Jessica Walters

Jessica Walters

Work experience

Work experience
Aug 2007 - Present

Office worker, kennel worker

Humane Society of the High Plains

I started this job when I moved to Hays, Ks to start college at FHSU. I started out as a kennel worker. I primarily cleaned kennels, gave shots, and worked with and handled the animals. After a year or so of working at the shelter I began to work as an office worker. As an office worker I handle paperwork for adoptions and any other transactions that may come through. I now run the office on weekends and work in the kennels during the week.

Jul 2008 - Oct 2008


The Village Inn

I worked as a waitress for a short time. I took orders, prepared certain food, delivered food to customers, and cleaned the restaurant.

Jun 2007 - Aug 2007

Staff Writer

Ulysses News & Vendor

I worked at the Ulysses News & Vendor as a summer job before attending college at FHSU. I worked as a staff writer. I learned the basics of writing for a newspaper and all the different aspects of working in a newspaper room. I wrote articles, took pictures, helped with ads, and even made the drive to pick up newspapers that needed to be sent out to our subscribers. It was an amazing learning experience and I can't wait to get back into the swing of the journalism world.

Jun 2003 - Jun 2007

Cashier/Grocery Bagger

Russ' Food Center

I started out at this job as a grocery bagger and stocker. After a few years I began to work as a cashier. This was a part-time job that I worked once I began high school and stuck with until after I graduated high school


Aug 2003 - May 2007


Ulysses High School

Basically this is where I attended and graduated from high school.

Portfolio Items



French Language

In high school and college I have taken at least four french language classes. I have a beginner understanding in reading, writing, speaking and interpretation.


I have been writing since my junior year of high school. In high school I worked as the photo editor and yearbook editor. The summer between high school graduation and beginning college I worked at the Ulysses News & Vendor (Kansas) as a staff writer. Since I began college I have been utilizing my writing skills in a major way and feel that I have excelled in the past four years.


I know how to utilize several types of Internet outlets. Such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari.


I have dabbled with the ILife software for a few years but just recently have learned how to effectively utilize the software.

Flip Share Video

I just recently learn to use this program. I truly enjoyed it. It was very quick and easy to learn and I hope to use it more often.

Adobe InDesign CS3

I took a multimedia class where we learned about the basics of InDesign and how to utilize in different venues. I am always willing to expand my education with this program.

Microsoft Office

I know how to utilize all the Microsoft Office programs and I am always willing to expand my education in these areas.


My interests include writing, reading, listening to music, watching movies, yoga, and taking care of homeless animals. On any given day I am doing at least one of these things whether it is reading a book or doing some yoga.


My objective is to use my B.A. Degree in Communication Studies to help support and promote a non-profit animal shelter. I also intend to further my education with an A.S. Degree in Veterinary Technology so I may become more knowledgeable about animals and their needs. My ultimate career goal is to manage a non-profit animal shelter.


    My name is Jessica Walters, and I'm a senior attending Fort Hays State University. I am currently working towards a Bachelor's degree in Communications Studies with an emphasis in journalism. I intend to use my degree to help support and promote a non-profit animal shelter. I also intend to further my education with an Associates degree in Veterinary Technology so I may become more knowledgeable about animals and their needs.

    I believe myself to be a passionate person. Whether it is a personal matter or a professional issue I have a tendency to throw myself in whole-heartedly. I am a diligent worker and feel that in the past this has helped me reach a higher potential. I care deeply for those I trust and hold significant relationships in high regard.

I am very hands on with my work and don't mind taking on physically or mentally wearing tasks. I have found that I work best in small groups or alone. When working in large groups I have a tendency to get lost in the crowd. I have also found that in a smaller group setting it is easier for me to show my true talents and when working individually I have an even sharper focus.

    Items included within my portfolio will portray my writing and editing skills, photography, multimedia production capabilities and designing abilities. Pieces featuring my writing skills will include news articles that I have written for the Ulysses News & Vendor, and several class assignments such as feature articles, news reporting articles, and articles covering U.S. Supreme Court cases. Items featuring my editing skills, photography, multimedia production and designing items will be gathered from class assignments as well.