presented services that would be of particular interest to transfer students

May 2008Present

Career Adviser/Graduate Intern

Skidmore College Career Services

• Utilized content management system to restructure Funded Summer Internship Award webpage

• Help organize a regional career networking event by collaborating with other offices, publicizing the event and creating programs • Evaluated online career resources and recommend selected resources for incorporation with website • Contribute to Career Services Blog, publish articles on creating professional blog to increase social media presence, job hunting tips • Generated new internship opportunities by reaching out to alumni and local businesses • Redesigned follow up survey to incorporate new graphics and data points for analyzing trends

• Advised clients on career related issues such as job/internship searching, resume and cover letter critiques • Followed up with clients via email to ensure satisfaction and goals established during meeting were being met • Educated students on alternative career advancing methods, such as networking and prospecting • Developed and framed a counseling approach appropriate for each student's unique background and situation

Oct 2009Mar 2010

2010 ECCD-NY Assistant Coordinator

Eastern College Career Days Consortium

• Organized and executed Eastern Colleges Career Day-NYC, a recruitment interviewing event for a consortium consisting of Amherst, Bowdoin, Colgate, Hamilton, Middlebury, Skidmore, St. Lawrence, Williams and Wesleyan • Enticed potential employers by pitching ECCD-NY as an economical and effective way to fulfill recruiting needs • Updated broken contacts by researching companies using methods including LinkedIn searches and company webpage searching • Managed recruiting schedules, job postings, and employer schedules in Experience database • Maintained an accurate budget and kept members of the consortia informed about coordinating efforts • Accommodated employer schedule requests while managing student schedules to ensure that students are able to interview with all companies they were selected by, and employers can have students in requested order • Ran and distributed reports to consortia schools including interview selection rates, employer satisfaction with candidates from each school, and student satisfaction with students


Career Programming Presentations


Transfer Articulation Composition
Event Planning
Survey Composition and Analysis


Luke Schmonsky

Megan is truly passionate about the career development field which shows through her energy and desire to create programming and resources for students. Since day one she has been a positive force in our center and is one of the “fan favorites” among students. Megan not only has a knack for coming up with creative ideas, but she can also take those ideas and produce very useful programming. For example, in the Spring of 2010 she decided to design a presentation about “teaching oversees”, the event had great attendance and it received rave reviews from the students who were in attendance. If our office had an opening, Megan would be my first choice for hire…hands down.  

Michael Profita

““Update on the following recommendation: Megan served as a Career Advisor in our office during the winter of 2010 (filling in for Donna on her leave) and displayed an exceptional feel for career counseling issues right from the start. Megan and I met to debrief her sessions and she asked the right questions and showed great insight into career development and counseling dynamics. Based on this positive experience we have hired Megan as a career Advisor/Graduate Intern for the fall of 2010. Megan also played a vital lead role in helping to coordinate the ECCD NY consortium recruiting program. Megan's organizational skills and faculty with technology were critical to her success in this role. We are now training Megan to take on some of Alison Doyle's technology duties as she moves towards retirement and finding that Megan is a quick study in learning our content management system. In my opinion, Megan will be a very accomplished and well rounded candidate for an entry level role in career Services after she finishes her grad program this spring and I wouldn't hesitate for a minute to hire her.

I have had the good fortune to work closely with Megan Jackson during the summers of 2008 and 2009 while she served as the Summer Office Assistant in Career Services Office at Skidmore College. Early in her tenure with the office I was immediately impressed with her engaging personality, self confidence, ease with people and verbal communication skills. Megan interacted comfortably and effectively with office staff, students, alumni and employers. She developed a quick rapport with various constituents and was able to clearly convey information. Megan’s confidence and interpersonal skills enabled her to reach out effectively to alumni and employers to secure information, update records and encourage posting of internships. Ms. Jackson showed great empathy towards our clients as she scheduled appointments and oriented them to resources. As the first line of interaction with our visitors, her finesse with people helped to put our clients at ease and engage them with our services. Megan possesses a very strong work ethic which was reflected in her perfect attendance and punctuality throughout the summer. She applied herself diligently to any task assigned and produced large volumes of quality work in a relatively short period of time. Megan embodied the “can do” attitude to the fullest extent over the summer. She embraced every job with an unwaveringly positive attitude and proceeded to attack the task with energy and a smile. Throw in a great sense of humor and you couldn’t find an employee with a better attitude towards her work. Megan is very bright and a quick study. She learned our complex and often baffling career management system better and more quickly than expected. Given her sharp analytical mind we relied on Megan to evaluate products and materials from a student perspective and found her input to be valuable and insightful. Megan possesses a rare combination of very strong organizational skills which enable her to focus on detailed tasks with her aforementioned interpersonal skills. Thus she was able to switch seamlessly from task mode to people mode providing superior customer service while maintaining her accuracy and momentum with administrative jobs. In closing, Megan has been one of the very strongest student employees whom I have supervised during my 25 years in the field. I have urged her to consider a professional role within student services in higher education based on what I have observed this summer. Because of my high regard for her talents, I have asked Megan to help us coordinate a consortium recruiting reprogram later this year and also hope to hire her again in the winter bolster our counseling services while a staff member is on leave. I give her my strongest recommendation for roles which require intelligence, hard work, interpersonal and administrative skills. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about this outstanding young woman.”

Benjamin Lamb

“As a fellow graduate assistant and also classmate of Megan's, I have seen her dedication to her field of choice and also her intense work ethics. She is extremely well versed in networking, digital branding, and the functions of a well sorted career center. It is obvious that her work at Skidmore College has adequately trained her in the day to day of a student administrative office. Her classwork is just as dedicated. She is always contributing to class discussion and makes points that other students can also build off of. She is a wonderful student, coworker and friend.”